Amazfit GTR 4

Amazift is the brand name of the very famous Chinese company Huawei. Amazift is one of the largest smartwatch producing brands that offer great quality products at a very affordable price. All of their products are very much affordable, easy to wear and full of amazing features. Amazfit GTR has been a favourite smartwatch line among youths. The last model of that series was Amazfit GTR 3 pro.

This year this company announced that they will launch the Amazfit GTR 4 this year very soon. So, everyone is going crazy about the features and specifications that we will get to see in Amazfit GTR 4. 

This article is all about the expected features, specifications and price of the upcoming Amazfit GTR 4.

Amazfit GTR 4 Probable Features:

The previous model has some amazing features that we can expect to be present in the upcoming model Amazfit GTR 4 also. So, I am listing down those features here.


Amazift GTR 4 will come with a large, round dial with curved glass. The frame will be made of aluminium and will be available with two straps variants, leather brown and carbon black. The silicon strap will be very much comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Two side buttons will be there in the Amazfit GTR 4 as well. The screen will be bezel-less and will support more pixels.


In the Amazfit GTR 4, we will get to see a 1.5 to 1.75 inch OLED display and 480 × 480 resolutions. The screen brightness will be so good that you can see clearly under bright sunlight. The border of the screen is so small that it will not be visible. The glass of the screen is well polished so that it will stay smudge-proof of the fingerprint. The simple and easy UI navigation will make it very useful and convenient for elderly people also.

Smart features

The Amazfit GTR 4 will have some smart features like viewing messages and missed calls, alarm, stopwatch, many watch faces, smart gestures, etc.

Sensors and activity modules

In the Amazfit GTR 4, you will be able to explore a lot of sensors like a Heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sleep tracker, SpO2 monitor, pedometer, accelerometer, etc. Other than that you will get an activity tracker for some popular activities like running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc.


You will get to explore Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with any Android or iOS phone. There will be a tracking and navigation system by GPS. The software of the smartwatch will be run on Google wear OS. 

Battery life

In Amazfit GTR 4 you will get to experience 15 days of average battery life and 7 days of battery life in heavy use. You can increase the battery life to 30 days in general mode.

So, these are some expected features that can be present in the Amazfit GTR 4. But these features can be different after launching. 


The last model in this series was the Amazfit GTR 3 pro which was priced for 229 USD. So, we can expect that the new model will cost around 279 to 299 USD, not more than that. The original price may differ from one website to another. We can only confirm the price after launching the product.

Things that you will get for sure:

In this part, I am going to talk about some features that are common for every model of this brand. These features are something that you will get in the Amazfit GTR 4 for sure.

  • Affordable price. Amazfit is popular for its affordability. This is something that will never disappoint you. 
  • Amazing build quality. All of their models have a great building quality that is durable and easy to wear. 
  • Seat and splash-proof. This is very necessary for fitness lovers and bikers as well.
  • Packed with smart features. Smart features are something that can match a smartphone so that you can use it as your smartphone assistant. 

These are some great features that you will get for sure.

Things they need to improve from the previous model:

Here I will be discussing some drawbacks or cons that were present in the past few models of these brands. We hope that these cons will be improved or rectified in the upcoming model. 

  • Amazfit GTR smartwatches do not support any kind of third-party app or software. 
  • In these smartwatches, we can only view messages, but can not reply to them.
  • The number of sports modules are low.

These are something that they can improve in their upcoming models. 


Amazfit is a very popular brand from the company Huawei. Huawei is a Chinese company that gained so much popularity from the day it launched. They are known for their affordable price with great specifications. Amazfit is also the same. Thus it became a very popular smartwatch brand nowadays. I will suggest to you that all of their products have a great customer response, but you should check the specifications first and then choose it.


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