8 Best Garmin Watch Apps

Garmin watches are slowly becoming very popular these days, mainly because of their unique functionalities. It is one of the oldest wearable makers, still surviving in the industry, and is continuously evolving every day. Cratering enthusiast from almost three decades, Garmin knows what its customers want, which is probably the main reason for its success.

Although many of its smartwatches are currently used by people worldwide, the out-of-box productivity offered by them is pretty low. So, in case you own a Garmin Smartwatch and you want to make it twice as valuable, this article is for you.

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This post will shed light on the 8 Best Garmin Watch apps that you can install on your Garmin Smartwatch. Let’s begin.

Note: Garmin smartwatches come inbuilt with an app store called Garmin Connect IQ; you can download all the apps mentioned below from there.

8 Best Garmin Watch Apps [2023]

So, here we have selected 8 such apps that you can install on your Garmin watch and enjoy the features!

1. Barcode Wallet

Barcode Wallet
Barcode Wallet App

Like the name suggests, it like a wallet for barcodes. This apps lets you save multiple barcodes in your smartwatch.

It can store up to 16 barcodes at a time. It stores barcodes in a widget-like form, which can be accessed by users later on. What’s more, it’s completely free from the internet, which means it works directly from the Garmin app, making it usable even without internet.

It supports most code types, including UPC-A, EAN8, CODE128, EAN8, CODE39, etc. It also lets you save the barcodes with custom names.

2. Maps Nav

Maps Nav
Maps Nav App

In case you are an amid wanderer and want a smartwatch that helps you navigate your way through unknown terrains, this app will do just that.

Built as an add-on feature for Garmin smartwatches, this app lets your smartwatch connect with the Google maps app on your phone. This means now you can display all the routes and directions directly on your smartwatch.

It will provide you with all the notifications from google maps on your Garmin watch. All you have to do is enable the notifications of Google maps, and your good to go.

3. Watchlist

Watchlist App for Garmin watches

This is another productivity booster application available on the Garmin Connect IQ. As the name suggests, this app will let you make a watchlist of tasks you want to fulfill and display your smartwatch’s progress. What’s more, you can also use this app to share your to-do lists with others. It lets you store anything conveniently on the screen of your smartwatch. The app is directly linked with the Microsoft to-do list, which means you can connect it with your ongoing to-do list and save the hassle.

4. Amazon Music

Amazon Music
Amazon Music for Garmin smartwatches

If you are a prime member of the Amazon platform, then you get many free-to-use applications under your belt. One of them is Amazon music, and the app correctly hosts around 3 Million titles and over 1000 active playlists, which you can use to carter your music requirements.

Garmin Connect lets you install the Amazon music app directly onto your smartwatch, from where you can listen to unlimited music on the go.

You don’t even need to take out your smartphone to change songs when you can do it all from Your Garmin Smartwatch.

5. Strava Routes

Strava Routes App
Strava Routes App

Please don’t take this as another navigation app because it can do so much more than that. The app lets you track your performance which can help you throughout your fitness journey. Many competitive cyclists and athletes use it.

Due to its unique functions, the app is widely known for its over-the-top features. It lets you mark your favorite trail on the map, and you can even analyze vital stats like time taken, speed, etc. If you are interested, you can also check our top strava compatible smartwatches article.

It also enables you to record your running regimens and the distance you covered in how much time. The app also provides you with daily milestones which you can fulfill to stand out.

6. Spotify

Spotify app for Garmin Watches
Spotify app for Garmin Watches

Spotify has become so much more than just a music streaming platform. You can listen to your favorite podcasts or even independent artists through this application that too for free. Arguably the most used music streaming platform of the current generation, you can also access Spotify through its smartwatch version. This lets you control things you are streaming on Spotify through your watch. You can also use it during your workout sessions and play motivating music playlists specially designed for shedding those extra calories.

We have also covered an article on the best smartwatches with Spotify support. You can also check it out.

7. 7-Minute Workout

7-Minute Workout
7-Minute Workout

If you are a HIIT enthusiast, then a 7-Minute workout is designed specifically for you. People say that high-intensity workouts can burn more calories and provide you with more stamina and durability.

You can achieve all the just by taping on your smartwatch by using this fantastic 7-Minute workout application.

It comes with 13 exercises designed as per your characteristics and provides you with a training regime of 7 minutes. Just like its smartphone version, you get all the essential features on your smartwatch as well.

8. Meditate

Meditate app for Garmin watches

The Garmin Connect IQ is filled with practical applications, and meditation is hand-picked for mindful people. In case you want an app, which lets you perform meditation seamlessly, then Meditate is your answer.

It enables you to access the Zen in you, and it also manages your heart rate and stress using the heart activities present in the database. The app then uses it to provide appropriate guides and even alerts between exercises.

This application is currently available only on the latest Vivoactive smartwatch. But it will soon roll out on other devices.


So, these were the eight best apps you can install on your Garmin Smartwatches. If you think we have missed some of your favorite applications from the list, you can comment on the names below. If this article was helpful for you, don’t forget to share it with other Garmin users. Also, comment down below which apps you are currently using.


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