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The uses of fitness trackers are on the rise due to the increasing health consciousness. Nowadays, most people prefer to opt for smart solutions in almost everything, and it goes for fitness trackers as well. A best-in-class fitness tracker helps to monitor the fitness journey of users to help them attain specific fitness goals.

Best Non Bluetooth Fitness Trackers
9 Top Non Bluetooth Fitness Trackers Available in 2021

Although maximum fitness trackers make use of Bluetooth technology for efficient performance, it may not be a good option. The main reason behind it is the exposure to hazardous electromagnetic radiation from the watch as well as the smartphone. The effects would be more harmful if the Bluetooth fitness tracker is placed too near to the body.

However, the wise solution in this regard is non-Bluetooth fitness trackers. Moreover, these devices do not need the accompaniment of a computer or smartphone to work. Some of such fitness trackers can exhibit Bluetooth sensors. However, the user can disable it completely if he/she wishes to do so.

It is time to discuss 9 best-in-class non-Bluetooth fitness trackers.

9 Best Non-Bluetooth Fitness Trackers

#1. Garmin Vívosmart HR 

Garmin Vívosmart HR

When it comes to a fitness tracker with the best-in-class battery life, the Garmin vívosmart HR tops the list. Although the vívosmart HR boasts Bluetooth, the user can disable it completely. That means the device does not call for the Bluetooth connection to do its work.

The provision of Bluetooth is there to enable the user to get connected to his/her smartphone to enjoy features like smart notifications, playback control, camera control, and so on. So, if you do not need to access these features and want to stay away from the Bluetooth connectivity, you can certainly do that.

The Garmin vívosmart HR comes as a contemporary, sleek fitness tracker. It can monitor the user’s fitness activities, such as distance covered, steps, heart rate, calories burned, activity intensity, and so on. One of the best aspects of the vívosmart HR is its visibility outdoors or under a vivid light. If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet feature-rich fitness tracker, Garmin vívosmart HR may be your option.


  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth can be disabled completely


  • Precise fitness tracking data
  • An ideal option for senior citizens

#2. Garmin Vívosmart 4

Garmin Vívosmart 4

Are you searching for a top-notch fitness tracker to get help in your daily fitness regimen? Then, you can select the Garmin Vívosmart 4.

This fitness tracker does not call for a Bluetooth connection to operate. Although the Garmin vívosmart 4 comes with a Bluetooth sensor, you can disable the Bluetooth connectivity whenever you want.

Moreover, the vívosmart 4 is available at an affordable cost. However, you can expect almost every feature in it that a contemporary fitness tracker possesses. Even you can synchronize your fitness data with the application of the Garmin vívosmart 4.

Some of the best-in-class features of the vívosmart 4 fitness tracker include heart rate monitoring, REM sleep, all-day stress tracking, Vo2 Max monitor, relaxation breathing timer, and so on.


  • Long battery life of more than 7 days
  • Waterproof
  • Robust
  • Bluetooth connectivity is not compulsory to operate
  • Various watch band options
  • Comfortable & lightweight


  • Cannot store fitness data if unsynced for a longer

#3. OZO Fitness SC2

OZO Fitness SC2

If you are searching for a top-notch pedometer, then you can opt for OZO Fitness SC2. It has come as a 100% non-Bluetooth fitness tracker, unlike many other options. In short, the OZO Fitness SC2 does not feature any sort of Bluetooth connectivity.

The OZO Fitness SC2 is a pedometer, so it does not equip other provisions of fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and so on. However, you can count your steps with this fitness tracker with the ace.

The OZO Fitness SC2 is an outstandingly portable device. You can carry it with your hands or clip it to your cloth (you would get it with the device itself) during running or walking. Moreover, the Fitness SC2 does not call for any application or any mode of connectivity to work. One of the drawback of this tracker is that it can store your fitness data only for one week.


  • Portable
  • Spacious display
  • Precise step counting data
  • Does not call for any mode of connectivity to operate


  • Can store tracking data for 1 week

#4. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro 

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Do you want a stylish fitness tracker for you? Then, Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro can be your option. Although it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, you can fully disable it whenever you want. That means it does not call for a Bluetooth connection for operation.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro boasts loads of features, such as calorie burned tracking, heart rate tracking, activity tracking through GPS, and so on. The Gear Fit2 Pro comes as a waterproof fitness tracker with a resistance capacity of up to 50m. That means you can take a shower, swim, or wash your hands while wearing the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro.

Apart from fitness features, the Gear Fit2 Pro equips many other interesting features, such as scratch or dust resistance, improved fitness tracking through third-party applications, such as MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and so on.


  • Contemporary, sleek design
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones
  • Does not call for Bluetooth connection to monitor fitness activities
  • Touchscreen convenience


  • Not-so-long battery life
  • You can lose your fitness data if you do not sync it for a long time

#5. OZO Fitness CS1

OZO Fitness CS1

When it comes to a top-notch non-Bluetooth step tracker, OZO Fitness CS1 stands out on the list. This fitness tracker enables the user to track his/her steps with the ace without getting connected to a computer or smartphone.

Other than tracking steps with great accuracy, the OZO Fitness CS1 is a user-friendly fitness tracker as well. It boasts a spacious non-touch screen that enables the user the check his/her fitness data without any trouble. Hence, if you do not want to go for a fitness tracker with a small display, you can opt for the OZO Fitness CS1.

Moreover, the OZO Fitness CS1 is a perfect fitness tracker for senior citizens since it does not call for a smarphone to operate.


  • Spacious display
  • Great battery life
  • Does not call for any sort of connectivity
  • Ideal for senior citizens
  • Precise step counting data


  • Cannot store data for longer

#6. Mijiaowatch Fitness Tracker

Mijiaowatch Fitness Tracker

Are you searching for a fitness tracker suitable for both kids as well as adults? Then, you can think about opting for Mijiaowatch Fitness Tracker. It comes as a budget-friendly, lightweight fitness tracker without having to get connected to a computer or smartphone.

The Mijiaowatch Fitness Tracker equips top-notch tracking features at a budget-friendly cost. Wear it around your wrist, and it would start monitoring your fitness activities, such as steps taken, heart rate, calories burned, blood pressure, exercise time, distance traveled, and so on.

This fitness tracker does not equip an inbuilt Bluetooth sensor that means it does not need a Bluetooth connection to operate.


  • Does not call for a Bluetooth connection
  • Easy to configure & simple to use
  • An ideal option for kids
  • Precise fitness tracking data
  • Lightweight


  • Step counter does not perform its work if remain stationary
  • A fragile device

#7. IGank Fitness Tracker

IGank Fitness Tracker

If you need a high-quality wrist-based fitness tracker, then you can choose IGank Fitness Tracker as your option. It does not call for Bluetooth connectivity to operate. Moreover, the IGank Fitness Tracker is an ideal and lightweight option for men, women as well as kids.

You can track various fitness activities with the IGank Fitness Tracker, such as calories burned, steps taken, and so on. This fitness tracking device makes use of a top-notch lithium battery with a 15-days powerful backup.


  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Does not call for Bluetooth connectivity or smartphone to operate


  • Cannot store fitness data for a long time

#8. Feifuns Fitness Tracker

Feifuns Fitness Tracker

Another best-in-class fitness tracker without having to be connected with Bluetooth is the Feifuns fitness tracker. The device comes with a feature-loaded, fitness-oriented watch.

Some of the fitness tracking features of the Feifuns fitness tracker include blood pressure monitoring, step counter, heart rate monitoring, and so on.

The best thing about the Feifuns fitness tracker is that it does not need any sort of connectivity to operate.

Although the Feifuns fitness tracker comes with the Bluetooth feature, you can disable it completely whenever you want. The device makes use of Bluetooth connectivity when it comes to syncing data with a smartphone and providing notifications.

You can check the fitness information right on the watch without getting it connected to a smartphone.


  • Vivid display
  • Contemporary design
  • Long battery life
  • Does not call for Bluetooth connectivity to perform


  • Does not provide precise fitness tracking data

#9. Willful Fitness Tracker 

Willful Fitness Tracker

Do you need a waterproof fitness tracker with the display of time/date? Then, Willful Fitness Tracker would make an ideal option for you. The device helps to let users about the amount of exercise that he/she has done in a day. Moreover, the Willful Fitness Tracker does not need to get connected to a smartphone to operate.

The Willful Fitness Tracker can precisely monitor the steps that the user has taken throughout the day. Moreover, it can also keep track of calories burned, distance covered, and sleep quality. In short, the Willful Fitness Tracker helps the user to stay healthy as well as active.


  • Long battery life
  • An ideal gift for kids as well as parents
  • Precise fitness tracker


  • No USB charger

Wrapping Up

Being healthy is rather important to lead a happy and peaceful life. Hence, tracking day-to-day activities is a must. And what would be a better option than a feature-rich fitness tracker in this regard? It is time to choose your favorite option from the above list and give your health a new direction for the good.


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