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Fashion and trends are not only for looking good and showing off but also for its efficiency, and like adding a cherry on top of the cake, merging technology with fashion produces perfect efficacy. Women go through a lot to look presentable and put together, even if it is a workday. The surreal beauty you see does not come easily, is it?

However, beauty does not always have to come with pain, just like adding an accessory to your outfit changes the entire look, wearing a smartwatch that fits you perfectly and has the features you desire can change your game but since most of the smartwatches are big and on your face, it does not look good on a small wrist.

Hence, we have jotted down the smartwatches that are made for small and slender wrists.

5 Best Smartwatches for small wrist

In the following article, you will find the smartwatches that have been best choice for the people with small wrists.

1# Samsung galaxy active

The first smartwatch on the list is Samsung galaxy active, a well-known brand around the world. The watch has a 40 mm round dial diameter and the bandwidth of the watch is 20 mm, which is the first category to choose a smartwatch for a small wrist.

Samsung galaxy active

The customizable watch faces make it even more interesting, you can change your watch face whenever and wherever you want to suit the occasion.

The Samsung galaxy active is perfect for all android users; it is compatible with all smartphones and Bluetooth. The smartwatch has all the tech features you need from a smartwatch. Smart notification system, health, and fitness tracking apps, it keeps track of your sleep patterns. A heart rate monitor is presented to give alerts if your heart rate gets low or high at any time of the day.

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The watch comes with interchangeable band material, and it has a long-lasting battery that works for days with single time charging. The smartwatch is water-resistant for up to 50 m therefore; the watch is perfect even for swimming.

2# Michael kors access gen 5 

Michael kors access gen 5 Bradshaw smartwatch has 44 mm of round dial face and 22mm of bandwidth, it has an inbuilt speaker and microphone. The watch comes with customizable watch faces and band straps. You change your watch faces according to your mood.

Michael kors access gen 5 

You can easily connect the smartwatch with your iPhone or Android phones and get all the notifications to your smartwatch. The watch is compatible with Bluetooth hence; you can now take or make calls wireless and hands-free. The watch has many smart features including a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and GPS navigation.

Michael kors access gen 5 has long-lasting multi-day battery power and multiple application storage with an internal storage of 8 Gb. The watch is water-resistant of depth up to 30 m. you can even make payments through your smartwatch hassle freely.

3# Fossil women gen 4 venture

Fossil women gen 4 venture has a 40 mm round dial face with an interchangeable silicone band size of 18mm. This beautiful smartwatch is specially designed for women. The watch is powered with wear OS compatible with iOS and Android phones. It has multiple smart features like a heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, GPS, etc.

Fossil women gen 4 venture

The smartwatch has a long-lasting battery life with a magnetic USB rapid charger. In pairing with your smartphone you receive all notifications, app alerts, and calls to your smartwatch itself. You can now pay your bills and transactions through the smartwatch. The watch is water-resistant up to 165 feet in depth.

4# Garmin venu 

Garmin venu smartwatch has a round display size of 30.4 mm and quick release silicon band size is 20 mm. The lens is gorilla glass 3; the case is a fiber-reinforced polymer with polymer as rear cover. The display resolution is 390 x 390 pixels. It comes with customizable various watch faces.

Garmin venu 

The Garmin venu smartwatch has a long-lasting battery life of up to 5 days and it has multiple tech features such as a pulse OX sensor, GPS, fitness tracker, stress tracker, menstrual cycle reminder, heart rate monitor that gives alerts on high or low heart rate levels and other sensors too.

5# Fossil women Gen 4 sport

Fossil women gen 4 is a sports smartwatch with silicon or metal interchangeable band material of size 18 mm and the round watch face is 41mm. the watch is powered by wear OS and can be paired with iPhone and Android phones. It is swim-proof and has long-lasting battery life with 1-hour rapid charging.

Fossil women Gen 4 sport

The fossil women gen 4 sports watch is 40 percent lighter weight than other models. It has various features and smart notifications like heart rate monitor, GPS, built-in microphone and speaker and can receive or make calls through smartwatch. The smartwatch has an internal storage of up to 4 GB.

How to choose the right smartwatches for small wrist

We have gone through a brainstorm to find you the 8 best smartwatches and created this perfect list of smartwatches that is suitable for small wrist and meets all your requirements.

Before starting the detailed review lets understand, what are the factors we should look into before buying such smartwatches

Dial or case diameter

smartwatch dial

The first and foremost for choosing a perfect smartwatch for a slender wrist is the size of the dial or case diameter it is best to go for 40 mm to 45 mm or even smaller.

We have so many traditional watches that have smaller dial sizes, but in smartwatches, they always tend to be enormous.

Font size and visibility

Font size and visibility

The second on the list is when we take a slim and sleek design with a smaller diameter, it immensely affects the actual display or watch face to be smaller, but we need a smartwatch that has perfect font size for the watch face to be visible easily.

This requirement has cut down more than half of the smartwatches in the market.

Tech features

Tech features

The third and important feature is the smart features, having a smartwatch is to have the ability to access the feature and perks of the technology.

Regardless of the limit, we have from the first and second criteria; we have given our best shot at finding the smartwatches that have all the tech features you need when you choose to buy one from watch faces to heart rate tracking.

Trusted companies

Trusted companies

The fourth and last requirement is choosing the right company. We have chosen the smartwatches that are from the most reputed and trusted companies. These smartwatches are used and recommended widely for a small wrist.


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