Smartwatches have come a long way since its launch a few years back. Initially, they had few basic features like step counter, calorie counter, etc. With the advancement in technology and increasing competition, several brands started launching smartwatches with new interesting features and looks. As a result, today’s smartwatches are capable of performing various tasks like making payments and even perform an ECG!

Smartwatch Buying Guide
How to choose right smartwatch?

These smartwatches can function independently with cellular connectivity and can also be used for capturing pictures.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the key features of a smartwatches, which will help you to choose your smartwatch. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch but are confused about what features your smartwatch should have? then this article will surely help you. Let’s get on to the features now.

1# Light & Comfy Design

Light & Comfy Design

Smartwatches are meant to be worn whole day and if you are using it for sleep monitoring than it has to be worn while sleeping at night too. So a light and comfortable design is very essential to serve the purpose.

Although many people wear it as a style statement which has smart features but if it is being used for fitness purposes than a light design with comfortable materials is a must.

2# Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is a must for every smartwatch as it enables users to sync their wearable to a smartphone.

Bluetooth connectivity

Once synced smartwatch offers full functionality like notification alerts, incoming calls, and messages, music control, camera remote, etc.

All the companion smartwatches rely on Bluetooth connection for most of their features, unlike standalone smartwatches which are capable within themselves.

3# GPS/Navigation

GPS Feature in Smartwatch

GPS and navigation are very important features in a smartwatch. It is useful in tracking distance while walking or running or to plan route while hiking.

Navigation is of great use when you are in an unknown city or place as you don’t have to look in your phone again and again for directions.

Some smartwatches also have different vibrations for telling whether you have to turn left or right while navigating.

4# Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking Feature

Almost all the smartwatches have activity tracking feature in them. It automatically identifies in which activity you are indulged in or you can manually also select the activity.

Smartwatches have multiple sports mode for sports like cycling, running, treadmill running, hiking, swimming, mountaineering, etc. for tracking your fitness data accordingly.

They have various sensors like a barometer for measuring changes in elevation while mountain climbing and hiking or GPS for measuring distance while running or cycling.

5# Notification Alert

Notification Alert

Checking your smartphone again and again for every notification can be very annoying sometimes and it also doesn’t look good when you are in a meeting or somewhere important.

This is where smartwatches come handy to allow you to check notifications by just tilting your wrist and decide whether it is useful or not.

6# Answering Calls & Messages

Answering Calls & Messages

Answering phone calls and replying to messages comes handy with smartwatches when you are exercising or driving or in any other awkward situation where you cannot take the phone out.

You can also use the screen touch to pick the call from your smartwatch.

Some smartwatches have this unique feature that if your smartwatch is connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth and if any phone calls come, you just need to shake your hand to pick the call, Isn’t it amazing!

Many smartwatches also have voice support for more convenience. This, of course, cannot replace smartphones but can be very useful in some situations.

7# Long Battery LifeSmartwatch Battery Life

Long battery life is one of the great concern for smartphone users. Smartwatches are designed to complement smartphones but many people don’t like charging it again and again like smartphones and it is also not possible many times.

So having a longer battery life which can last for a few days or at least a whole day is very important for any smartwatch.

8# Fitness Tracking

Fitness Tracking feature in Smartwatch

Fitness tracking is a core feature for many smartwatches available in the market. You can replace your fitness band with a good smartwatch with features like a pedometer for counting your steps, calories, distance, etc.

It has sensors like heart rate sensor for keeping a track of your heart rate, pulse rate, etc. Some smartwatches now even offer ECG functionality. Smartwatches can also be used for monitoring sleep quality and also remind you to take a walk when you have been sitting for too long.

Some smartwatches also have female health apps for keeping a check on women’s menstrual cycle.

9# NFC Pay


Many smartwatches nowadays have NFC support for making payments on the go. NFC support is very helpful for making payments quickly without taking out your cards and can be very useful when you don’t have your cards with you.

NFC transactions are also accepted quickly than credit cards thus saving your time when you are in a hurry.

10# IR Sensor

IR Sensor

IR Sensor is also one of the handy features in smartwatches. It lets you use your wearable as a remote for appliances like TV and AC.

Also with the increasing popularity of home automation systems, this feature can be of great use for controlling various smart devices around your home.

11# SIM Card Support

SIM Card Support

A smartwatch with a SIM slot can perform all the features of a basic smartphone. Of course, it can never replace your smartphone with a high-end camera and big display, but sometimes when you don’t want to carry your bulky phone like on a jog or a long walks it can be a great companion.

The standalone smartwatch can be used to make a phone call, send messages, browse the internet, use various social apps over cellular connectivity.

They also have enough memory to store music and videos for entertainment on the go. Kids smartwatches also have SIM card support so that kids can make a phone call in an emergency.

12# Water-resistance

Waterproof Smartwatch feature

A water-resistant smartwatch is a great buddy while swimming or running in rains.

Smartwatches have various levels of water-resistance like 3ATM, 5ATM or 10ATM indicating how much depth and water pressure they can resist.

Waterproof smartwatches above 5ATM is an essential feature for rugged smartwatches as they can be worn during extreme water sports or even deep-sea diving.

13# Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

A smartwatch gently wakes you up to be vibrating on your wrists rather than noisy alarm clock voices which are very annoying not only for you but also for people around you. This feature silently alerts you without disturbing other’s sleep.

This feature is quite common in modern days smartwatch, so you need not worry about this while buying a smartwatch.

14# Internal Storage

Internal Storage

A smartwatch cannot store a large amount of data like your smartphone but having enough internal storage for music, photos, apps is very important. When you don’t have your phone around like when running, exercising or any other situation it can offer you the convenience of listening to music, watching videos or playing games.

Many smartwatches have an in-built camera so internal storage is also used for storing captured photos and videos.

15# Smartwatch with Camera

Smartwatch with Camera

A smartwatch camera is not as advanced as a smartphone’s camera but it comes handy for taking pictures and videos in emergency situations or for video calling.

There are many spy smartwatches available in the market which have camera smartly hidden in their design and offer HD video recording and also night vision lens.

16# Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS Feature in Smartwatch

The SOS feature is a great use for women and kids for sending alerts in an emergency situation. The smartwatch has some shortcuts like pressing power button a few times which directly sends a message and your location details to the contacts you have set up in the SOS contact list. This feature can save you in critical situations.

So these are the features you must check before making any buying decision, hope this article will help you to choose your first smartwatch.



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