Connect Smartwatches with the internet

As you know that nowadays most of the smartwatches are coming with plenty of features and also compatible with both android as well as iOS devices. The era of a watch used to see the time is finished. Nowadays many facilities like calculator, Camera, thermometer, radio, and music and so many features are available in the smartwatches. To run these applications you need the internet.

Do we really need the internet on a watch?

I know, you might be thinking why I am asking such a silly question, but seriously to browse the internet on a small screen is quite boring and tedious too. And there are very few smartwatches with internet browser till the date. In my opinion, the Internet browsing apps (Chrome, Firefox, etc) are useless in a smartwatch.

However, only with the above logic, we can not rule out the need for the internet in a wearable. There are still plenty of other reasons, which makes ‘the internet‘ is a very much needed feature for any smartwatch.

With the help of the internet, you can download any kind of application from Wear OS, measure the live temp, listen to live music, update your smartwatch, etc. So if your watch is connected to the internet, you can play your Spotify songs without any hassle. And the most important thing is, if your watch has internet connectivity, it will be less dependent on your smartphone.

Now I guess we have understood the importance of the internet in a smartwatch.

So the question arises, how a smartwatch is connected with the internet? Is it the same as the phones? or there are some other technologies involved? Let us find out.

How to connect a smartwatch with the internet.

There are two ways to connect your wearable with the internet. One is with the use of cellular networks via sim and another one is Wifi. In all the standalone smartwatches (Not dependent on the smartphones), you can find the sim card features for internet connection.

1# Connecting via Cellular network with SIM

You need a cellular data pack in your sim card for using the internet in a smartwatch. It is similar to a smartphone, just put an activated sim in your watch and connect to the internet. There are mainly two kinds of network supported smartwatches, with a physical sim or with e-sim support.

Smartwatch with physical sim card slot

Most of the standalone smartwatches have a sim card slot in the back. You can open the cover with a help of a screwdriver, and place your sim card there.

These steps you can follow for a better understanding.

Step 1– First, remove the back of your watch carefully and put a registered sim card on the watch.
Step 2– Then open the ‘menu’ section of the watch and go to the network section
Step 3- Make an account on the watch and add the save the sim card in your watch.
Step 4- Once the account has been made, restart the watch and turn on the data and you will see that the sim is activated and so is the internet.

Smartwatch with e-Sim support

Esim or Embedded sim is a part of the processor and install in the motherboard of the device. There is no physical sim card slot, so no worry about any kind of damage to your sim card. It is the newest trend and only limited smartwatches are compatible with this Esim. The best advantage of e-sim that you don’t have to change your sim card when you are traveling to other countries. You can convert the Esim network as per your choice

Smartwatch like Apple series 5, Samsung galaxy, and fossils are compatible with Esim. To run the internet, these are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1– First go to the settings and tap on the network section
Step 2-There you will find the Esim section, make an account on your device with using your cellular network
Step 3-When you make an account, the device will confirm it and then restart the device, and then you are ready to use the internet.

2# Connecting via wifi

If you want to connect a smartwatch to the internet without a sim card, then it must have a wifi feature. There are many smartwatches with wifi connectivity such as the Apple series & Galaxy watches. These smartwatches can be connected with any phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Here the steps that you need to follow to connect the watch with the Wi-Fi

  • Tap your watches’ screen to wake up and open the menu section.
  • Tap on the setting and open the connectivity section. In the connectivity section, you will find the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi option and put the Wi-Fi on the automatic so that the next time when you need to connect your watch with some other Wi-Fi, it connects automatically
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi which you want to connect with and you are connected and can use the internet on your phone.

Hope you like our article If your watch has any of the above options you can easily connect with the internet.


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