Dooge CS2 Pro Review

The smartwatch has now become the need of the hour. Just like a smartphone, smartwatches are capturing the global market very rapidly. Years ago, we have seen that smartphones have tough competition to laptops and desktops and captured most of their market. Similarly, smartwatches are now giving tough competition to the global smartphone industry

Smartwatches are available in different price segments ranging from entry-level to premium. Smartwatches are already popular among youths, and now they are accepted by people of all age groups.

Today we are going to review a truly amazing smartwatch that comes with excellent features and provides you the best value for money. We all need something that is handy as well as fulfil the need of smart features. 

In this article I am going to share some information about the Doogee CS2 Pro smartwatch. Don’t miss the review of this smartwatch to know about this smartwatch before thinking of buying it.

About the Company:

Well, there are chances that many of you haven’t heard about the Doogee as it’s a new company. But believe me, Doogee is providing excellent products at very aggressive pricing. It is a great smartwatch to have for students also, as they are affordable as well as stylish. Read this detailed review of Doogee cs2 so that you don’t miss this excellent smartwatch due to a lack of knowledge about its features. 

I am going to give a brief description about its design, display, fitness features, voice assistance and other features. So, let me take you through it.

Doogee CS2 Pro: Design and Looks

Doogee CS2 Pro Design Review


Doogee CS2 pro comes with a square dial which is very popular among youths nowadays. Its aluminum alloy frame provides you decent build quality and feel. It feels comfortable and lightweight. It is available in three color options black, red and pink which is very popular among teenagers. The watch is suitable for both men and women and all age groups.

This under $50 smartwatch is very easy to wear and you can wear it with any type of clothes. 

Doogee CS2 Pro: Display

Doogee CS2 Pro Smartwatch display

The next thing I am going to discuss is its display. You will never complain about its display. It comes with a huge 1.69 inches TFT-LCD full touch screen display. The display is bright and big enough that you can use it even in the daylight. It has one of the biggest displays in this price segment. So you will get maximum quality in this price range. 

Doogee CS2 Pro: Health and fitness features 

We all know that every smartwatch brand includes fitness features in their smartwatches as it is a basic need among fitness lovers and also young generations. You don’t need to buy a lot of things or a fitness tracker. Just buy Doogee CS2 Pro, it will take complete care of your health. Like other smartwatch brands it also has all the latest sensors to monitor your health accurately and extensively.

Some of its health monitoring functions are blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, and whatnot. For level, you will get a combo of fitness trackers and a smartwatch in Doogee CS2 Pro.

Doogee CS2 Pro: Voice Assistance 

Doogee CS2 Pro is the first watch that comes with in-built voice assistant Alexa. It will work as your voice assistant and give you another level of experience. Just ask Alexa for any of your needs. It is one of the cheapest watches that comes with Alexa built in. You can ask any question any time, you can ask directions, you can listen to your favorite songs and many more with just saying. How amazing is that!

Some More Features Of Doogee CS2 Pro

Features Of Doogee CS2 Pro

I have already mentioned the basic features of the Dooge CS2 Pro smartwatch, but there are also some features that are amazing and you should know about those. So, here they are,

  • This chinese smartphone is compatible with both Android and iOS. So you don’t have to worry about its supporting software. 
  • Dooge CS2 Pro comes with 5 ATM water resistivity. It is splash proof and rain proof. Now you don’t have to worry about going out in the monsoon. 
  • Last but not least, you can customize the dial. This is another great feature of Dooge CS2 Pro. You can make your own dial according to your personality. 

Doogee CS2 Pro: Conclusion

Doogee CS2 Pro is a complete package and has all the latest features and sensors. For your health and fitness also it is one of the best smartwatches at this price. If you are looking for your first smartwatch and want all the latest features at a low price, then Dooge CS2 Pro is the best choice.

I have given a brief description and features of the Dooge CS2 Pro smartwatch. I hope it will help you to understand the product better. But you can also check its online ratings and price before buying. It is also available on Amazon, you can check that out too.



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