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Health and fitness is the most important task an individual should do regularly but it is boring sometimes. Also going to the gym is not possible for everyone. In this case, fitness activity trackers are the best way to remain healthy and fit.

Just like a trainer, these devices force you to start exercises and workouts. Fitness trackers have a lot of features and are very beneficial for people, especially in this modern rushing world. So, a lot of fitness trackers are available, but among them, Fitbit has made its unique identity and is among the most popular ones.

A fitness tracker is incomplete without fitness apps as they broaden the functioning of the fitness tracker, so if you are looking for the best Fitbit compatible apps for health tracking, then this article is for you. We have shortlisted some of the best Fitbit compatible apps for you. These apps will enhance your experience with Fitbit, and the best duo will take your health & fitness to next level.

1. MyFitnessPal

As the name suggests, it is not only an app but also a fitness pal. It is one of the most popular apps compatible with most fitness trackers, including Fitbit. The app is perfect for extensively monitoring your calories burned throughout the day. It will also give you full details about the calories you gained by eating any type of food. It works perfectly with Fitbit for giving you the best assistance for various activities like running, sleeping, weight loss, etc.

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2. Fitstar Personal Trainer

This app is also one of the best apps which perfectly work with your Fitbit. It works as a complete trainer for making you healthy and fit. It has a lot of workouts, and you can easily train yourself with this virtual trainer. A freestyle session is also provided in this app for a quick workout of 5-7 minutes. The app easily syncs with your Fitbit, and you can access & monitor all types of data through this app. The app is very easy to use.

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3. Strava

The most popular and widely used fitness app is Strava.It is a highly recommended app that works perfectly with all types of devices, including Fitbit. It can monitor and store everything you do while wearing your Fitbit.From counting steps to calories burned, elevations, distance, and many more. We have also discussed the best Strava Compatible Smartwatches in this website.

It is a perfect combination with Fitbit for extensively & accurately monitoring data and then storing it in a well-structured manner.

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IFTTT is another Fitbit compatible health tracking app. The app has everything to attract a fitness lover. You can completely rely on it for your health and fitness goals. There is nothing which you can’t do with this app. From accurately monitoring various activities to making a schedule for your workouts, you can do everything. A unique feature of this app is it allows you to communicate with your family members and friends. You can also make recipes or goal combinations to achieve what you want.

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5. Nudge Health Tracking

If you want a mentor or trainer both for your health and fitness goals, then the Nudge Health Tracking app is best for you. Its combination with Fitbit makes the due best in everything. Through this app, you can accurately measure your activity and workout metrics, including your sleep. You can plan different things like your workout schedule, diet plan, etc. The best thing is you will also get an option to take advice from a coach online.

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6. Find My Fitbit

If you own a Fitbit, then it is very much predictable that you have heard about the Find My Fitbit app. As the name suggests, it is a very useful app if you lost your Fitbit. Yes, it doesn’t monitor your activity metrics, but it is more important than that. It will give you the most accurate information about your lost Fitbit with some clues. It tells a person how close or far he is from his device, and one can sync 10 Fitbits. It finds the location with the help of Bluetooth.

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7. Fitline

Another excellent to make your Fitbit more advance and accurate. It has a lot of features to impress you. The app accurately monitors the data in real-time and stores them in various forms. You can see your weekly or monthly activity or workout trends via graphs.

You can also see data of all types through this app, including sleep and calories burned. The app divides your time between very active, fairly active, lightly active, and stationary moments. It has a very neat and clean interface.

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Firstly all the above-listed apps are compatible with Fitbit and work smoothly and perfectly with the device. Secondly, all these apps are free to download from Play Store. These apps will give you a proper and accurate metric of your health and fitness. Also, you can make future schedules and other plans through these apps to achieve your goals faster. Choose any of them and achieve your goals effectively and fastly.


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