Fossil Gen 7 Smartwatch

Fossil is one of the famous smartwatch brands at this time. It is also one of the most smartwatch producing companies. Recently they have announced that a brand new model Fossil Gen 7 is probably going to be launched in the market this year. This article is all about that upcoming smartwatch Fossil Gen 7. In this article, I am going to discuss some features that we may see in the upcoming Fossil Gen 7. Besides that, I’m also going to give some points that they should improve in their new smartwatch. 

The Leaks and Rumors: What We Know So Far

  • FCC Filings: Fossil has recently certified four unreleased smartwatches with the FCC in the US. These smartwatches vary in size, with models ranging from 40.2 mm to 49 mm. Interestingly, at least one of these is expected to be released under the Fossil brand.
Latest FCC Filings
(Image source: FCC)
  • Model Details: The FCC documentation reveals the names of these smartwatches as DW14F1, DW14S1, DW15F1, and DW15S1. The dimensions and weight of these models have also been disclosed, giving us a hint about their design and build.
  • Charger Compatibility: The upcoming smartwatches, DW14 and DW15, will be compatible with the same CB846E-6040-102 charger used by previous Fossil smartwatches.
  • Operating System and Processor: There’s a high likelihood that the new Fossil Group smartwatches will operate on Wear OS 3 and the Snapdragon Wear 5100 platform.

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Fossil Gen 7 Probable features-

Here I am going to share some features that we may see in Fossil Gen 7. This will be the latest version of the Fossil Gen series, so the features must be updated than the previous one. So, let’s see the probable features of Fossil Gen 7.


Fossil Gen 6 has an elegant, classy and stylish design with Stainless steel body. We can expect that in Fossil Gen 7 also. The straps are also adjustable and customizable. You can choose silicone or leather straps. The attractive look that every Fossil Gen smartwatch has will be present in Fossil Gen 7 for sure.


Now, it’s on display.  The previous model has 1.28 inches 326 PPI 416×416 pixels AMOLED display. So, we can expect a larger display with greater pixel quality. Though the previous one’s display was quite good.

Advanced sensors:

The Fossil Gen 6 has a whole bunch of new and advanced features and sensors. So Fossil Gen 7 will also have those and even more. Heart rate monitor, SpO2 monitor, compass, gyroscope, altimeter, accelerometer and pedometer will be present in the Fossil Gen 7 for sure. Other than that various sports modes like running, cycling, walking, etc will be present as well.

Water resistivity:

The Fossil Gen 6 has 3 ATM water resistivity which was sweatproof, splash-proof and rainproof, but it was not for swimming and showering. So, we can expect at least 5 ATM water resistivity, which can be ideal for swimming and showering as well. 

Software, Storage and connectivity:

The Fossil Gen 6 has Wear OS 2, so we can expect Wear OS 3 for sure in the Fossil Gen 7. The CPU will be at least Snapdragon 5100.  The previous model has 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage,  so we can expect expanded storage also in Fossil Gen 7. It will also have Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS and WiFi connectivity as well. We can connect your Android as well as Apple smartphones with it.


Fossil Gen 6 has a 300 mAh battery, which was very good for this type of smartwatch. Fossil Gen 7 will be a pro version of Fossil Gen 6, so we can expect a 350 to 400 mAh battery that can last at least 1 month in a single full charge. 

So, these are some expected specifications and features that may be present in Fossil Gen 7. The exact specifications for the Fossil Gen 7 will be confirmed only after launching it. 

Things that you will get in Fossil Gen 7-

There are some specific features that you will get to see in Fossil Gen 7. These features are generally the same as other previous models, so you will get in the next one also.

  • The case material is made of stainless steel, which is very durable and classy looking. 
  • Good build quality with buttons that are long-lasting and easy to use. 
  • Bright and clear AMOLED display.
  • Fast charging ability. 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to connect your smartphone with it.
  • Last but not least, the affordable price. 

Things that should be improved-

Though Fossil is a remarkable brand, the previous model Fossil Gen 6 has some cons, that they should improve in the upcoming model. 

  • The price was not justified for the features they gave, especially in comparison to Galaxy Watch4. 
  • The battery life was really poor, even though you don’t use any smart features. 
  • 3 ATM water resistivity is now quite backdated, they need to improve that.

These are some points that they should improve in the new model. These points are something that was not so good in Fossil Gen 6. We can hope that these problems will be solved in the Fossil Gen 7.

Expected price-

The last model, Fossil Gen 6 was launched for 299 USD. So, we can expect that the price of the next model Fossil Gen 7 will be around 350 to 399 USD. 

The Anticipated Release Date

Historically, Fossil has been known to launch a new generation of smartwatches annually, often in August. Given this trend, and considering the recent leaks and approvals, we can expect the Fossil Gen 7 smartwatches to be announced sometime soon. However, an exact date remains a mystery.


Fossil is a great brand in smartwatches and watches, so people trust this brand. That is why every product of theirs gains popularity as soon as they are launched. But I suggest you not buy just for their brand, you should check out the features and whether it is value for money or not. 


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