A lot of brands are here to impress you in the tech world. From smartphones to smartwatches, the competition has reached its highest levels. A lot of products lead to a lot of confusion, and if you are viewing a budget-friendly feature-loaded smartwatch, then you are in right place. Today we have KOSPET GTO Smartwatch for you. We are going to review this smartwatch extensively and will tell you whether this smartwatch is perfect for you or not. Let’s get into it.

Design & Looks

KOSPET GTO Smartwatch Review

Firstly the watch has the youth’s first choice square dial. Now when coming to its body then the watch has a zinc alloy metal body. This makes this watch highly durable and at the same time lightweight.

Kospet GTO watch has a glossy shine to give you a premium look & feel. The watch has a food-grade liquid silicone material strap to provide you utmost comfort. The watch is slim and lightweight. Due to its amazing CNC technology and 28 polishing process, the watch grabs attention from every individual who sees it. You will never be disappointed by its looks.


1.4 inch super retina screen
1.4 inch super retina screen

Just like design & build quality, its display has a lot of modern technology and features. When it comes to physical overview, it has 2.5D curved glass. The watch offers you a 1.4 inch super retina screen which is remarkable at this pricing. The screen uses TFT IPS technology and will give excellent viewing experince.2.5D glass enhances your viewing experience and offers you a broader view.

Battery & Performance

The watch is equipped with an NRF 52832 chip which gives you decent performance. The chip is power-efficient, and you will never face issues in your day-to-day life. The watch works smoothly and consumes very little power. Thus, the battery of this smartwatch will impress you instantly. It provides you usage time of up to 15 days and standby time up to 60 days.

Health and Fitness

1.4 inch super retina screen
heart rate monitoring

The watch is a complete package for monitoring your health and tracking fitness. The watch has more than 30 sport modes that can track most of the sports and fitness activities.

The watch can monitor and track data accurately. Now coming to health monitoring then also you will get almost everything.

From heart rate monitoring to blood oxygen monitoring and from stress management to calories consumption, you can track most of your health in day-to-day activities. The app will also provide you with alarm vibration alerts.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The watch has Bluetooth 4.2 for decent connectivity, and the watch easily connects up with most of the smart devices. The watch is compatible with Android 5.1 or iOS 9.0 and above. You can also connect a watch with an App to get the best use of it.

Extra Features

Color variant
Available in a Variety of colors

You will get notifications from different apps, including social media notifications. The watch also has a weather forecast. The watch supports tons of languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Turkish, etc. Last but not least, it has an IP68 waterproof rating, making it one of the cheapest watches having this rating.

The watch is available in different color options, including Black, Blue, and Pink. You can easily change the strap any time you want. The process for changing the strap is one click away from you. The watch comes with two straps.


We have reviewed this watch after extensively using this watch for weeks. It is excellent in everything seeing its price. You will get most of the latest and advanced features, which make it a good choice. After going through the above review, one thing is sure that under this price range, the watch is a complete package and provides you complete value for money. You can go for it even if you’re looking for a premium watch.


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