Kospet Raptor review

The world is evolving, so is our goal to remain fit. And in this changing world if you want to keep yourself fit you need a fitness tracker which can keep a record of your activities. The new Kospet Raptor, the first rugged smartwatch from the company is built for fitness enthusiasts who like to do their workouts in demanding conditions.

This watch can be used for all types of outdoor sports activities without needing too much attention or care. With a budget-friendly price and loads of features, let’s take a look at the complete review of this smartwatch.

Here’s what the KOSPET RAPTOR offers

  • Waterproof, dustproof, anti-collision
  • 3 inch round HD screen display
  • 50 free UI watch face replacements
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 230 mAh battery with 30 standby time
  • Android and IOS compatible
  • 20 sports mode
  • 47-gram ultra-lightweight body

Kospet Raptor: Unboxing

The Kospet Raptor box consists of the following things. It comes with a smartwatch, strap, charging cable, English manual, warranty card (1-year validity), and 2 screen protectors.

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Kospet Raptor Smartwatch Review

Below we have reviewed this budget smartwatch. This will cover all the features, Pros, Cons of Raptor smartwatch.

Kospet Raptor: Rugged Design

Rugged Design

The design of Kospet Raptor seems to have been inspired by Casio G-Shock watches. The watch face is circular in design with a toughened tank-like body same as G-Shock watches but can be easily carried on the wrist. The watch is tough and durable but is light with only 47 grams of weight.

This watch will be more suitable for men than women because of its masculine design. The body is made of metal and glass fiber to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. It has 2 buttons on the right sides for operations and four hexagonal screws that are textured for its overall structural strength.

The Kospet Raptor watch comes with skin-friendly straps which are very comfortable to wear. On the backside, the watch has 2 magnetic pins for charging and a heart rate sensor.

Kospet Raptor: Sharp Display

Kospet Raptor Sharp Display

The Kospet Raptor watch comes in a 1.3 inch round HD screen with a resolution of 320 X 320 pixels.

The watch has a full touchscreen display and the dial size stands at 4.7 X 5.2 X 13.3 cm. As the watch is built to withstand the harsh outside weather, the display will not make any problem even in the broad daylight.

You can wake up the screen by simply raising your wrist. You can change up to 50 original creative UI watch faces.

Kospet Raptor: Workout Tracking

The watch supports 20 different sports modes that include outdoor activities like running, skiing, golf, tennis, baseball, mountaineering, rugby, outdoor cycling, walking, trail running, free training, swimming, badminton, football, bowling, dumbbells, sit-ups, rowing machine, and elliptical machine.

The IP68 waterproof rating supports bathing and swimming for a short-time. It is recommended not to dive too deeply underwater. The watch has been strictly tested under laboratory conditions to meet various outdoor sports environment.

Kospet Raptor: Health Features

The watch also keeps a track of various health-related activities such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen monitor, pedometer, sedentary reminder, breath training, etc.

The data recorded were quite accurate considering the other watches in its segment. If you are someone who is concerned about your health, then this watch can be the one to look into.

Kospet Raptor: Battery Life

Kospet Raptor long Battery Life

The battery life in Kospet Raptor is pretty great. The watch has a 230 mAh battery which offers a standby time of 30 days. The company claims to have 8-12 days of normal battery life with all features active. Unless you are a very heavy user of the watch with the regular use of GPS based sports tracking feature, the watch will go easily for 10 days.

The charging may not be the fastest but it’s not the slowest too. It will take around 2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. Overall the battery life lives up to its impressive pricing.

Kospet Raptor: Additional Functions

The Kospet Raptor does all the other smartwatch functions like music control, call and message notifications, timers, alarm, weather, calorie consumption, control your smart phone’s camera, etc.

I really wish it had support for SpO2 but with this price range, it is too much to expect from a watch which is full of amazing features.

Kospet Raptor: Price and Verdict

If you are looking for a watch that is full of health and fitness features as well as affordable, then this is the watch to look out for. The Kospet Raptor smartwatch is available with a price tag of only $32.99 in Gearbest. Not only for outdoor exercises but this watch doubles up as a smartwatch too.

This watch can prove to be a good smartwatch for the people who love to do activities related to outdoor fitness. If you like to buy a watch that won’t affect your bank much, then the Kospet Raptor smartwatch is the one to go for.


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