The Lemfo LEM I20M is a new 2022 wristwatch. It provides Bluetooth calling at a low price. It’s a fitness tracker wristwatch with a square shape and a 1.69 inch TFT screen that includes a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Multisports mode, and other functions. 

Key Features of the Lemfo LEM I20M Smart Watch

The Lemfo LEM I20M is a waterproof smartwatch with an IP67 rating that you may use when washing your hands or on wet days. The smartwatch features a heart rate sensor that records our heart rate over 24 hours.

Lemfo LEM I20M
Lemfo LEM I20M Smartwatch

Thanks to its full sleep monitor, this wearable also assists you in controlling your sleep. It also has a pedometer, which allows us to keep track of and estimate the number of calories we burn during the day. 

In addition to the characteristics mentioned above. This I20 M wristwatch has a speaker and microphone, allowing you to make calls right from your wrist. Blood oxygen and blood pressure monitors, alarm clock, multi-sport modes, notifications, strength training, weather shutter, Bluetooth, and other features. This watch contains a 220mAh battery that lasts 2-5 days under normal conditions and 7 days on standby. 


LEMFO I20 Design
Lucrative design

The new Lemfo LEM I20M smartwatch has a square style that is athletic, fashionable, and suitable for women. On the right side of the casing, there is one physical button. The duty of turning on the running back is delegated to it. The device’s reverse side has a standard layout, including magnetic charging connectors and a heart rate sensor. 

The Lemfo LEM I20M smartwatch body is constructed of metal alloy, whereas the strap is silicon. In terms of the display screen.

The 1.69 inch TFT touch screen on this Lemfo LEM I20M smartwatch features a resolution of 240 × 280 pixels. This wearable comes with various watch faces and is only available in black and pink. 


Large Color display

With its huge body and enormous screen, it’s reasonable to claim that it’s the largest screen ever seen on a Smartwatch. It boasts an excellent 2.88″ inch OLED display screen, which is 2.88″ wide and has a 480 × 640 pixels resolution.

Compared to a standard smartwatch design, the widescreen gives more information on your wrist. It is much easier to explore and use the numerous apps on the device. 


You may send and receive messages independently and receive and dial calls, thanks to its nano SIM card support. Expect quick and seamless connectivity with its 4G capabilities. With its 5.0 MP front camera, you may also hold face-to-face video communication. 

The Lemfo LEM I20M has a browser, a built-in watch face, and a MAP with GPS functionality. Remote camera, music player, alarm, weather forecast, reminder, sedentary, calendar, anti-lost, and other features are incorporated. 


It boasts a huge battery life, with a 2700 mAh battery that can last for 4 days on standby and 2 days on a single charge. It charges through a docking station and is micro USB compatible. 


Because the Lemfo LEM I20M Smartwatch is IP67 waterproof, you can wear it while washing your hands or on rainy days. Because the watch is not approved for swimming and is excellent for wearing for activities.

I do not recommend swimming, revealing it to hot water or saltwater, or pressing the buttons underwater to avoid any long-term or short-term harm.

It’s best to dry the watch after it’s been submerged in water and before using it to last as long as feasible. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Bluetooth Calling 
  • Pretty Cool design 
  • Multisports modes
  • Multi watch faces, cheap Price 
  • 4 Kinds of health monitoring 


  • Not suitable for swimming 


The Lemfo LEM I20M is a new smartwatch that runs Android 10.7 and has been turned for LEM I20 with a decent UI that is extremely easy to browse. Additionally, it is smooth and has UI icons for different interactive special effects and a menu system similar to Android Wear. 

Although practically any app and game from.the Google Play Store may install, some programs and games do not support the circular screen. The Lemfo LEM I20M has more than adequate specifications for a smartwatch. So, you’re unlikely to have any issues with application performance or smooth operation. 


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