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Most Expensive Smartwatches

7 Most Expensive & Luxury Smartwatches in [2021]

Technology never fails to lure us. Today, the world has become fashionable and gadget-freak than ever. A smartphone is an ongoing trend but there is no comparison to the newest wrinkle which is a...
Armani smartwatches 2021

5 Best Armani Smartwatches in 2021

A Smartwatch today makes it calm and comfortable for everyone to keep track of their physical and virtual life while serving as a serviceable main extension to their Smartphone. This watch is very beneficial...
Chinese smartwatches $100

10 Best Chinese Smartwatches under $100 [2021]

Do you know what time it is? Do you see why this question arose? Because we are talking about smartwatches. Gone are the days of traditional digital and analog watches. Smartwatches due to their...
Haylou LS02 Smartwatch Review

Haylou LS02 Smartwatch Review: Budget smartwatch with plenty of features

A very few people have heard about the smartwatch brand “Haylou”. In the past, they have provided some quality smartwatch at very cheap prices. HAYLOU SMARTWATCH 2 is also one of the best affordable...
cronovo smartwatch review


As you might have heard time changes everything and so is the wearable market. At first, the smartwatches used to come up with limited activity tracking options. But with several medical technology companies beginning...
Kospet Raptor review

KOSPET RAPTOR REVIEW: The Cheapest Rugged Smartwatch!

The world is evolving, so is our goal to remain fit. And in this changing world if you want to keep yourself fit you need a fitness tracker which can keep a record of...

7 Best Smartwatches with LTE Support

Isn’t it quite boring, whenever you receive a phone call, you have to put your hand inside your pocket to take out your phone? Well, to fix that came smartwatches capable of doing the...
smartwatch for texting

7 Best Smartwatches for Texting in 2021: Give Smartphone a break!

Undoubtedly, the invention of Smartwatches has changed our lives. They are a perfect companion for a fitness freak. However, the smartwatch can also be used as a smartphone. We can call, capture, and even...
IR blaster smartwatch

Is there any Smartwatch with IR blaster, Lets Find out!

So many of us use smartwatch, but do we know that we can also use it as a remote? Smartwatches have a sensor named infrared. It is not a very commonly used or expected...
Best fitness tracker for skin

8 Best Fitness Tracker for Sensitive Skin

Whether one is a fitness freak or not, you can always see someone wearing a fitness tracker on their wrists. Due to their compatibility and multiple functionalities, fitness trackers are so in today. Fitness trackers...