Popular indian smartwatch brands

In today’s time, you will get to see many useful electronic devices, whether you talk about wireless earphones or Bluetooth speakers, or smartwatches. every single device is unique in itself.

As the Smartphone had become popular in the 90s era, in a similar way, nowadays everybody is crazy about smartwatches.

Smartwatch not only provides you a fashion statement but also has many useful features that help you to keep fit.

For example, in the time of corona pandemic, you can check your oxygen level anytime with the help of a smartwatch and if the level is low you can consult your doctor thereafter. You will find many such useful features in a smartwatch.

Overall, from my own experience, a smartwatch is a very useful device and it should be worn by everyone whether they are young or old.

Friends, now the question arises that which smartwatch should we buy?

Which are the trusted brands in India that are offering the best feature-rich smartwatch at an affordable price.

Friends, if your budget is not tight and wants a premium smartwatch for yourself, then without seeing anything you can go with brands like Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, or Samsung.

as we all know that there are very few people who will spend 20k-30k on a smartwatch in India.

So friends, to remove this dilemma, here I am going to tell you about the 8 most trusted smartwatch brands in India. All these brands are quite popular on Amazon and Flipkart.

1. boAt

boAt smartwatches

Friends, the boAt is India’s most popular and most trusted consumer electronics brand. This Indian company is giving tough competition to its foreign counterpart with its innovative products.

Almost all the products of this company are made by looking at the budget of Indian customers.

This company mainly sells consumer products like wireless earphones, headphones, smartwatches, etc.

If we talk about this company, then it was formed in 2015 and its co-founders are Aman Gupta and Sameer Ashok Mehta. Aman Gupta had also come to Shark Tank India as a judge. Through this program also the boat brand has gained a lot of popularity in the hearts of Indians.

You will get plenty of useful features in Boat’s smartwatches, that too at very cheap prices. This is the beauty of this brand. Boat has also tied up with top artists like Kiara Advani and Rashmika Mandanna to take their brand to the next level.

Popular boAt smartwatches:-

boAt storm, boAt wave pro and boAt vertex.

2. Fire-boltt


Friends, the second company on our list is named “boltt”, this company sells its products mainly under the brand name Fire-boltt. Some people confuse between boat and boltt, so let me tell you that both are different companies. Yes, but this is also an Indian company and makes a lot of budget-friendly consumer products.

The product range of this company is quite large. This company sells a lot of products like Bluetooth Earphones, Bluetooth Headphones, True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Wearables, Lifestyle Shoes.

You can guess the popularity of this company from the fact that it has kept celebrities like Virat Kohli, Vickey Kaushal for their brand promotion.

If we talk about smartwatches, then you will get premium features like Bluetooth calling in fire-boltt smartwatches. Apart from this, you can also use features like heart rate tracking, sleep tracking.

If you buy a fire-boltt smartwatch, then you can also enjoy the bolt play app. It is a unique app from the boltt brand, whereby registering you can earn boltt coin from your day-2-day activities. The more activities, the more coins!

With the help of these earned coins, you can also buy other products of fire-boltt. You just need to redeem your coin on the official market site of fire-boltt.

Popular fire-boltt smartwatches:-

Fire-boltt Ninja and Fire-boltt Ninja Pro etc.

3. realme


If you people are fond of smartphones then you must have heard the name of realme for sure. If we talk about the cheap but powerful smartphone in India, then the name of xiaomi & realme comes first.

So friends, along with making smartphones, this company also makes many gadgets like earphones, power bank, wearable, etc.

If we talk about the company, realme used to work under the sub-brand of oppo in the initial days, later Li Bingzhong (known as “Sky” Li) established it as a separate firm in 2018.

realme has launched many flagship smartwatches in the Indian market like realme watch s, realme watch 2 etc.

The smartwatches of Realme brand are available in both round and rectangular shapes. You will also find very accurate in-built GPS in its watches. Apart from this, some real smartwatches also provide a calling facility.

The company’s products are made keeping the youth in mind, that is the reason they have branded young icons like KL Rahul and Sharda Kapoor as their brand ambassadors.

Popular realme smartwatches:-

realme Watch S, realme Watch 2, realme Watch 2 pro,

4. Noise

Noise Smartwatches

If any company has created the biggest buzz in the Indian wearable market, then it is ‘Noise’. The Noise company makes a very affordable smartwatch for its customers. Noise company has launched some of the best flagship products like colorfit and colorfit pro in the market. If we talk about the price range, then you can easily buy a noise smartwatch with decent features in between the 2000 INR to 3000 INR price range.

If we talk about the noise company, then Amit Khatri & Gaurav Khatri had laid the foundation of this company back in 2014. Since then, this company has grown itself a lot in India. Noise majorly sells products like Smart Wearable, Headphones, TWS EARBUDS in India. This company ranked among one of the top 5 leading brands for selling wireless earphones in India.

If we talk about its smartwatches, then you will find many useful features in noise watches, which are not available even in expensive smartwatches. Here you will find a spo2 sensor, continuous heart rate monitor, compass sensor and you will also find sensors to measure blood pressure in these smartwatches.

The best thing about Noise Smartwatches is its noise-fit app. Friends, this app is very very useful. Here you can enter your daily activity and read your reports at any time. Apart from this, you will also receive some daily targets from this app. To promote its youth theme, Noise company has kept Rishab pants as a brand ambassador.

Popular Noise smartwatches:-

Noise colorfit pro, Noise colorfit active and Noise colorfit cube.

5. Zebronic

Zebronic Smartwatches

The name of the 5th smartwatch brand in our list which is most popular in India is zerbronics. Friends, listening to the name zebronic, you must have felt that it will also be a Chinese company like xiaomi and realme, but friends, it is not like that at all.

Zebronics is a very old company in India making consumer products, yes friends, this company was started back in 1997 in Chennai. This company is known for its great design and performance, and one thing that makes this company better than the rest is its “continuous innovation” toward its product.

If we talk about products, then this company mainly works in departments like Audio devices, Gaming Peripherals, Mobile/ Lifestyle Accessories, Power Solutions, Healthcare & Surveillance Solutions.

The company has tried its hand in the wearable market in recent times, and here too they seem to be getting a lot of success. The company knows that India’s wearable market is growing very fast, so it does not want to let this opportunity pass by.

Zebronics company sells its wearable under the brand name zeb-fit. If we talk about the price range, then you will easily find a decent zeb-fit smartwatch in the range of 2000 to 4000. Zeb-fit smartwatches are completely water-resistant, apart from this you also get to see features like sleep tracking, blood oxygen tracking, and ambient temp sensor.

Zebronic company is running its marketing campaign with superstars like hritick roshan to spread its brand in a new way in India.

Popular Zebronics smartwatches:-

Zebronics zeb-fit 8220ch, Zebronics zeb-fit Me.

6. Amazfit

Amazfit Smartwatches

Friends, now it is Amazfit’s turn. So, friends, Amazfit is a well-known international player in the wearable market. Amazfit is known for making premium yet affordable fitness trackers. The company in its early days launched a smart fitness band with a built-in ECG sensor, which was named “Amazfit Health Band”. This budget fitness gained a lot of popularity all over the world.

Amazfit’s smartwatches are mid-range smartwatches, they are neither too expensive as the Apple Watch, nor too affordable like the Noise and Dizo.

If we talk about the company then yes Amazfit is a Chinese company that was started in 2015. Well, friends, you must have seen the name Huami associated with Amazfit many times, which is its parent company. Well, recently Huami has changed its name to Zepp Health to further strengthen its presence across the globe.

Amazfit primarily manufactures premium quality smartwatches and earbuds. Their smartwatch works on Zepp OS, which is quite lightweight. Amazfit BIP is one of the best-selling smartwatches in India. Amazfit is also very popular for its RUGGED SMARTWATCHES which is giving tough competition to premium brands like Garmin and Suunto.

Here I will tell you another interesting fact, that this company is wholly owned by Xiaomi company, which makes India’s most popular smartphone. So, never get confused between Xiaomi and Amazfit in the future.

Popular Amazfit smartwatches:-

Amazfit BIP, Amazfit Stratos.

7. Honor

Honor Smartwatches

Honor has launched very good smartphones in the Indian market. To capitalize on its brand value in India, Honor is also launching several great smartwatches and smart bands in the Indian market. Its Huawei Honor band is one of the most popular smart band in India and it gives direct competition to the renowned MI band.

Huawei is the parent company of the Honor brand, so overall Honor is also a Chinese wearable manufacturer. If we talk about its product range, Honor sells smartphones, wearables, laptops, and many consumer electronic goods on its website and on other e-commerce websites.

In Honor’s smartwatches, you will find many sensors related to fitness tracking and activity tracking. Overall, if you want to go with a trusted smartwatch brand then you should choose Huawei Honor.

Popular Honor smartwatches:-

Huwaei Honor Magic, Huwaei Honor GT.


DIZO Smartwatches

The last company on our list, and which is very much active in the Indian smartwatch market, is named ‘DIZO’. DIZO smartwatches have entered the Indian market in recent times and have become an instant hit on e-commerce websites like amazon and Flipkart.

Friends, you might not know that dizo is a sub-brand of realme itself, but it has made its place in the wearable market of India apart from realme.

Most of the DIZO smartwatches come with a luxurious look. Whether you are interested in sports or you are health conscious, you will find every single feature in Dizo’s smartwatch.

Popular Honor smartwatches:-

Dizo Watch 2, Dizo Watch Sports version.


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