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If you are a smartwatch user then you always find one problem with almost every smartwatch that is short battery life. Smartwatches are one of the rapid power drinking gadgets.

We need to continuously charge it up even for a run, and in the busy life of ours, it is hardly possible for us to keep up with the battery life of smartwatches.

That is why self-charging smartwatches are being brought up.

Unlike traditional smartwatches, these self-charging smartwatches do not require frequent charging.

Even this technology is still developing, there are certain smartwatches that have been already available in the market.

What is a Self-charging smartwatch?

Now self-charging smartwatches can be tricky.

There are certain limitations that come with it because generally in a smartwatch there are several sensors and features that have various purposes, and that is the primary source of a smartwatch to have shorter battery life.

So having a self-charging smartwatch, the amount of electrical energy is limited.

Hence, that energy does not meet the amount of energy needed for the sensors and features in a smartwatch. Ultimately, some of the most energy-consuming features have to be omitted out.

However, we have only curetted the self-charging smartwatches that have all the features and sensors that you expect when you choose to buy one.

The technology involved in self-powered smartwatches

Firstly, let’s see about the technology that goes into the self-charging smartwatches to get a clear knowledge about them. Most of the self-charging smartwatches use TEG (thermoelectric generator) that converts heat into energy, solar energy, and kinetic energy.

Thermoelectric generator

The thermoelectric generator is a source of heat energy, but to produce heat as energy, the heat from your body is used to generate electrical energy.

The thermoelectric generator needs 2 parts that are a hot part and a cold part for it to operate. So that the electrical energy is produced during the heat transfer and it is used as the battery life of the smartwatch.

Solar energy

Solar energy is the most basic source of energy, from house electricity to electrical gadgets, etc and in smartwatches, the solar energy is transferred as electrical energy to the watch by specifically made solar panels that can be charged by the exposure of 1 hour at maximum.

If you want to understand how solar-powered smartwatches work? you can read the article at the provided link.

Kinetic energy

Kinetic energy is a source of energy that converts mechanical parts to electrical energy, this process can be made to the electrically-operated machine in the case of a smartwatch the mechanical parts presented in the watch are used as a source of energy and stored in a battery reservoir.

Best Self Charging Smartwatches [2021]

So these are the technology used in producing a self-charging smartwatch.

Now that you know how each energy works, in the following article, you will find a list of self-charging smartwatches that has any one or two types of energies that are required for a self-charging smartwatch.

1. PowerWatch Series 2

PowerWatch Series 2
PowerWatch Series 2

Matrix industries PowerWatch 2 is a self–charging smartwatch with thermoelectric technology in addition to solar energy.

This technology makes your smartwatch never run out of battery power because it either takes electrical energy from your body heat or the heat of direct sunlight.

Even with this type of technology, they did not compromise on the smartwatch features. From GPS, activity tracking that includes indoor and outdoor, sleep pattern tracker, and thermoelectric technology.

The watch shows your body temperature on the watch’s face. The PowerWatch can be connected to your iOS and Android mobiles. The matrix industries have patented thermoelectric technology.

2. Garmin fenix 6X pro solar

Garmin fenix 6X pro solar
Garmin fenix 6X pro solar

Fenix 6X pro-solar is the best example of solar energy combined with smartwatches.

With the power glass solar charging lens, you can easily charge your smartwatch and use it for weeks without the battery dying on you. We can obtain 16 days of battery life with solar charging.

Garmin Fenix 6X pro has all the tech features you need in a smartwatch such as a heart rate monitor, hydration tracker, sleep monitor, body energy monitor, even pulse Ox sensor that uses a light beam at your wrist to detect how well your body is absorbing oxygen.

It also has an inbuilt safety tracker that senses and detects any incident that occurred and immediately sends your location to your emergency contacts.

3. Sequent supercharger 2

Sequent supercharger 2
Sequent supercharger 2

The Swiss supercharger 2 is said to be the world’s most sustainable hybrid smartwatch. Well, it is the first self-charging smartwatch to have kinetic energy technology.

It covers kinetic energy into electrical energy and stores it as a battery source to your smartwatch in a 100% clean way.

This infinite battery smartwatch can be easily connected to your iOS or Android phones and get all notifications on your wrist. Just download the BioFeedback app on your mobile, so that you can track your activities on both your phone and smartwatch.

The smartwatch has all the tech features and you can even download 3rd party applications to your watch.

They use eco-friendly components and claim the watch to save millions of batteries per year. The supercharger 2 is presented on

4. Casio G-shock GBD-H1000

Casio G-shock GBD-H1000
Casio G-shock GBD-H1000

The G-shock range in Casio has always been a tough competitor in the line of smartwatches.

The GBD-H1000 is a newly launched G-shock watch with solar-powered and five sensor functions. With advanced technology and sensors, the smartwatch is an efficient purchase.

The watch has a very tough structure and durability, which is a classic G-shock module. Solar power helps charge your smartwatch even when you are out running or traveling.

It has a heart rate sensor, skin temperature monitor, blood flow tracker, etc. this smartwatch has a battery life that is longer than any other GPS functioned self-charging smartwatch.


As the self-charging smartwatch technology is growing, it can be a very good upgrade to your traditional smartwatch.

Since you have read the article, you may know that we have listed only the best and reputed smartwatch which are trusted and have users all around the globe.

Now you can have a change from your traditional smartwatch that has very short battery life to these never-ending battery life smartwatches in your busy scheduled life routine and get the complete perks of wearing a smartwatch.


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