Smartwatches for a 10-year Old Kid

Are you in search of an ideal smartwatch for your 10-year old? Then, congrats! Your search has ended here to this post, as it is going to present you with 8 best-in-class, feature-loaded smartwatches. You can analyze and compare the features and make an informed buying decision at the end of the post.

A feature-rich smartwatch can be a perfect gift for your child’s next birthday or any other celebration. Nowadays, smartwatches are available with different functionalities.

But, it seems that a user-friendly, robust, budget-friendly smartwatch with in-built GPS can make an ideal option. It gets possible to ensure the child’s safety by monitoring his/her movements by tracking GPS. Other than GPS tracking, you can also look for features like games, the camera, calling capability, etc.

8 Best Smartwatches for a 10-year Old Kid

1. 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch:

321OU Touch Screen

If you want a top-class, feature-rich smartwatch for your kid, then 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch can set an ideal solution for you! Especially, if you need to communicate with your kid anytime a day, you can opt for this product.

This smartwatch calls for a SIM card to get synchronized with a mobile phone. It can work well with both Android and iPhone platforms. Wearing the 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch around the wrist enables kids to call their near and dear ones with ease.

Moreover, a child can also listen to music, set alarms, view the calendar, and so on. A great amalgamation of robustness and budget-friendliness has made the 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch one of the best options on the list.

2. Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch:

Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch:

Are you searching for a basic smartwatch for your little one? Then, you can choose to buy the Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch. Having this device enables kids to communicate with their near and dear ones via calls and texts.

Moreover, your little one can also indulge in playing a game and capturing beautiful pictures. The Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch is robust, budget-friendly, and easy to configure. Inserting a SIM card makes the device an Android smartwatch. The advanced tracking systems help parents to keep track of their kids’ activities.

3. Garmin vivofit jr 2:

You can present your 10-year old a feature-rich, water-resistant smartwatch, such as Garmin vivofit jr 2. The “60-minute themed story” feature helps kids to stay motivated for performing their day-to-day tasks. Multiple design options are available for the Garmin vivofit jr 2 smartwatch, such as Frozen, Star Wars to name a few.

Since Garmin vivofit jr 2 is a water-resistant device, it comes as swim-friendly. Besides, the color screen of this smartwatch can be personalized. The parent-controlled application available on the device enables parents to find out chore management tools. Besides, reward tools are also accessible from this option.

The Garmin vivofit jr 2 can also keep track of sleep and steps covered by the kids. Moreover, it does not fail to monitor the 1-hour day-to-day recommended activity for kids.

4. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2:

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Do you need a smartwatch for your child, not necessarily with calling provisions? Then, VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 can set an ideal option for you.

It is a budget-friendly smartwatch, which is available in vibrant colors, such as blue, pink, etc. Besides, a convenient activity tracker is also there to keep encouraging children to remain active by playing different games, such as Crazy Dance, Racing Run, etc.

The VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 is most suitable for parents, who do not need calling and GPS tracking functions.

The device can capture photos, take videos, and show the time obviously. Kids can also play games on the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2.

5. INIUPO Kids Smartwatch 

INIUPO Kids Smartwatch 

The search for a top-class kid’s smartwatch may end at INIUPO Kids Smartwatch. The device comes with various features, such as multiple games, a camera, a music player, more than one alarm clock, etc. Moreover, the smartwatch is available in 5 different languages. The “emergency call settings” is one of the best functions of this device.

It is a user-friendly device, which a kid can easily operate. Moreover, no downloading of apps is needed for the configuration. The bright display, brilliant appearance, and top-notch features are available at a budget-friendly price. Besides, the watch won’t get heavy for a kid’s wrist that means it is very comfortable to wear.

6. MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch 

MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch

Would you like to buy a smartwatch with a brilliant HD screen for your kid? Then, MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch can set a perfect option for you. Apart from the screen, another great feature of this smartwatch is the best-in-class “sports settings.” Moreover, an MP3 player, recorder, and camera are also there on this device.

The smartwatch does not call for a SIM card. Is your kid fond of playing games? Don’t worry! The MeritSoar Kids Smartwatch also features great games. The battery life and responsiveness of the touch screen of this smartwatch are commendable.

7. GBD Kids Smartwatch

GBD Kids Smartwatch

GBD Kids Smartwatch is loaded with various features, such as age-specific games, camera, recording, video capabilities, etc. It is a waterproof device, which can be used for both fun and educational purposes. Besides, two-way calling features are also there in the device.

In short, the GBD Kids Smartwatch can be an ideal device for your kid to ensure his/her happiness, entertainment, and learning.

8. WillowWind Kids Smartwatch

WillowWind Kids Smartwatch

WillowWind Kids Smartwatch is a lightweight and convenient smartwatch with various features. Kids won’t feel it heavy on their wrists. Moreover, games, GPS, and the HD touch screen have made it a best-in-class smartwatch. The conveniences of alarm, calculator, recorder, torch, and calendar are also there.

The WillowWind Kids Smartwatch is a perfect gift for your small one. The device does not call for any additional settings or a SIM card for operating it. Different puzzles, such as Hamster, 2048, are also in-built in the smartwatch that can help to develop your kid’s cognitive skills. Besides, these games give you scope to interact with your kid and spend some great time together.

Wrapping Up

Smartwatches are a great way to help in the better development of kids through learning and entertainment. Moreover, such devices with calling and GPS features help to ensure the safety and security of kids. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to opt for the best smartwatch for your 10-year old kid.


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