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With the seamlessly evolving new technology, everyone is trying to mold themselves to fit in this new era, but the best acceptance can be seen by the kids.

Apart from sports and studies, ’90s kids just had a single option of entertainment and that is television.

However, nowadays there are numerous options available. We have noticed kids involvement in mobile activities like watching videos, playing games, clicking selfies, etc..

Even a 2-year-old can start the desired youtube video with the help of a voice assistant. So, kids are whole-heartedly welcoming these broad changes and becoming highly tech-savvy.

They are smarter than us when it comes to smart tech. We need to understand it and encourage them to take authority.

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There has been a decade-long argument as to when to give personal mobile phones to kids. While kids start demanding it from the elementary school itself, parents always try to push the decision. But even the parents can’t deny the ultimate benefit it can show.

So, to bridge the gap between kid’s age and Smartphones,  tech-minded people have developed many kid-specific Smartwatches which are a boon to both parents and the child.

Parents can now shift the child’s attention from Smartphone to Smartwatches easily.

Do kids really need a Smartwatch?

You must be thinking – What is so special about this gadget?  Will it really appear just as a Smartphone to the kid? Let us take a glance as to what benefits it can provide:


Do kids really need a Smartwatch
Do kids really need a Smartwatch?

Peace of mind for parents –

With parents in the office and kids in school, coaching classes or park, this device can help keep track of your kid’s whereabouts unobtrusively with the GPS tracker giving a sense of relaxation to the parents.

Independence –

You can ask your child to go out alone without worrying by setting safety zones for kids and thus inducing independence in them.

Motivation –

Growing interests of kids in watching television and mobile phones are not only affecting their eyesight but also their overall health. Child obesity is a major issue these days and through the many activity-tracking features, they can stay motivated and make active decisions regarding their health.

Enabling Parental Controls –

This is one of the best features that remove every single doubt from the parent’s mind. Yes, you can enable any parental control as per your preference. This control includes blocking unknown numbers, restricted game time, classroom mode, Internet restrictions ( best one), etc..


These Smartwatches come at affordable prices. You can buy a nominal-budget watch like Kurio 2.0 or an extravagant or expensive like TickTalk 3, according to your preference.

10 Best Kids Smartwatches in 2021

Discussed this, let us now move on to the best 11 Smartwatches for kids in 2021. I have sorted the following list according to the GPS tracker availability.

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1# Ojoy Smartwatch (Age- 5 to 10 years)

Ojoy smartwatch has its own kido operating system. This OS making it very easy for the kids to understand and navigate through.

Ojoy Kids Smartwatch
Ojoy Kids Smartwatch

They can take both photos, videos and also apply various filters to them making it a fun experience.

Apart from the tracker installed, this waterproof smartwatch also provides a sim slot that can be used to call and message to pre-selected contacts. Thus, making it totally reliable.

Key Features:-

  • Display- 1.4 inch LCD, 320 X 320 pixels with Corning Gorilla glass
  • First 4G VOLTE smartwatch phone
  • Empowered with Kido OS based on Android and animated UI
  • Storage of 4 GB ROM and 512 MB RAM
  • Functions with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform
  • Supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • GPS for real-time location tracking along with location history
  • 2 MP front camera with 84 degrees wide-angle lens
  • Comes in two colors- Blue and pink

2# Tencent kids smartwatch (Age-4 to 10 years)

Tencent Kids watch is well built and of premium quality with a nano-sim slot. It is accurate for parents trying to keep a constant watch to their child’s movements by enabling geo-fencing alert and parental controls like preset contact list and remote turn-off the watch.

Tencent kids smartwatch
Tencent kids smartwatch

It has a very easy interface with smooth touch-screen and easy navigation. The look of the watch is amazing and will satisfy your child’s needs.

Key Components:

  • Display- 1.44 inch IPS display,
  • GPS, GSM, and SOS enabled
  • Storage – 32 MB ROM + 32 MB RAM
  • 3 MP camera
  • Waterproof
  • Supports two-way communication with sim card
  • Pedometer and parental controls

3# TickTalk 3 (Age – 5-12 years)

This is not just a watch but a phone placed on your child’s wrist. They can call or face-time with preset contacts thus providing good communication and safety for families.

TickTalk 3 Smartwatch for Kids
TickTalk 3 Smartwatch for Kids

This is an advanced 4G watch with all the recent technologies installed and providing a sense of contentment to both parent and child.

If it suits your budget then this could be the best pick among other smartwatches.

Key Components:

  • Display: 1.54 inches touch-screen LCD
  • 4G Smartphone that combines 2-way video calling, voice calling and smart messaging,
  • Water-resistant,
  • 2MP Camera,
  • GPS with SOS, Wi-Fi, LBS 3-way locator,
  • Available for individual or group chat.
  • Available in 6 different colors,

4# DUIWOIM (Age – 4 to 12 years)

The Duiwoim is a budget-friendly watch with the best of features like active tracking, parental controls, games, pedometer, calendar, and a calculator so your child can perform simple calculations.

DUIWOIM Kids Smartwatch
DUIWOIM Kids Smartwatch

With a reasonable price and trendy styling specific for both the genders, this is another masterpiece contribution to smartwatches.

Key Components:

  • Display – 1.44 inch LCD,
  • GPS with SOS, Wi-Fi, LBS enabled,
  • GPRS real-time positioning,
  • Waterproof,
  • Allows two-way voice-calling and texting,
  • Supports seven languages,
  • Long-lasting battery,
  • Supports micro-sim card

5# HereO Watch (Age- 3 to 12 years)

This watch provides peace of mind to the parents and a great medium of communication for panic alerts or group messages.

HereO Watch
HereO Watch

Geo-fencing is the most sought-after feature and it is quite easy to configure with your phone location-history.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your kids while you are busy at the office. You will get all the necessary updates about the location and you can track their activities once you are back home.

Key Components:

  • Display – Electronic Paper Display(EPD) with 60% reduction in power consumption,
  • World’s smallest GPS watch specially designed for young children,
  • Available in four color variants,
  • Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity,
  • Accelerometer, Panic button present,
  • Parental controls like geo-fencing and SOS,

6# Verizon’s Gizmo Watch (Age 3-11 years)

Gizmo watch resembles an Apple watch and is quite popular for its lively design. Even though the kid is wearing it, it is completely controlled by the parents like only 10 trusted contacts, and 23 approved text-messages can be sent.

Verizon's Gizmo Watch
Verizon’s Gizmo Watch

Your children would be happy to be the sole owner of the watch, but it is actually you functioning at the back-end.

Key Components:

  • Display – 1.3 inches AMOLED with 240 X 240 pixels,
  • Battery life up to 4-7 days.
  • 4G LTE connectivity,
  • Pedometer and remote turn-off(via parent app)
  • GPS enabled with geo-fencing,
  • Two-way voice calls and messaging,
  • Lock with a PIN,
  • Record voices and play audio,
  • Available in two color variants
  • Price: Rs. 12,709 approx.

7# Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 (Age- 4 to 9 years)

Even though this watch lacks a most important feature i.e. no GPS tracking, it is a very popular and useful watch to frame the day’s activities for your kids.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2
Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

Parents worrying about their kid’s incomplete chores or bad behavior can set timers and award points which motivates the child to improve themselves.

But you need to check the brightness and band’s quality before buying it. Overall, it is indeed the best activity tracker for the kids.

Key Components :

  • Display – 11mm X 11mm dimensions, 8-color MIP(Memory-in-pixel) and a resolution of 88 X 88 pixels.
  • Available in six vibrant themes with either adjustable or stretchy bands.
  • Activity Tracking, Sleep monitoring, Sedentary reminder, chores-tracker, In-app rewards and many more.
  • Aces at battery component with a non-rechargeable battery that needs to be changed every year,
  • It is swim-proof and shower-proof.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity,
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS Smartphone,

8# Vtech Kidizoom DX2 (Age- 4 to 12 years)

With the increasing obsession in clicking selfies, this watch is a boom for kids. They can take selfies or record video with a single click and can transfer it to any other device via USB plugging.

Vtech Kidizoom DX2
Vtech Kidizoom DX2

With plenty of watch faces and games, it surely is an eye-candy but no GPS tracking is surely a bit disappointing.

Key Components :

  • Display – LCD with a screen-size of1.44 inch, 320 X240 pixels.
  • Storage – 256 MB,
  • Battery – 2 to 3 days,
  • Comes in two colors- Blue and Purple,
  • USB Connectivity,
  • Motion Sensor, Pedometer(Step Counter),
  • Splash-proof not waterproof,
  • A selfie and side Camera with Speaker, and Microphone enabled,
  • Price – Rs. 8,855

9# Kurio 2.0 (Age- 6 to 14 years)

If you are afraid of your child misusing the internet or connecting with strangers, this watch is for you.

Kurio 2.0
Kurio 2.0 Smartwatch

Along with that, it features many fun games that require the child to squat, run and then freeze while playing.

A great watch with an affordable price. But, you need to check on the camera and speaker quality before buying.

Key Components :

  • Display – 1.54-inch touch screen with a resolution of 240 X 240 pixels.
  • Vast memory attributes with 256 MB internal memory and SD Card slot up to 32 GB,
  • Battery Life – 1 day,
  • Comes in three colors- Lavender, blue, pink,
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity,
  • Front-facing 0.3 Mp Camera,
  • Built-in Motion Sensor, Speaker, and Microphone.

10# Leapfrog leap band(Age- 4 to 7 years)

This watch lets your kids choose from 50 fun games for which they tend to win jewels and earn pets. They can further personalize those pets and groom them as per their wish.

Leapfrog leap band
Leapfrog leap band

The best feature is the parental controls that can be set in the laptop after syncing the two. You can set school quiet time, bedtime, and also mold the physical activities you want your kid to pursue.

All in all, it is a small video game placed in the wrist.

Key Components:

  • Display: 1.44 inch LCD with a hi-res color screen, 128 X 128 pixels
  • Water-resistant with active parental control
  • USB connectivity
  • Rechargeable battery that stays firm for 3-4 days
  • First kids activity tracker with a personalized pet,

So, these are some of the best picks of the season. I hope you enjoyed it and can now confidently figure out the best Smartwatch for you and your kids.

Buying Guide for Kids Smartwatch

Here we have pointed out some of the unique features to look for when you move out to purchase this tech product for your kids:

1. The Look –

Smartwatches are available in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. You need to select one according to your requirements like a pink-strap watch for a girl and a star-war inspired watch for a boy. In other words, the watch should complement the personality of your child.

2. The Dial –

The Smartwatch should display the perfect amount of brightness so that the kids don’t develop vision issues. Also, the screen should be well-organized with a flawless touchscreen.

3. The battery –

This is an important feature to look at. What is the use of a smartwatch if it cannot survive for a quality time after being charged?

4. The GPS –

According to me, this is a must and best feature a Smartwatch can have. It is a super essential element in a kid’s watch.

5. Activity Tracking and Emergency Apps –

These are the most useful apps as discussed above and should be taken into consideration while making a purchase.

You can also read our Must-Have key feature for a smartwatch article, which will further give more clarity for your purchase.


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