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The best part about smartwatches is that they give crucial information in a very easy to view manner. Be it the health data or the information about a location, it is a pretty handy device for all.

With its immaculate features, the brands that manufacture the smartwatches are trying hard to balance the features and the price.

In fact, a perfect blend of low price and top feature watches are yet to hit the market. However, the watches that are below $150 have considerable features and there is strong competition among them. This article features the top 8 smartwatches that are priced below $150.

1. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

Indeed an excellent model that is priced well under $150. This is featured in the list for the variety of features that the watch can offer to the customers.

A highly durable watch with an all-time heart rate monitoring tool is an incredible health and fitness device you may look out for. The Fitbit App shall give you the fitness information in the form of a workout intensity chart.

Interestingly, this device can work up to an altitude of 28000 feet. Incredible isn’t it? The watch can help check your oxygen levels and can operate even at 04 degrees F.


  1. Excellent Design and Lightweight
  2. Sweat Proof and Waterproof Smartwatch


  1. The watchband may irritate you due to sweat

2. Moto 360 3rd Gen

Moto 360 3rd Gen

If you are looking for a high impact watch, in terms of looks and features, this is the best choice.

With top-class engineering efforts, Moto 360 3rd gen has masterclass features present in it. The Wear OS supports both Android as well as iOS.

The watch stands out for its make. Yes, the watch is made of highly durable stainless steel. Of course, the watch is a touch heavy compared to the others, but for the technology present, this is the best buy for this season.


  1. Stainless Steel body
  2. Music Apps available for entertainment


  1. The battery backup is not as good as the other models in this category

3. Garmin Venu Sq

Garmin Venu Sq

This again is a smartwatch that has music apps (Music addition required) and you can work out with the headphones on. If you are looking for a smartwatch with music storage option then Garmin Venu sq is the best pick for you.

Especially, if you are carrying your cellphone for that, you may not do that from now on. The watch has preloaded sports Apps and it amounts to up to 20.

The smartwatch and it can never get smarter than this, it can plan your workout if you have programmed for it. With 6 days of battery backup, a good watch for the current circumstance.


  1. The carbon fibre make, allows the watch to be durable for a longer period
  2. The display is bright and one can view data even in dark conditions


  1. The display size is a bit small

4. Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5

Named for its brand, Gen 5 is an excellent watch for fancy lovers. The multi-face display option amazes many.

The sleep tracking technology and the heart rate monitoring sensor makes it the top class watch in this category. Yes, a touch expensive, but worth the money.

The watch is durable and can work for a very long time than many of the elite watches on the market. The battery life is amazing.

You may even forget about charging as it lasts more than 10 days. Moreover, the watch has a battery saver option to display crucial information alone, thus saving the battery for many more days.


  1. Elegant watch with balanced dial and case size
  2. The watch hets charged at a rapid pace too


  1. An expensive device

5. Amazfit GTS 2

Amazfit GTS 2

You can use this watch without internet access. Yes, lift your hand and talk to the watch. Alexa does it for you.

You can control your home devices using this watch apart from all the health metrics being monitored effectively.  The display is always ON.

The health assessment system is a comprehensive report that shall help you understand your health and fitness condition in a quick time. The watch is water-resistant and you can use this device while swimming too.


  1. Quick Access – Fast priority option in the App
  2. Less Expensive Watch


  1. The accuracy levels of the readings are under question

6. Samsung Galaxy Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

An incredibly designed watch that is meant for people of any age group. The aluminium body and the strap makes it comfortable to wear in any weather condition.

You can choose from BlueTooth or LTE based on your preference.

The same goes with a 44mm or a 40mm display size too. The watch shall look luxurious on one’s wrist. You can change the watch face conveniently. Track your activities daily and get to know your health stats easily.


  1. The stress tracker in the watch is commendable
  2. Top-class technology employed in the watch, especially, the sensors


  1. An expensive watch

7. TicWatch Pro 4G

TicWatch Pro 4G

The dual display watch makes it perfect for fitness tracking is most sought after. Not only for its price but also its looks and technology involved in it.

The features are exemplarily amazing that one need not carry his cellphone during a workout regime. The watch can work both in 4G as well as in LTE mode.

The display size is 1.39 inches, which makes it convenient for people to look at the information. The watch is durable and can be used as a perfect fitness partner.


  1. RAM size is 1GB, which helps the processor to work faster than many other watches on the market


  1. The watch might look bulky on the wrist

8. Amazfit GTR 3

Amazfit GTR 3

The 1.39-inch display is most commendable in this watch. With 21 days of battery life, you need not worry about unplugging yourself.

The Alexa in-built watch can take your commands and execute them with perfection. The Zepp OS talks about the technology factor and the watch has a fast processor too.

Over 150 sports apps are available on the watch. The stress levels are monitored effectively and notified or triggered when your stress levels increase.


  1. You can get the fitness data in less than 45 seconds
  2. Durable watch


  1. The readings are not as accurate as of the other watches

So these are the top 7 smartwatches under $150 that are avainle in the market. If you have any other smartwatch in your mind you can comment below.


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