Smartwatches under $30

Are you one of those people who desire a smartwatch, but your pocket doesn’t allow it? In the past few years, with the booming needs of the general public, there has been an immense decline in the prices of smartwatches. Considering public needs, various brands have launched low budget economical smartwatches in the market.

 Smartwatches under $30

Before you decide to buy some specific watch, make sure to check it’s worth your money. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of watches under $30. But it is not quite easy to make a decision. You should know which one is fully packed with efficient features.

In this walk-through article, I have come up with the best picks for you with cheaper prices yet quality features. Read this complete article to get to know which cheap watches can track your activities, monitor your heart rate and fitness, and check the latest notifications anytime and anywhere. This is a well-timed review that will upgrade your wrist grace in an instant.

Top picks for smartwatches under $30

  1. Beaulyn Smartwatch

If you are looking for a stylish watch to talk to, Beaulyn sweatproof smartwatch is an outstanding choice for you. With a 1.54-inch TFT LCD touch screen, it comes with a wide color range.

Beaulyn Sweatproof Smartwatch

It is a multi-functional smart watch that supports useful applications like phone, alarm, Bluetooth, and pedometer. It also has a built-in camera that allows you to capture memorable moments.

You can also insert a SIM card in it to receive important notifications, or you can pair your watch with your mobile.  It is one of the cheapest smartwatches with a sim card facility.

Apart from this, it offers sleep monitoring, a walk sense counter, and a music player feature. It comes in a breathtaking design along with a sweatproof soft strap.

Check its price at Amazon.

  1. Glymnis Smartwatch

Let’s have a look at Glymnis Waterproof Smartwatch. If you are into sports, this watch is the best pick for you. Even though it’s inexpensive, it offers many specialized features like expensive watches.

It is an ultimate fitness tracker that can help you lead a happy and healthy life. The conspicuous feature of this watch is its 14 fitness tracking modes. Set it according to your workout type and manage your day-to-day fitness activities.

This smartwatch also tracks your heart rate and monitors your sleep. This watch has an elegant look just like Fitbit Versa. Above all, its water and dust resistant feature make it ideal for swimming. It has no SIM card slot, but you can get all your notifications by pairing it with your device.

Check out Amazon to see its price.

  1. BlitzWolf Smartwatch

This smartwatch is one of the best fitness tracking watches in the market right now. It has innovative features and enjoys the best customer rating.

Blitz Wolf Smart Watch

With its 1.3 Inch HD screen, none of your calls will go unnoticed. You can choose any one of the 8 fitness tracking modes.  Its sleeky square dial will add grace to your personality. You can also download the “Da Fit” app using the play store.

Blitz Wolf smartwatch keep a track of your heart behavior 24/7. Furthermore, with an IP68 rating, it’s dust and waterproof. The latest edition of this watch has a built-in sensor to check your calorie consumption so you can live a healthy life. The battery life of this watch is 15-day long.

Go to Amazon to check the current price of this watch.

  1. COSROLE Smartwatch

This watch is also one of a kind and offers most of the smartphone features. It consists of two modes; a company mode, which works via Bluetooth, and the Network mode that works by inserting a GSM SIM card.

COSROLE Smart Sports Watch

CORSOLE smartwatch will overtake your emotions. Enjoy a smart life with its best activity trackers including a pedometer, sleep monitor, anti-lost reminder, and sedentary remind. Entertain yourself by surfing the internet through all apps and listen to music whenever you want.

With its 4-day standby battery life, you don’t have to worry about low battery. You can even check your messages and other notifications in 9 different languages. This comprehensive and stylish watch is one of the best picks for watches under $30.

Go to Amazon to check its today’s price.

  1. Yocuby Smartwatch

Yocuby smartwatch is an optimal choice for men in this budget range. Say goodbye to old fashion watches and wrap this stylish 20 color built-in watch on your wrist.

Yocuby smartwatch

This 1.4-inch smooth touch interactive watch makes it expedient for you to take pictures via phone with a slight shake to your wristwatch. This is an all-in-one watch that works seamlessly as a fitness tracker and your personal health doctor.

It will improve your fitness and health. Use it for a workout if you don’t have enough time to go to the gym. With this micro-smartphone, you don’t have to worry about incoming calls and notifications. It doesn’t offer a call feature but reminds you of incoming calls. You can also set alarms and stay up-to-date with weather forecasts.

Visit Amazon to buy it.

  1. TagoBee Smartwatch

This 1.4-inch-high resolution touch screen display is strong and reliable. With its beautiful interface, it fits perfectly on everyone’s wrist. It also offers a multi-functional sports mode, which is suitable for 8 different exercises.

The IP67 watch rating makes it competent to work well in rain, shower, and best fit for swimming but don’t wear it in hot water. With its elegant touch feature, you can play and control music easily. The battery gives a full 7-day backup too.

Moreover, it is compatible with both IOS and androids, but not for tablets. Also, there’s no need for you to worry about calls, messages, battery life, and memory. You can also monitor your heart rate and burnt calories.

For the price, information visit Amazon.

  1. Sazooy Smartwatch

Life is smart, and the Sazooy Bluetooth smartwatch makes it way smarter with stainless steel anti-sweat soft strap. Most buyers refer to it as a mini phone as you can connect it to your phone or insert a SIM card in it to view and reply to calls and messages.

Sazooy Bluetooth Smart Watch

This is no doubt a multi-functional watch with a pedometer, sleep monitor, alarm, calculator, camera, calories counter, and sedentary reminder. The best feature is you have access to music to relax whenever you want.

This ergonomic watch has high compatibility. You can connect it with iPhone, Samsung galaxy and note series, ZTE, HTC, Sony, LG, and google pixel/pixel XL. Along with its compatibility, it has everything you need on your wrist.  It comes with more than a 24-hour long battery.

Go to Amazon to see its price.

  1. COULAX Smartwatch

Coulax smartwatch with a round dial design will fit best on your wrist. It is the chicest fitness watch in the market right now. It acts as a professional health assistant and keeps a record of your fitness activities for over 10 days.

COULAX Smart Watch

This watch has no match.  Its fitness tracker with 9 sports modes can even measure your blood oxygen level and a built-in breathing function to improve your health. Its comprehensive health feature counts your steps, distance covered, calories burned, and exercise time.

Besides all this, it has 3 built-in dials and many autonomous dials for you. It is also well equipped for map locus tracking in the YFitt app for trajectory. It gives your personality a professional touch. This wearable device is compatible with Android 5.0 and IOS 9.0. and above. The fitness watch can meet daily use for up to 10 days.

For price details, visit Amazon.

  1. SPORTIMES Smartwatch

In this watch, you can experience a combination of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It is a suitable option for people who workout on a daily basis. This fitness watch is waterproof and supports multiple sport modes including cycling, swimming, running, and walking.

SPORTIMES smartwatch

The heart rate monitor of this watch guides you to modify your exercise time according to the heart curve. It will also monitor your heart rate automatically all the time. Breathing guide, drink water reminder, sedentary reminder, and electronic metronome are the best applications of this watch.

It is extensively compatible with iOS 8.2 and above versions, and also with android 4.4. Its larger battery capacity and adjustable screen brightness add to its elegance. Even though it doesn’t allow you to make calls, it will remind you of all notifications.

Check out its price at Amazon.

  1. Willful Smartwatch

This smartwatch by willful will enhance your personality. The smart, slim, fashionable, and lightweight band is laced with cool features. White and black OLED display fits in sync with its 0.96-inch display size.

Willful Fitness Smartwatch

It supports 14-sport modes altogether may it be riding, yoga, dancing, football, tennis, and so on. The vibration alarm of this watch helps you to wake up without disturbing others. The smart notification of this watch keeps you updated on calls and notifications when your mobile is out of reach.

The thermoplastic elastomeric material of this watch along with a slim dial is water and dust-proof. When fully charged, its battery can work efficiently for 5-7 days. A real-time heart rate tracker is also available in this fitness watch. The activity tracker of this watch is also unique and tracks foot count, distance, and activity duration.

For checking price details, go to Amazon.

Things to keep in mind while buying cheap smartwatches (under $30)

There are many watches under $30 range but all watches are not fit for you. You should get yourself the one that has good features along with a cheap price. Before buying a watch check for:

  • Display quality

The display is one of the crucial factors linked with the budget you select for buying a smartwatch. You will not get the best display in this range, still you should look for a watch that offers the best display quality in bright sunlight.

  • IP rating

Nowadays, mostly all watches are labeled as waterproof. But it doesn’t mean it actually is water-resistant. Go for ones with IP66, and IP67 ratings that can assist you in a heavy downpour and even track your fitness while swimming.

  • Strap quality

Another feature to look for is long-lasting strap quality. For a personalized look, you should go for high-quality straps and the ones whose buckles are easy to use. Make sure to buy a smartwatch with slimmer, smart, and reliable straps.

Never ever buy a smartwatch with a cheap strap, it will affect your skin.

  • Battery life

Most of the time people forget to charge their watches. That’s why you should look for one with an impressive and long-lasting battery. Also, watches with wireless charging batteries are convenient to use.

  • Touch responsiveness

Touch is the most important thing to consider before buying one. Some watches have a button interface but the touch interface makes it easier to navigate and check apps and notifications. Look for watches with a smooth and quick touch interface.

  • Notification Alert

The first thing you should check in a watch is, does it have a notification reminder. It will help you stay updated all the time of all your calls, messages and social media notifications without having the need to carry a mobile phone everywhere.


These are the top picks in your budget range to look for. No doubt I highlighted the specifications and features of all watches, but before making up your mind, decide which one fits well in your budget. Spend your money wisely keeping in mind all the salient features a smartwatch should offer.


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