With time the era is also developing. This is the era of smart gadgets. The most popular smart gadget of this time is a smartwatch. In this article, I am going to share the 8 best smartwatches with blood pressure monitors. So, without wasting much time, let’s come to the point.

As this article is for blood pressure monitoring smartwatches, you can always check their official website for the features and specifications before buying.

Here I am listing down the 8 best smartwatches with their brief descriptions and pros and cons.

8 Best smartwatches with blood pressure monitor

1. FITVII Health & Fitness Smartwatch

FITVII Health & Fitness SmartwatchFITVII is a fitness tracker brand that is very popular worldwide. FITVII Health and Fitness Smartwatch have many new features. It comes with an advanced blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor. The app connected with this device has 12 international language options, which clearly shows that it is made for all in this world.


  • It comes with a 1.3-inch full HD display.
  • It has a charging time of 2 hours, and in return, it has a battery life of 5 to 7 days.
  • All the monitors and tracking systems are advanced.


  • The design of this smartwatch is pretty basic.
  • The accuracy of this smartwatch can be improved.
  • The band size is relatively small and might not fit on a broad wrist.

2. Kimnix Smartwatch

Kimnix Smartwatch

Kimnis Smartwatch is a new addition for this year. It has a giant screen of 1.72 inches, available in the smartwatch market now. It has a very advanced blood pressure monitor and heart rate, monitor.


  • It has a big screen and an elegant look.
  • This watch is not heavy at all.
  • It can resist water splashing from any direction.


  • The only con of this is the model is new in the market, so there is a lack of reviews.

3. YAMAY Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Monitor

YAMAY Fitness Tracker

Yamay is another excellent company for smartwatches. The Yamay Fitness Tracker has many exciting features with a blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor. It also has a SpO2 blood oxygen saturation monitor. This smartwatch also comes with a sleep tracker. All in all, this is a fitness tracker, aka your activity monitor. Now it is time for pros and cons.


  • Comes with a 1.3-inch bright high-definition display and 5 attractive colour options.
  • The heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor are excellent.
  • It has up to 10 days of battery life.
  • It comes with various sport modes, including running, jogging, yoga, etc.
  • It also has IP68 water resistance, which is very necessary for swimmers.
  • This device is compatible with both Android and iOS.


  • According to reviews, they could have included some more sports modes.
  • The trackers and monitors can be improved a little bit. 

4. Omron Heart Guide

Omron Heart Guide

Omron has been in the smartwatch market for a decade now, and last year they launched their Omron Heart Guide. This is a great and trusted brand, and you can easily trust their device’s accuracy. It has a blood pressure monitor as well as a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker. This device uses the Heart Adviser app to track your blood pressure. Now time for the pros and cons.


  • The smartwatch is so convenient that you can check your BP from anywhere and anytime.
  • It not only has the BP monitor, but it also has a Heart rate monitor and sleep tracker so that it can be your overall health tracker.
  • It comes with more than 3 days of battery life.


  • As compared to the other watches, it is a bit expensive.
  • This device is slightly heavier than others, so it is not compatible with running, especially if you have a thin wrist.

5. Mgaolo Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Monitor

Mgaolo Fitness Tracker

Mgaolo is another name on this list. Mgaolo Fitness Tracker is priced at only $36.88. It is compatible with Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8.0 and above. It has 10 different sport modes, including running, walking, cycling, etc. It has 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity. It has 24 hours of blood pressure monitoring and heart rate monitor.


  • It has IP68 water resistivity, which makes it great for swimmers.
  • It has an automatic Pedometer to count your daily steps.
  • It has a health tracker for female for indicating monthly menstrual cycles and also notifications for any change.


  • The sleep tracking system if this device can be improved in terms of accuracy.

6. HalfSun Fitness Tracker

HalfSun Fitness Tracker

HalftSun Fitness Tracker is also an excellent option for you as a Blood pressure monitoring smartwatch. It also comes with many trackers and monitors, including a BP monitor, heart rate monitor and fitness tracker. It also comes with IP67 water resistivity.


  • It has a 1.3-inch full HD bright display.
  • This device is very lightweight and easy to wear.
  • It can automatically monitor your BP and heart rate.


  • According to me, they can improve their accuracy.
  • This device depends on a smartphone for GPS tracking.

7. HopoFit Fitness Tracker

HopoFit Fitness Tracker

HopoFit Fitness Tracker is an excellent option for you under $100. It has a fantastic design and a whole bunch of trackers and monitors. It has a BP monitor, heart rate monitor and 20 sports modes for exercising. It also has 30 meters of water resistivity.


  • It has 1.69 inches of HD display and a rugged design.
  • It is compatible with swimmers.
  • This device is very reasonable.
  • It is perfectly compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It has up to 15 days of battery life.


  • The notification panel can be improved.
  • Though it has alarms, it is only limited to 3 alarms.

8. DFG Smartwatch

DGF smartwatch can last in my list, but it is not lesser than any of those listed above. The blood pressure monitoring system is a new addition to this smartwatch. It can monitor and record your BP automatically after every 5 minutes.


  • It comes with 1.54 inches of the full HD screen.
  • The connectivity and compatibility of this smartwatch are excellent.
  • It also has a blood oxygen saturation monitor and heart rate monitor while sleeping.


  • The biggest con that I felt about this smartwatch is that the brand is new, so there are not many reviews.


So, these are my top 8 smartwatches with a blood pressure monitor. I hope this article will help you to find the right one for you.


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