Nowadays, as science and technology are doing wonders every day, the latest invention has amazed selfie-lovers. Yes, reputed brands have integrated smartwatches with an inbuilt camera! Thank this ever-growing technology that we encounter innovations every day which helps us to make our lives better and easier. The watches with the inbuilt camera means you need not carry your camera or mobile phone for clicking your favorite pictures. The gadget right on your wrist is sufficient for doing the work.

 Smartwatches With Built-in Camera
Smartwatches With Built-in Camera

There are many smartwatches with camera facilities available in the market. However, not all of them are great. So, before you make up your mind to buy a smartwatch fitted with a camera, you need to consider some features and factors that will ensure that you lay your hands only on the best of all.

It should meet all your requirements and you should be satisfied with your purchase. A long battery life, the best image quality, an aesthetic pleasing full touchscreen HD display, an operating system that synchronizes well with your smartphone, are some of the features you should aim for while going for a smartwatch with a camera in the market.

You also need to remember that the smartwatch should sync with your phone for complete usage of it. Additionally, if your smartwatch is water-resistant, it is a cherry on the cake. You can carry it while swimming and can also get some cool photographs underwater.

Types Of Cameras in Smartwatches

As this article revolves around smartwatches with cameras, and there are ample of them in the market ranging from low to high, the discussion shall be incomplete without unveiling the types of cameras that can be found in smartwatches. There are some of the major types of cameras that are present in a Smartwatch –

  • The Front camera

Some smartwatches in the market have a front camera which means that the camera is fitted at the top and is excellent if you want to buy a watch-fitted camera for clicking selfies.

Top or Front Camera
Top or Front Camera in smartwatch

You can also click images of other things by turning your hand on the other side. Usually, an inexpensive smartwatch has a front camera and some expensive ones have not only a front camera for selfies but also a side camera. This brings us to our next kind of camera in a Smartwatch.

  • The Side camera

With advancements in the field of smartwatches, there have been many brands that came up with the side camera. Now you do not have to twist your hand or your Smartwatch to get a clear picture of anything you want to click.

Smartwatch with side camera
Smartwatch with side camera

By just facing the side of your watch towards the subject you want to click, you can get an image of it. However, it shall take some pain from your side to click a selfie in such cases. That’s where the third kind of Smartwatch fitted camera comes in.

  • The Dual camera

The best way you can experience all the benefits of a camera without having to face any trouble with the directions is to go for a watch that has both the cameras mentioned above i.e. the front and side camera- a dual camera.

The Dual camera
smartwatch with dual camera

With this, you can easily click selfies using the front camera and the side camera could be used to click other pictures without having to take off your watch or twist your hand.

  • Spy camera

Some smartwatches have cameras that will act as spies and save you from any disastrous situations in the future.

Smartwatches with spy camera
Smartwatches with spy camera

The watches usually look like an ordinary smartwatch but it does have a built-in microphone and camera so that you can surprisingly record photos, video, and audio. They get connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

After discussing each of the cameras in detail, it’s time to present the 8 best smartwatches with a built-in camera.

8 Best Smartwatches with Camera in 2021


The Kospet Prime 4G Smartwatch has a long battery life (1260 mAh) and can continue up to two days on a single charge. It has got a 1.6 inches big screen and the straps are made up of rubber.


There is a place for you to insert your SIM card and the best thing about this watch is the fact that it has got two cameras.

One of them is a front-facing camera and the watch supports face unlocking and video calling features too. You can also make direct calls from this watch. The Kospet Prime 4G has a built-in microphone and speaker as well to enhance the ability of hands-free mode.

Key Features

  1. 1s face unlock
  2. RAM 3GB and ROM 32GB
  3. Free lifetime support
  4. 0MP side camera

2# Zeblaze THOR 5

Zeblaze is a china based company, which has launched some amazing smartwatches in the past. It has recently launched the ‘Thor 5’. It is a feature-rich smartwatch with a built-in camera.

Zeblaze THOR 5

The 8MP camera is placed at top of the watch, which will improve your overall video calling experience.

The best thing about zeblaze watches is their storage capacity. You will get 16 GB ROM in this Chinese smartwatch. There will be independent storage which allows for listening to music without a phone.

Thor 5 has Nano SIM Slot for calling purposes. This watch also acts as a standalone smartwatch, which means you need to depend on your smartphone all the time. It is one of the best smartwatches with a speaker in the mid-range segment.

The inbuilt camera allows you to take perfect pictures in broad daylight as well as during low light. It has a selfie camera and the camera focus is great.

Key Features

  1. Sim Support
  2. Allows you to download apps in the watch
  3. Built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, and Google’s suite of Fit apps are installed
  4. Water-proof


The Collasaro Sweatproof Smartwatch comes with one 16GB SD card, three SIM card adapters, a capacitor pen, a user manual, and a USB cable. It has got a 0.3M camera and a 30mAh battery life.


You can perform remote photography when your Collasaro Smartwatch is connected to yourAndroid mobile phones. It is super compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You can also use it as an independent phone when you do not have your mobile with you. The picture quality of the camera is appreciable as well.

Key Features

  1. Call function available
  2. Bluetooth music player
  3. SMS texting facility
  4. Sleep monitoring


The Padgene DZ09 smartwatch is budget-friendly when its amazing features are considered. This small smartwatch is water-resistant and has a non-sweat matt surface, thus comfortable to wear.


It also allows you to make and receive phone calls, texts, and emails, use social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp. This cheap smartwatch also comes with a camera. However, for using the camera or any other app you need to connect with your mobile phone using an app called Fundo.

It is one of the cheapest smartwatches with the camera.

If the camera is showing an upside-down view, you need to change the wear-direction while clicking a photo.

Key Features

  1. Bluetooth dialer, Bluetooth call, Call reminder
  2. GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, Single Micro SIM Card
  3. Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder in-built
  4. Anti-loss Technology to bind to the phone


The Scinex SW20 Smartwatch is a unisex watch. It measures 1.8-inches in height, 1.65-inches in width with a thickness of 0.43-inch. It is available in 4 colors- Gold, Silver, Blue, and White.


It has got a 1.3 MP built-in camera for taking pictures and shooting videos. You can take pictures, selfies, shoot videos, and save them in the storage memory. The picture quality is fine and acceptable for use.

You can easily dial calls and text messages directly on the 1.5-inches touch screen of the Scinex SW20 Smartwatch. That’s why you will no longer need to carry your smartphone.

Key Features

  1. GSM SIM card support
  2. One can make calls and send messages via the watch
  3. The battery life of two days on regular use
  4. 16GB memory comes with the device


The VTech Kidizoom DX2 comes in a total of six colors- Pink, Camouflage, Red Flame, Royal Blue, Vivid Violet, and Floral Swirl. It is one of the best smartwatches for kids with built-in camera in 2021.


This Smartwatch comes with a dual-camera that allows the kids to take selfies and also click any picture they want.

The camera has got many fun photo filters, frames, and effects. The 0.3-megapixel camera is capable of taking still images at 640 x 480 pixels resolution. It also has a video recording option and is fun for any kid out there.

Key Features

  1. Easy interface for kids
  2. Filled with fun and educational tools
  3. Has 5 built-in games, 3 fun activities, and 3 action challenges
  4. Has a pedometer that can count steps or any movement 


The Samsung Gear 2 NEO comes with three days battery life (300mAh) and has 1.63 Inch super AMOLED display for apps and other functions performed by the Smartwatch. The watch comes in Black, Grey, Orange colors.


It has a stopwatch, a timer, a weather app; notifications for all apps present in your Samsung phone are visible here. This smartwatch also has a unique feature “IR Blaster“. With this feature, you can also use this smartwatch as a remote control!

It also has an onboard offline music player, a heart-rate monitor, and a camera that performs well with respect to the price you have to pay for the smartwatch.

Key Features

  1. Water-resistant
  2. Has both Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  3. Can track both heart rate and footsteps
  4. Has a Pedometer and Gyro meter


The LEMFO LEM 13 has a 360-degree rotating camera, face unlocks and many more amazing features. It has a full-color screen display with a battery life of 3 days standby time and 2 days for normal usage.

LEMFO LEM 13 Camera smartwatch

Along with this, it also supports a remote camera, Music Player, Anti-lost, Phone Assistant, Weather Forecast, and many other features. This LEMFO watch has a 2MP HD front camera and an 8MP HD back camera. With an internal memory of 16GB, it is surely a promising smartwatch.

Key Features

  1. Has 2MP front camera and 8MP side camera
  2. 1280mAh battery capacity
  3. Supports face unlock
  4. 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM

So, why the wait? Grab any one of these smartwatches and enjoy the lovely pictures.


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