There are many calibrators and measuring apparatus available for a very long time that had different uses. As the barometer is used to measure the pressure, a tachymeter helps calculate the speed, distance as well as frequency of a particular event. Though these measurements do not rely on a complete event to take place, it gives accurate results based on time and frequency.

Incidentally, a tachymeter can be used by any as it gives the details of speed, distance covered by the watch wearer. It is an essential parameter to know the data especially if you are on a weight-loss stint or even training yourself to be fit.

All the more, this helps you get motivated to do more to get massive results as well. Tachymeter is mainly used by race car drivers to monitor speed and distance.

While this is the case, why is it used on a watch?

Purpose of Tachymeter in Watches?

Have you ever come across a scale that is inscribed along the rim or the bezel of the watch? Lots many times we may purchase watches as such scale looks good on the watch. Interestingly, we may buy them without even knowing their actual purpose of them. Yes, the watches that you might have worn could have this feature. But why is it on your wristwatch?

A tachymeter previously was an apparatus that can be used along with a chronograph to measure the earlier said parameters. If such is available in your watch, you can readily get the data and perform well on your workout regime. As you also have heart rate monitoring sensors in the smartwatch, this is one such feature that shall help you gain fitness and stay motivated in the process too.

You may be wondering if there are any Smartwatches with a tachymeter function

Smartwatches With tachymeter function

Tachymeter smartwatches are getting pooular now a days

Incidentally, the watch with tachymeter was available right from 1832. The Swiss watchmakers have identified the need for it and designed a few delectable watches. You may find such watches these days as well. An incredible piece of science with an expensive price tag is all it calls for. But, the good news for you is, there are smartwatches with such features available with far less price too.

It is surprising to know that such functionality was available with Tissot, Seiko and Tag Heuer. But, now it is available in Apple and Marq watches too. Though they are not as expensive as the premium ones, one must realize that such watches with tachymeter are indeed a touch costlier than the regular smartwatch.

Top Smartwatches With Tachymeter

Garmin Marq Driver

If you are looking for an excellent, luxurious watch with Tachymeter in it, then Marq Driver must be your choice. This is an incredible piece of design that is widely used by racecar drivers. For the auto racers, the watch comes with 250 race tracks already preloaded. That means to say you cannot miss out on any of the races, even if you are remote.

Marq driver

The features of the watch are highly commendable and it consists of heart rating monitoring, GPS and much more. This makes it a complete smartwatch that comes along with tachymeter functionality. The readings of the tachymeter are present on the rim of the watch. Oh yes, this is an analogue watch and suits the best to measure distance speed and frequency pretty effectively. This is one of the excellent smartwatches that are available online at the moment.

Marq Driver is considered a bit expensive, but it is all worth it. The features are exhaustive and are indeed luxurious to wear as well. The smart features in the watch are very helpful to anyone and the racers especially.


  1. Analogue watch with tachymeter reading on the Bezel
  2. Incredibly superior quality
  3. Amazing Smart Features


  1. It is an expensive piece of equipment

Apple Watch Series 6/7

The news here with Apple Watch 6 is, this is the first smartwatch with a Tachymeter function. Unlike Marq Driver, this watch has a digital display of tachymeter on the face of the watch.

Apple Watch Series 6/7

This enables one to clearly see and note down the readings accurately. That means to say, the design of the smartwatch is simple and does not have any readings on the rim.

Also one must realize that such features in Apple watches are available on

  1. Apple SE watches
  2. Apple Watch Series 4 and above

This is a smartwatch, which means you get to have Heart monitoring and other features available apart from the tachymeter. You can track your fitness effectively using this watch and it has a simple yet elegant look as you wear it.

There is a cellular version of the Apple 6, you can make and receive calls through the same. As such, you can also send text messages through the phone as well. It is indeed a pretty comprehensive watch that has almost all features and the tachymeter functionality. The only shortcoming is, the watch can be sued only by iPhone users.


  1. Delectable Smartwatch functionality with incredible features
  2. Tachymeter and chronograph feature is easy to use
  3. The cellular version is available


  1. The watch does not support Android phones
  2. It is expensive


  1. What is the difference between chronograph and tachymeter?

The combination of Chronograph and Tachymeter helps calculate the speed and distance effectively. The main difference is, a chronograph is like a stopwatch while the tachymeter is the one that gives the reading. A tachymeter is a scale while a chronograph has a needle that runs as you start it as you do for a stopwatch.

  1. Why a very few smartwatches have a tachymeter function?

Tachymeter requires a lot of design features that need to be present in the watches. This shall make the size of the watch bigger than usual. Further, the users are mainly auto racers. The market requirement is what the products are manufactured. These collective aspects are the reasons for the very few availabilities of such watches. Further, Apple and a few other companies have discovered a way to make smaller watches using smarter technologies.

  1. What are some good tachymeter watches?

Any Swizz model watches with tachymeter functionality is an excellent watch. Also, the brands like Seiko, Tag Heuer, Omega, Longines Heritage manufacture such watches, they are pretty good as well. One must also understand that such watches are pretty expensive for their luxurious make and model.


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