Ulefone Watch Pro Review

Ulefone watch pro was announced on October 27, 2020. It has various unique features and is available at an affordable price. This watch comes with a great design and display. People who are thinking to buy a product first check the reviews of that product. And then decide whether they should purchase it or not.

Ulefone Watch Pro

This watch is also available in different colors which will help you to match your attire. Features of this model will make your life easier and modern.

So, in this article, we will be reviewing the Ulefone Watch pro and list down all its pros and cons.

Ulefone Watch Pro: Design

Ulefone watch pro comes with a different and unique design compared to its predecessors. The modern design gives this watch a new look. It comes with a bar-type design which provides comfort. The dimensions of this watch are one of its important factors making it perfect for any customer.

The watch comes with 48.7mm × 36.1mm × 12.2mm dimensions. The strap and the dial are made up of lightweight metal making it lightweight. The average weight of the Ulefone Watch Pro is 40 grams. You can easily handle this model while working. This also makes it a unisexual wearable gadget.

Ulefone Watch Pro: Display

Ulefone Watch Pro: Display

When you buy a smartwatch its display plays an important role in making it worth the money. The Ulefone watch pro has a TFT display which will provide strength to your smartwatch making it more durable.

The size of its display is 1.55 inches. The resolution offered by the Ulefone watch pro is 320 × 360 pixels. This ensures you get the clarity you are looking for. The watch comes with 16M Display colors are also.

The pixel density of this model is 311 PPI. All these features will give you a comfortable look and make you feel modern. The designs of this model will go with every dress or outfit. Ulefone watch pro will give you more benefits than the normal watch. This model is available in the online and offline market. This smartwatch will make you feel younger and confident.

Ulefone Watch Pro: Hardware and software:-

Understanding all the information about the hardware and software is very important before you buy a smartwatch. Comparing it with some other products can also provide better clarity about the models. Talking about the Ulefone Watch Pro it has 32 MB RAM which will make the software works faster without any interruption.

This chinese smartwatch also has an internal storage of 4 GB which will give you some extra space in your smartwatch for SMS or anything. There is no memory card slot available in the Ulefone watch pro model.

Different types of sensors also make this watch a smartwatch. It comes with an accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, and compass. All these sensors are available in this model and this will make this watch modern. The operating system of this model is a proprietary wearable platform.

Ulefone Watch Pro: Battery:-

superfast charging

Battery back up is one of the most prominent factors when you are buying a smartwatch because you can’t charge your watch every day. So your watch must work for at least a couple of days. Therefore for the solution to this problem is the Ulefone watch pro. It comes with a Li-Ion powered 210mAh battery.

This will give you a great battery backup and you can use this for a couple of days without charging. The main feature of this model is wireless charging. You just have to make a contact with the charger and it will charge automatically. This is one of the features which make this watch more unique.

Ulefone Watch Pro: Special features:-

  • As the watch comes with various sensors, it has the capacity to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, female health tracker, and step count. This watch is fully equipped to track every moment for you.
  • The Ulefone Watch Pro also comes with 14 multi-sports modes. This will give you a lot of extra benefits. You can also reject or receive calls on-the-go. It will also show you called ID on the display.
  • This model also comes will a special feature users love in a smartwatch. This watch comes with a waterproof rating of 5 ATM. So you can handle this watch easily even underwater.


All the above features are great and useful in your daily life. You can also get different colors of straps in this model which is easily available in the market. All these features are excellent and this model comes with all these features at an affordable price. You should think about buying this product mainly because you can’t find another product with such great reviews at such an affordable price.


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