Whether it is a smartphone, a smartwatch, or a smart band, Xiaomi’s Mi has always offered something special with their new over the top gadgets. This time around people are eagerly waiting for the ever so hyped Mi Band 6. And let me tell you the hype is as real as it can get. Mi has always been a mass favorite owing to its affordable price and flagship killer features.

xiaomi mi band 6 review

Unlike the last update, this time Xiaomi is looking to make many improvements to its new fitness band.

So, in this article, we will be checking some of the most hyped and over the top features that will be present in Xiaomi’s latest band. Below is the detailed analysis of all the features that are expected to be present in the upcoming Huami Mi Band 6.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Design

MI BAND 6 Design
MI BAND 6 Will have a similar design as of Band 5

When it comes to design you can’t really differentiate between the designs of fitness bands. But, this time Xiaomi is looking forward to making little tweaks in the shape of its display. You will be witnessing a change from a flat display to a rectangular oval shape in the upcoming Mi Band 6.

And trust me it will look quite astonishing. The watch is thinner compared to its predecessor and it’s much lighter too as it’s made from aluminum. The material used in the band also feels premium. There will be 4 color variants available.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Display

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is also rumored to come with a larger display. It is said to come 1.3 inches larger screen with an AMOLED display makes you read all the notification in one go. You don’t have to scroll side by side to read all the messages or call reminders from now on. You can also view multiple apps on the screen at one time.

The resolution stands at 153 X 321 pixels and the screen will be very clear even under broad daylight. You will also be able to change color of the text to 12 different colors.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Health and Wellness Trackers

Huami Band 6
Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is likely to add a Spo2 sensor alone with Alexa!

There will many improvements in the fitness mode of the upcoming Mi Band 6. This time the band is said to come with 20+ different sports modes.

That will support tennis, indoor running, outdoor running, cycling, slow walking, rugby, golf, badminton, and many more. You can view your full workout stats on mi’s official app.

There is a lot of improvement in the accuracy of the sensors in this. It shows nearly the same footstep counts. The band has an inbuilt GPS which helps you track your record accurately without depending on your phone anymore.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Other Features

This Chinese smart band will also come pre-equipped with 24-hour heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, pedometer, sedentary reminder, idle sitting, much more. There will be a vibrating alert when the heart rate goes higher than the prescribed level.

The improved biosensors help inaccurately recording the heart rate while resting but shows a little fluctuated data while working out. The sleep monitoring sensors are perfect and would love to rate it 100.

It has a SpO2 sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels. This will be a serious upgrade from band 5. The SpO2 sensor could be a game-changer when it comes to sleep monitoring and other health information.

As per some sources, it may also provide the built-in Alexa feature, which will be the really top class feature for an affordable smartband.

The menstrual cycling sensor helps track down the menstrual cycle and ovulation phases. Don’t know much about this feature as I am a male, Xiaomi confirms it to give reminders before each period too.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Battery

The first and foremost upgrade that you will see is while unboxing the new phone. The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is coming up with wireless charging. There’s no need for that cable anymore.

Xiaomi has always brought a new charging solution to its entire band. If you hate to put up your fitness band to a strangled cable anymore, then this is the right band for you. Charging is easy.

You will just have to put up the band on its wireless charger. Charging is made easier through this. It is also said to come with a non-wireless charging variant which will costs less. There are options for removing straps and exchanging it with a different color.

When it comes to the battery, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is destined to be a battery champ. The watch is said to last up to 30 days on a single charge in standby mode and can go up to 18 days on normal use. The watch will last until 25 days if you turn off the heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, and other sensors. Regardless of all the sensors and uses, it can still last up to 7 days without having to charge it again.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Release date

The Amazfit Band 6 is already listed on AliExpress. As per the sources, the Mi Band 6 is likely to be launch in mid-year of 2021.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Conclusion

As I said before Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 is said to come with loads of features, and with the addition of the Spo2 sensor & Alexa, it will have become the best-selling fitness band in the coming years.

Mi Band 6 will jump boundaries with its massive upgrade of features compared to its predecessors. The low price, lightweight, and massive battery life make it more enticing than ever before.

With a wireless charging option, this band is going to set some new standards in the fitness band market. For most people, Xiaomi Mi Band 6 will be of extremely good value.

So, if you’re looking to buy a brand new smartband you should definitely go for it after it’s launched in the market.


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