8 Best Smartwatches with Amazon Alexa Support [2024]

Hey Alexa! Now available in Smartwatches and Fitness trackers!

smartwatch with amazon alexa

With so much newest technology being invented almost every day now, the consumers are fascinated and await these additions. One such innovation that has been a huge hit in the market, is Amazon’s virtual AI assistant- ALEXA.

Alexa has indeed become the favorite of many households because interaction with it gives you the feeling of talking to an actual person.

It enables you to access multiple real-time information like weather, news, traffic, sports, etc. It can also do a variety of other things, the most amazing of which is controlling all the smart devices you own. The only thing that you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a device with a built-in Alexa.

Is Alexa Really Available For Smartwatches?

If you are a fan of smartwatches because of the many features this small device can portray, be ready to increase your horizon of happiness. Yes, Alexa is now integrated into many smartwatches and fitness trackers.

You can enjoy all its features without having Alexa devices such as Alexa Echo or Dot. The built-in Alexa can be accessed simply by talking to your smartwatch. May it be traffic reports, news-on-the-go, listening to music or audiobooks, everything becomes readily accessible in the wrist of your hand.

With ALEXA you can start an exercise, set reminders, and alarms, control your smart home devices, and much more just by speaking to your smartwatch.

How to connect Amazon Alexa with smartwatch

As soon as you enable Alexa in your watch, it will ask for an Amazon account. You just need to fill in the account information and then your watch will be ready for an all-new Alexa experience.

There are only a few smartwatches that have blended this virtual voice assistant into their system. The first smartwatch launching this technology is CoWatch and the first band for the same is the Wyze band. Mentioned below are the details of 8 smartwatches that have built-in Alexa.

8 Best Smartwatches with built-in Alexa 2023

Here we have researched a lot and found only 8 smart wearables devices that have built-in Amazon Alexa features. You can also check a quick review of these smartwatches.

1# Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2
Fitbit Versa 2 with Alexa

Fitbit has established itself as among the best wearables brand when it comes to accurate and varied fitness tracking aspects.

Versa 2 is another feature-loaded smartwatch from fitbit that looks awesome and you can even operate your Alexa through it.

You can ask questions, set reminders or alarms, check the weather, and do lots of other things just as easily.

It includes 24/7 heart rate tracking, step-tracking, sleep scores, and complete female health tracking. The battery life is also amazing and can go on for about a week. The change from Versa’s LCD panel to an OLED screen makes it rightfully bright to see both indoors and in direct sunlight.

Other Features:

  • Water-resistant to 50M,
  • Always-on display,
  • Fitbit Pay,
  • Call and text alerts,
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

2# Martian mVoice Smartwatch

Martian mVoice Smartwatch
Martian mVoice Smartwatch

Martian mVoice looks like a classic watch rather than a smartwatch.

It is a rugged, and durable smartwatch that has the retro look of a watch and is capable of providing notifications without a miss.

Apart from owning Amazon Alexa, you can also enjoy Google Now or Siri directly from your wrist. Empowered with an OLED screen, the mVoice comes in six beautiful styles to choose from.

The battery life is one of the few features you would love. This watch can last for a full year on its button- cell battery and the usage of smart features make it work for four to five days. While a direct purchase would cause you a heavy deal, it is available at a fair price on Amazon.

Other Features:

  • Built-in speaker and microphone,
  • mVoice reads your text aloud,
  • Remote camera control and Bluetooth-enabled.

3# Amazfit Verge Smartwatch

Amazfit Verge Smartwatch
Amazfit Verge Smartwatch

Huami has enriched its Amazfit Verge smartwatch by blending Amazon’s Alexa in it.

The wearable possesses a sharp display and looks somewhat masculine and handsome. The inclusion of Alexa means that you can access numerous features simply by voicing over.

The Amazfit Verge already has its own built-in voice assistant and the addition of Alexa is just icing on the cake.

Through Alexa, you can now enjoy numerous things like setting appointments, sports updates, language translation, calendar updates, flashes regarding favorite topics and genres, weather forecasts, etc..A recent announcement stated that iPhone users can now make and receive calls directly from their wrist.

Other Features:

  • Contactless payments,
  • GPS and heart-rate monitor,
  • IP68 water-resistant,
  • Amazing battery life.

4# Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3
Fitbit Versa 3 Smartwatch

Another iteration of the Fitbit Versa that has integrated Alexa is the Fitbit Versa 3. This new model inherits all the features of its predecessor, adding some new health, fitness, and sports tracking features.

The Versa 3 is slightly larger in dimensions and display compared to its predcessors.

You can use Alexa to start an exercise, set alarms, and reminders, control smart home devices, and many more simply by talking to your watch.

This unisex smartwatch also comes with an inbuilt Spotify app for music enthusiasts.

Other Features:

  • Bluetooth, NFC, GPS,
  • Receive calls and respond to notifications,
  • 6 days of battery life,
  • Water-resistant.

5# CoWatch

 iMCO CoWatch
iMCO CoWatch with Amazon Alexa

CoWatch is an Android-powered smartwatch that has initiated the process of Alexa integration in the wearables. Yes, it is the first smartwatch that has Alexa as its personal assistant.

This waterproof smartwatch is round-faced with an AMOLED display with a large storage capacity of 8 GB ROM.

Along with possessing all the sensors like accelerometer, gyroscopes, etc., it also has activity tracking like a heart rate sensor. However, it is devoid of GPS tracking and this surely is a setback.

Other Features:

  • Water and dust resistant,
  • 32 hours of battery life,
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth enabled,
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS.

6# Wyze Band

Wyze Band
Wyze Band with Alexa

Wyze band is the first fitness band with Alexa as a powerful companion. It is a smart band with an AMOLED color screen, dual-microphone array, and pushes notifications to always stay connected.

You can control your bedroom lights, switch on the fan with your Wyze plug, and tell your Wyze cams to stop sending notifications as you are home.

The dual-microphone array enhances Alexa’s ability to hear from you. So, you can control all your smart devices simply with a band.

Talking about fitness tracking, it tracks your heart rate 24/7 for about 10 days on a single charge. It monitors your sleep patterns and quality too. A smart band with such powerful features is truly attractive.

Other Features:

  • Affordable with lovely traits,
  • Long battery life,
  • 5ATM water-resistant.

7# Amazfit Band 5

Amazfit Band 5
Amazfit Band 5

Here comes another fitness band that has a bunch of features loaded in it. The Amazfit band 5 comes in orange color and features a color HD AMOLED screen which makes it look trendy and sporty.

The highlight of the completely budget-friendly smartband is that it supports Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. So, you can easily configure alarms, timers, and also control smart home devices.

The fitness band covers the major health tracking arena like heart-rate monitoring, sleep-quality monitoring, female health-tracking, etc..

Other Features:

  • Reasonable with supreme features,
  • 5ATM water-resistant,
  • Blood oxygen levels(SpO2) checking,
  • The battery life of 15 days on a single charge.

8# Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense
Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is another gem from the Fitbit brand. It is a smartwatch that supports many innovative features and is a premium choice with an accelerating price tag.

The look of the device is exquisite and you will fall in love with the color combination. Fitbit also offers Sense-compatible straps of various colors.

Alexa is the default voice assistant and you can use it to do whatever you please to. You can very well control your smart home devices and enjoy touch-free orders.

Fitbit Sense also encloses the track of your well-being by monitoring stress, heart rhythm, ECG, skin temperature variation, and blood oxygen saturation.

Other Features:

  • GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth,
  • Call receiving and responding to notifications,
  • 4GB memory,
  • Battery life up to 6 days.

So, if you are planning to buy an Alexa-integrated wearable in 2022, feel free to choose from the above mentioned top smartwatches.


  1. People need to quit thinking fitbit is a smart watch; it’s not. It’s a fitness tracker, nothing else. If a watch cannot make/receive calls, check email or connect to messaging apps, it is not a smart watch.


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