e-paper smartwatches

Smart gadgets and their display must be of relatively good combination to offer a pleasant experience. Especially, if you are a sports enthusiast and looking for a perfect display in your smartwatch, then you must opt for e-ink display devices.

What is e-paper display?

An electronic paper display (EPD) is an electrically-charged surface that replicates the look and experience of ink on paper. The contrast of such display is pretty good. You will experience like reading on a paper. The e-ink technology is being used in such smartwatches. These watches are also known as e-ink watches.

Advantages of e-ink smartwatches?

You may heard the of the always on display smartwatches, however the e-ink display smartwatches are most preferred for their excellent display attributes. The e-display technology favors the user to see the information in the watch from any angle. This kind of display also has low power consumption characteristics. So you will get a very long battery life in such smartwatches.

Such smartwatches mostly sleek in design due to its low energy requirement.

Experts suggest using this type of watch may reduce strain in the eye too.

Top E-Paper Smartwatches in 2024

Having said that, there are numerous e-paper smartwatches available in the market. Choosing one among them is indeed a challenging task. But, the good news is, we have shortlisted the top 5 smartwatches that use e-ink technology. Here we go!!!

1# Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR

Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR

Skagen has unveiled an excellent smartwatch for the NewGenz. The amazingly powerful grey colour watch works with Android as well as iPhones.

The strap can be changed and you can use the 22mm strap of any brand to it. But it is highly recommended to use the same strap as it comes with the product as it is highly compact and perfectly fits your wrist.

This e-paper display watch gives the look of a wristwatch but a completely result-driven smartwatch is just a surprise.

An elegant professional look with a case thickness of 12mm. That means to say, the watch looks light and feels light too. With the case being made with stainless steel, the watch is highly durable too.

The weight of the watch is 200 grams and it perfectly fits men. Also, the SKAGEN app clearly shows the required fitness data along with the heart rate too. It is indeed water-resistant but can withstand a maximum of 30-metre depth in water.


  1. A perfect professional looking analogue watch
  2. Top Class Microcontrollers
  3. Works with both Android and iPhone


  1. The scratches on the watch can be seen prominently
  2. 200 grams is not indeed a lightweight category

2# Fossil Men’s Collider HR

Fossil Men’s Collider HR

If you are an e-ink display lover, then Fossil has the best hybrid smartwatch for you. An incredible design with a round dial makes it look highly professional as you wear it.

More importantly, the strap is made of leather and it soothes the skin as you wear it for a long time too. Like the previous one, Fossil Men’s collider HR works well with both iPhone as well as Android phones.

You can use the app developed by fossil to track your heart rate and other fitness metrics.

The watch not only helps learn the environment about its weather and humidity, but it also helps you know about the calories that you have burned in a day.

It also tracks your sleep along the way. You can receive notifications on your smartphone and keeps you informed about your health too.

The case is 42mm in diameter, making it a mid-sized watch. Further, the buckle is made of stainless steel. The watch is water-resistant and can withstand up to 50m depth. Also, the band can be interchanged as well. The best part about the watch is its weight. With all these features and a leather strap, the watch weighs 72 grams.


  1. Excellent Leather Strap that Suits most of the men’s costumes
  2. Highly durable strap with stainless steel buckle
  3. Lightweight e-ink smartwatch


  1. You may come across fogging problems with the phone and may affect the display

3# Sony FES Watch U

Sony FES Watch U

This is completely a different watch altogether when it comes to its design and technology. A highly attractive hybrid smartwatch that can change its design as well as the watch face in a moment. You can change them using the app and your watch looks completely different right from the strap to the face of the watch.

SONY has used e-paper technology, which means to say, the display is highly viewable and you can see and read the information from any angle.

The app has 100 designs loaded in it. You can make use of them and change the look of the watch depending on your mood or attire. This being a hybrid watch, you can access your watch using an iPhone or any android device.

The interesting part is, if you are aiming at getting this watch to track fitness and get notifications on your cellphone, it does nothing of that sort.

This e-paper watch does not tell you the location too. All it does is, show the time and looks highly interesting on your wrist.

The battery life is similar to the other two that we have seen so far. As such, it does not do much more than changing the look of the watch and display the time, the 2 weeks of battery life is slightly less. If you are a smartwatch lover, then this is not for you. But if you are looking at a fanciful watch, there is nothing that can match this as well.


  1. High-end e-paper technology is utilized
  2. Lightweight


  1. It is not a smartwatch
  2. Too expensive for its functionality

4# Watchy


This is yet another watch that closely matches SONY’s discovery. But, on the functionality front, this is way ahead of the SONY FES WATCH U. Guess, that is one of the reasons, Watchy must be recharged every week.

This is an exceptional watch with an e-paper display that acts like a smartwatch. The display indicates the time, weather and it can also help you count the number of steps that you have taken for the day.

The strap is good but made of rubber. You can remove it and use a NATO strap for an elegant look too.

The display works the best in bright sunlight. The best part is, the display draws the power only when you view that. Or the same data shall be on the screen even when it is unplugged.

The watch is a bit bulky compared to the other watches on the list. The durability is incredible and weighs moderate; not light and not so heavy. You can connect the watch to a Wifi source and start accessing it. That means to say, you don’t need a smartphone for it to function.

The watch is a lot inexpensive You have to spend time setting the watch and it is considered laborious.


  1. E-paper Display
  2. Bulky watch for well-built men
  3. Less Expensive


  1. Not many features as the other smartwatches
  2. The weather and other information can be faulty

5# Pebble Technology Corp Time Round

Pebble Time Round

This is probably the thinnest as well as lightest watch on the list. Highly recommended for women, Pebble Technology Corp Time around is a perfect fit for elegant ladies. This adds to the beauty of your attire. This watch also uses an e-paper display. That means to say, you have less strain on your eyes. This being a smartwatch, it indicates the incoming call alerts and other notifications.

The battery life is not so impressive, it lasts for 2 days maximum. But the good news for you is, you can get this recharged in just under 900 seconds.

The 200mm leather strap needs a mention as well. The comfortable leather makes it irritation-free. Moreover, the watch by itself is weightless and this adds to the comfort of the device.

You can set the calendar events on your phone and your watch shall remind you on the same. You can get text messages and other phone notifications. It helps track your sleep and also the number of steps you have taken for the day. It is not as water-resistant as others, but splash resistant. Learn to protect your watch.


  1. The Gorilla Glass is scratch-resistant
  2. Light-weighted watch


  1. Low Battery Life


What is the difference between a smartwatch and an electronic watch?

A smartwatch offers advanced features like notifications and apps, while an electronic watch focuses on basic timekeeping functions using electronic components, such as LED or LCD displays.

How does an e-watch work?

An e-watch uses electronic components and displays (LED, LCD, or E Ink) to show time, alarms, and more, powered by a battery.

Are there any E Ink Smartwatches with custom apps?

Yes, E Ink smartwatches, like Amazfit and Sony models, support custom apps for personalization.

Best e-paper watch to follow in Pebble's footsteps?

Following in Pebble's footsteps, the Amazfit Bip and the Withings Steel HR Sport are notable e-paper watches that offer a combination of battery efficiency, customizable apps, and fitness tracking.

Possible disadvantages of e-paper smartwatches

The only difficulty that you may find is in the speed of the display update. In a way, it is the best way to save power too. But if the image has any motion pictures or animations, it takes some time to load and you may find that as a lag in movement.

Another aspect to consider is the cost of the device. The device might cost you a bit more than the other watches.


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