Google Pixel Watch 2 Specs Leaked

Google Pixel Watch needs no introduction as it is one of the most premium smartwatches competing with the Apple Watch and Samsung Watch series. The Pixel Watch 1 was a huge success, and Google is all set to launch its Pixel Watch 2 in the upcoming months. In the case of every digital product, specs leaks are common, and with the Google Pixel Watch 2 also, it has happened. But the twist is Google itself has leaked major specs of its upcoming Pixel Watch 2. Though there are many weeks in the Pixel Watch 2 launch event, its leaks surfaced everywhere. Let’s look at what Google will offer in its upcoming watch.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Leaks

So, the first and almost confirmed leak is about its design. Now, be clear that Google will not make major changes in the design and build quality part. The dial size and shape will be the same as the Pixel Watch. Now, talking about build quality, there was nothing bad in Pixel Watch 1, so there are very few chances that Google will make changes in the build quality part.

The second very strong leak is its display. As the dial size and shape will be the same, it is almost confirmed that Google will fit the same panel in the display. However, due to the latest OS, the visuals may become more immersive, smooth, and clean. Yes, with the latest OS, we are talking about Wear OS 4. It means Wear OS 4 is another confirmed leak about Google Pixel Watch 2.

The most anticipated and major leak is the change in the chipset. All of us know that Pixel Watch 1 was packed with Exynos 9110, which is not a good option in the current scenario. So, there are very high chance that Google, this time, will go with the Snapdragon W5 series chip. It is an advanced, powerful, optimized chip that increases overall performance and experience.

Talking about health and fitness, Google will not disappoint you in any case, and you will get the best of the best health suits. With the launch date coming closer, more leaks will surface online, but for now, these are the strongest leaks, and there is no reason to doubt, as Google itself has released this info in the public domain.

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Google Pixel Watch 2 Expected Price & Launch Date

Google Pixel Watch 2 launched data is not confirmed yet, but there is a high probability the company will launch the watch with the Pixel 8 lineup launch event in October. There is no strong info about the price, but the expected price will range from $300 to $400.



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