Pros Cons of a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are small and portable computers in the form of a watch. Most of the smartwatches get connected to the smartphone using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. With the introduction of smartwatches, many small tasks that we do on a daily basis are reduced.

Smartwatches contain a lot of sensors like accelerometers, pedometers, heart rate monitors, altimeters, barometers, compasses, GPS receivers, etc. that keep track of our health and safety. We have also covered the benefits of smartwatches in one of our post. Some of the Pros and Cons of having a Smartwatch can be:

Pros Cons Smartwatch

Pros of Smartwatch:

A fitness tracker on your wrist

A smartwatch keeps track of the health status of kids. Most of the smartwatches have step counter, Monitor heart rate, Blood Pressure monitoring. Some of the latest watches have inbuilt sensors that can sense out workout throughout the day while in a gym, swimming, walking, running, etc. and can analyze calories burned accordingly.

Calls and Notifications on the fingertips

Now, you don’t have to take your phone out for every notification alert pinging on your phone. Every notification and calls notification is available on your smartwatch; you can pick a call or reply to a message with full ease without even touching your smartphone.

Safety Companion for kids

Inbuilt GPS in smartwatches helps to keep track of kids’ activities and location that maintains the safety of kids on the one hand and removes the stress of parents on the other. You can also do 2-way calling as well as messaging in some of the smartwatches. Most of the smartwatches also have an SOS button to be used during an emergency. The SOS button is used to send a custom message with your live location to predefined contacts.

A trendy accessory for the fashion

Smartwatches look elegant and cool, so there won’t be any excuse from kids for not wearing it. Heaps of design and color of smartwatches are available in the market to choose the best match for your kid. You can even buy straps of different colors and change them daily to get a new look every day. The best thing about these watches is that we can change the design of the clock with different themes as we like.

Connectivity is not a problem anymore

The advancement of smartwatches has gone so far that now you can use the internet on the watch with the best connection that suits you the most and is economical. The connections can be inserting a Sim or using a Wi-Fi available near. Some smartwatches even have a subscription feature in which there is a plan per month. This facility is available in more than 120 countries without any roaming charges.

Entertainment Apps control without a smartphone

Smartwatches support many android apps that can be used on the watch itself. You can control music or create a playlist as you desired and then queue according to your likes. If you have a subscription of apps like Spotify, YouTube music, etc. then you can install these apps on your phone and can control then with your smartwatch with ease and flexibility.

Cons of Smartwatch:

Out of the budget!

The smartwatches are an asset, or you can say a solution to a lot of problems indeed, but it’s also true that they are expensive and don’t fit in the budget of every parent. If we think about it practically, these watches cost almost half the price of the phone as well as have limited features as compared to a smartphone.

Battery Drainage very fast!

Due to the small and portable design, the area to fit in the battery is not enough. The batteries used in these watches are of a significantly less fraction of milli-amperes compared to the battery of smartphones. This results in short battery life, and it’s really hectic to charge your smartwatch every day.

More Distraction during work

When we use our smartphone, we don’t look at every notification that gets a ping on our device, which is a little help to concentrate on our work. Still, a smartwatch is right on our wrist due to which it’s normal to see every single notification that came, and most of the time, we may leave the work and start using our phone again.

Usability for daily tasks

The size of the dial of the smartwatch is too small that it creates frustration while using it, especially when you are sending a message to someone. Even after facing such issues, the technology is running ahead so desperately that your watch will become outdated in no time.

Average Camera 

The camera used with smartwatches is not up to the mark. You will only use such cameras when you don’t have access to your phone, or else you’ll always use the camera of your smartphone. They don’t even work when used during low light conditions. The pictures you’ll get will be grainy and not sharp in low light.


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