New Apple Watches Are Carbon Neutral, Know How

Climate change is one of the biggest concerns for humanity today, and Apple being the most valuable company has taken a resolution to go Carbon Neutral by 2030. Now, the company is working on its resolution extensively, and the newly launched Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 are examples of their commitment to nature. As per the company, the newly launched Apple Watches are Carbon Neutral in many ways. The company has chosen a different roadmap for the manufacturing, packaging, and even transportation of these devices, and that’s why they are Carbon Neutral. Let’s find out what Apple has done to make them Carbon Neutral.

New And Eco-Friendly Material

Notably, the new products, including Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra are made from custom alloys of ALuminum and titanium. Now, they are manufactured from recycled materials, reducing carbon emission by a great percentage, especially when compared with the standard stainless steel casing. The same goes for the bands. Interestingly, the company has used recycled cobalt for battery manufacturing, and it is a game changer move because cobalt is highly dangerous for nature.

Further, the company is giving ultimate focus to packaging. Their packaging is almost eco-friendly because they started working on recyclable packaging a few years ago, and today, they have achieved a lot in this domain. Everything related to packaging, documentation, and even paperwork is fully recyclable.

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No To Air Transportation For Apple Watches

Apple has worked a lot on recycled material in manufacturing, packaging, and everything else, but the company has ignored the transportation completely. We all know that Apple has a massive supply chain spread all across the globe, but you will shocked after knowing that their transportation extensively depends on the Air route. From transportation of raw materials to distribution of products across the globe, Apple mainly uses planes, saving time and inventory costs too.

But the company now has pledged to shift its transportation from planes to mainly boats and trains, decreasing fuel usage and ultimately, carbon emissions. The company will mainly depend on non-air traffic for any type of transportation across its supply chain. Thus, the newly launched Apple Watches will not use planes for transportation. So, in these ways, the newly launched Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra are carbon neutral, and the company is extensively promoting this by adding a green logo on the packaging.


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