pairing issue in oneplus watch

There is a serious poor pairing connection observed with the OnePlus smartwatches with the smartphones.

pairing issue in oneplus watch
pairing issue in one plus watch

There were some complaints received from the OnePlus watch user that when they try to pair the device with a smartphone, it is showing pairing unsuccessful and sometimes it’s just stuck in the pairing page.

So here are providing you a solution for this poor pairing issue.

  1. First and foremost Make sure the Bluetooth scanning is on in your smartphone.
  2. Now, turn off the Bluetooth of your smartphone and restart it. Now again try pairing your smartphone with your OnePLUS Smartwatch. In some cases, your problem will be sorted out here only.
  3. If the problem still consists then delete the OnePlus Health app from your smartphone. And re-install it. Now turn on the Bluetooth and connect the smartphone with the smartwatch. A fresh installation will also help in a bad connection.

I hope any of the above methods surely help in pairing your smartwatch to your smartphone.


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