Apple Series 7 is the latest smartwatch being launched by Apple. It has many major upgrades and is being considered to be the best Apple watch by far. This watch will have great features right from the start.

But you can further improve the performance and productivity of the watch by installing some must-have apps on the watch. Thanks to the watchOS 7, a dedicated app store was introduced in the Apple watch for the very first time. So you can now install any desired apps from the store directly on your Apple watch.

Here are the top 8 must-have apps for your Apple Series 7:

1. Auto sleep:

Auto sleepWith the launch of watchOS 7, Apple added the sleep tracking feature that can track your sleep and its quality. There are plenty of sleep tracking apps on the store. But what makes Auto Sleep better than others is that it requires only a one-time purchase of the app.

Everything is included in the purchase. There is no extra charges or hidden upgrades for which you have to pay more. Just install the app and monitor your sleep easily.

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2. PB: Lost phone alert:

PB: Lost phone alert App

There may be times when you forget your iPhone or even lose it somewhere. But there is no way of knowing when you lose your iPhone. But with the help of Lost Phone Alert, you can get notifications whenever your iPhone gets out of the Bluetooth range.

This way you will never forget or lose your iPhone anywhere. You can also customize the threshold of the Bluetooth range and set various limits as per your need. This is a must-have app in your Apple watch if you always keep forgetting your iPhone.

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3. Just Press Record:

Just Press Record App

Do you like recording? Imagine if you could record anything you want without the need to bring out your iPhone all the time. Well, the Just Press Record app lets you go the same. You can start recording anywhere in an instant with just a couple of clicks. It is a simple yet powerful audio recording app that allows you to record anything.

But the best thing about Just Press Record is that you can even record from your Apple watch if you are not carrying your iPhone with you. You can also start, stop, pause, and listen to the recordings from your Apple watch itself.

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4. WorkOutDoors:

WorkOutDoors App

If you are into fitness and often go outdoors for cardio, then this is the all-rounder fitness app for you. Whether you are going running, cycling, hiking, or walking, this app monitors it all and keeps you updated.

You can track how many miles you went, how much BPM you have, how many calories you have burned and so on. Just like other apps, WorkOutDoors also requires a one time purchase to be able to use its features. It also includes a detailed vector map-based interface where you can plot your routes and even customize them as per your need.

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5. Carrot Weather:

Carrot Weather App

Want to get weather updates, but don’t want to get your iPhone all the time for that? Well, no worries. Carrot Weather app is a one in all weather app that helps you keep track of the current weather.

Although there are plenty of weather apps on the store, Carrot Weather stands out from them, thanks to its unique features. You can customize the app as per your needs. But the only downside of this app is that it costs too much. It also has various locked features that you need to unlock by paying extra money.

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6. Streaks:

Streaks App

No matter how hard you try to do something, you may always fail because of inconsistency. With the help of streaks, you can create simple custom reminders to help you remember your daily tasks. The app can track up to 12 daily tasks which are sufficient to cover all the important tasks.

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7. Pennies:

Pennies App for Apple Watch

If you are the type of person who spends a lot of money and is unable to keep track of the expenditure, then this is the perfect app for you. Like many other apps, this app connects with the Pennies app on your iPhone so that you don’t have to bring out your phone every time.

With this app, you can keep track of all your expenditures efficiently. It helps you budget better and all it takes is a couple of clicks.

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8. Things:

Things App

Things is one of the best task manager app available for the Apple watch. It will help you increase your productivity and organize your life in a much better way. You can easily create to-do lists, checklists, and more.

With this app, your will be able to track your daily tasks and complete them. It’s very easy to create a list and all it takes is a couple of clicks. This app requires a one time purchase, after which you can use it as much you want. It will help you save a lot of time and organize things better.

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