Fitness tracker for elliptical

If you are a fitness enthusiast and use an elliptical machine, then measuring your fitness levels becomes an inevitable requirement. As such, people who use elliptical machines are majorly looking for low impact pressure on the joints causing no injury.

The market is filled with many varieties of fitness trackers. And most of them have similar performance levels and the price range also is quite similar. But, the one that suits your regime and requirement, we have got you covered.

Top 7 Fitness Trackers For People Who Use Elliptical Trainer Machines

The list of fitness trackers here has excellent features and shall help you choose the one that is suitable for your fitness protocols.

1. Apple Watch 7 Series

An excellent piece of equipment that has a wider screen than the 6 Series. The best part is, the fitness tracker is pretty slim making it a lot lighter as you wear it.

Apple Watch 7 Series

As with most Apple watches, the fitness tracker has commendable rates when it comes to battery charging capacity.

You can monitor the steps as you walk and also track the distance as you run or jog. It helps in monitoring oxygen levels and the ECG.With a wide screen, you can get to see the information pretty clearly and that requires just a fraction of a second for you to assimilate data as you work out.

The sweat-resistant strap makes it more smooth to wear and does not cause any skin trouble as well. The screen is covered with dust and water-resistant glass that makes it durable.

You can enjoy tracking the fitness metrics and the flexibility to share the same with your friends too.

This ecg smartwatch does not require you to carry your phone and you can call and text using the device. Track your sleep, measure your heart rates and keep yourself informed about all your daily activities.


  1. The fall detection capacity of the phone is excellent
  2. 33% fast in charging your device
  3. You can change the watch band pretty conveniently


  1. An Expensive device
  2. You can share the data only with the Apple users

2. Fitbit Versa 3

If you are looking for motivation to maintain your fitness levels, this is the immaculate device that can work in extreme conditions too.

Fitbit Versa 3

Yes, Fitbit Versa 3 can operate in altitudes up to 28,000 feet. And the good news is, it can function even if the temperature is -4 degrees. Incredible isn’t it? There is much more to it.

The device has a health and metrics dashboard that keeps you informed about critical issues time and again. You can make informed decisions about your health. Night heart rate measure and monitoring your oxygen levels make it a complete device for your fitness regime.

The sleep score and the data about your daily activities, including the number of steps taken per day, help you work out optimally. Set your goal and chase it consistently.


  1. The battery life in running mode is more than 6 days
  2. The in-built voice assistant makes you use the device handsfree all the time


  1. If you connect your phone to the device, you may require to charge the watch frequently

3. Garmin Venu Sq

With several sports Applications and health and wellness apps available on the device, Garmin Venu Sq is considered a complete fitness tracker.

Garmin Venu Sq

As such, you can check your health status just by a glance. The always ON display helps you do this every time you want to check your vitals. This smartwatch also comes with a music edition, in which you can listen your favourite track without the need of your smartphone.

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The Apps preloaded on the watch keeps you on target and you can schedule your workout regime. The Body battery levels can be monitored with the data available on respiration, hydration. The device stresses sleep if you miss your routine for that too.

If you are female and want to check your menstrual cycle, this can be the ideal device.

The smart notifications of all the fitness metrics, allow you to gain motivation to keep moving with your plan.


  1. 20 preloaded apps for monitoring health status
  2. You can create your own dashboard on the phone for checking health metrics


  1. The preloaded apps must be compatible with your phone to work better

4. Fitbit Charge 4

This is a device that can be used by people of any stature. The device comes with S and L bands to facilitate that.

Fitbit Charge 4

The sleek watch is easy to wear and does not trouble you working out. The best of the Apps help you stay on target. The fat burn metrics and the calorie count can be seen at a glance. Thanks to the bright display.

The battery life lasts up to 7 days before you could charge again. Smartphone notifications and attending to calls and texts are made easy.


  1. Sleek and less expensive model
  2. 24/7 heart rate monitoring capacity


  1. Not As durable as the other models

5. Garmin Forerunner 735XT

The activity profiles in the device are extremely commendable. You can use it for indoor running on the elliptical as well for outdoor running practices.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

An excellent watch to track your health status. The advanced technology incorporated in the watch helps you to monitor your heart rate effectively.

The water-resistant model can be used for swimming. You can customize the watch faces and make them look fancy too.


  1. The race predictor capacity is extremely useful for athletes
  2. Heart rate is measured from your wrist


  1. The screen is not wide and bright, it might be difficult to see the information at the night

6. SAMSUNG Gear Fit2 Pro

A sensational fitness tracker that allows you to go wireless for days. Every mile you cover is measured and stored.

SAMSUNG Gear Fit2 Pro

You can also track your nutrition levels using the My fitness pal mobile application. Set your goals and achieve them with utmost motivation.

50 meters of water-resistant makes it a delectable device to use while swimming. The device measures aspects of your activity and that is one of the reasons it is most recommended.


  1. The Under armor accuracy is the best in this device
  2. Storage levels are extremely useful


  1. An expensive watch

7. MI BAND 6

The AMOLED display and the wider screen aspect are most useful to look at the data at a glance. The watch monitors the heart rate exceptionally well.


Besides that, you can get to know the oxygen levels, and has a 50-meter water-resistant capacity.

The watch monitors your breathing levels too. As you work out, the data is stored and can be viewed with well-informed metrics to make the right decisions about your health.


  1. Magnetic charging capacity
  2. 14 day Battery life


  1. The band is not durable and prone to break


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