Installing Spotify on Galaxy watches

Want to listen to music but don’t want to carry your headphones? If you are lucky enough and have inbuilt speakers in your watch, you can play music instantly from your watch itself! Add in and remove tracks in a simple manner. If you are someone preferring streaming, there is Spotify always to help you!

Installing Spotify on Galaxy smartwatches

Installing Spotify on Galaxy watches

Spotify turns out to be the best music app for the Galaxy watch but you have to install it on your watch. Download it on your phone and keep it connected to your watch.

  • First, run the Galaxy watch app.
  • From the Galaxy store, download Spotify. Click on the Install button on the app’s page and it automatically gets downloaded on the watch also.

Linking of the Spotify Account

  • Click on the lower right hardware button of the Galaxy watch to get to the catalog screen of the watch. Scroll in the clockwise direction until you can see the Spotify Logo on the watch.
  • After running the app, you will be asked to link the app to the Spotify account from your phone only.
  • The Spotify login erupts on your page
  • Go through the library and select through the songs you love the most.

Controlling of the Music Player

It’s quite easy to control the music directly from the phone or watch.

  • The Volume level determines the frequency of the volume
  • Get alternates between phone and watch with Switch Device
  • For going to the next track, its Next Track
  • Start or pause any song using Play or Pause.
  • You can return to the previous track using the Previous track or restart.

So these were all the steps that we should follow to play Spotify on our Samsung galaxy watches.


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