Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition
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Though Huawei is known for launching relatively affordable devices, this time, the company has launched one of its more costly products. Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition is the company’s most premium and first luxury watch. The Watch Ultimate was already a huge success, but this time, the company has tried to put it into the top segment. Not only looks, the watch also has some extraordinary features, making the device a really cool product for the rich. Now let’s get deep into Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition specs, features and, of course, mind-boggling price.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition Design

Though the watch has impressive hardware and software features, its build and appeal are enough to attract users. The watch is truly a treat to the eyes due to its excellent craftsmanship. Its dial is hexagonal, having six sections crafted with 18K gold, making the device exceptional in terms of looks. The crown and even the buckles are crafted with 18K gold. The titanium strap in gold finish will make you its fan instantly. Moreover, it has 3D trapezoidal patterns that are made using a diamond-cut engraving process. Overall, it is an ultimate luxury with incredible durability and sturdiness.

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Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition Design Specs

The core specifications are incredible, just like its build and looks. The main highlight of the watch is its two-way satellite communication feature. It means you can communicate using your watch even when there is no ground network. It is powered by Beidou-supported satellite messaging. Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition boasts an incredible 1.5-inch LTPO OLED display offering unbelievable colours. It also has an adaptive refresh rate ranging 1-60Hz.

When it comes to health monitoring, the Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition is the champion because of its super advanced and precise sensors. From heart rate monitoring to sleep and ECG to blood oxygen, its sensors monitor your health consistently and in real time. Interestingly, it also monitors your vascular health, and thus, you don’t need anything else for daily body checkups. You can track multiple fitness activities with the watch, including water sports. It has a top-level water-resistant rating. The device is powered by a 530mAh battery, offering a normal life of up to 14 days.

Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition Price & Availability

Remember, it is a super expensive luxurious watch, so it will not be available everywhere. The company will sell the Huawei Watch Ultimate Gold Edition in specific markets only, and notably, it will be a limited edition watch. For now, the company has launched this watch in Europe & China only. Its price for the European market is €2,999(around Rs 2.6L). The watch can be purchased via Huawei’s official website.


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