Maxima Max Pro Flash+:Indias First Interchangeable Case Watch Launched

Maxima is a very familiar name among Indians, and it was an undisputed champion before the introduction of smartwatches in India. Now, the company is reclaiming its position by launching advanced and innovative products, and Maxima Max Pro Flash+ is the latest example to witness their impressive work. The Maxima Max Pro Flash+ is India’s first watch with an interchangeable case. So this time, the company has shocked everyone, and it also shows India is not behind anyone when it comes to innovation and technology. So, without wasting time, let’s get into detail about this unique watch.

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Maxima Max Pro Flash+ Design

Well, the Maxima Max Pro Flash+ may have many interesting specs and features. The main highlight of the watch is its swappable design. So, the company has provided two cases: silicone and metallic. The watch head is rectangular and lightweight, and you can easily fit in any of the two available frames. This allows users to change the look completely into formal as well as casual. The metallic option has a metallic frame and strap, while the silicone has a silicone frame and straps. When it comes to the fitting, the company has done a great job because the watch head will not get loose in any case.

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Maxima Max Pro Flash+ Specs

Now, coming to core specifications. The Maxima Max Pro Flash+ will not disappoint you in any way. It comes with a brilliant 1.91-inch UHD display with excellent colours and sharp visuals. The peak brightness of 600 nits is also amazing. It has a functional rotating crown, making the operations easy. The company has integrated the Realtek chipset for the best BT calling experience. The connectivity is super quick and stable. It has a special one-tap calling feature. You will get the support of more than 200+ customizable watch faces, and thus, you have multiple options to change the overall appearance of the device.

Maxima Max Pro Flash+ has a well-structured health suite offering all health monitoring features, including heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, stress and sedentary reminders. The device also comes with the support of more than 100 sports modes, making it a perfect companion for fitness lovers. Another interesting feature of the watch is it comes with an inbuilt compass. Apart from all this, the product has tons of features and special functions to appeal to you instantly.

Maxima Max Pro Flash+ Price & Availability

The Maxima Max Pro Flash+ is available in only a single variant, and you will get two casing options. The price of the watch is really impressive because it costs only Rs 3,099(introductory offer). You can buy it from the company’s official website or Flipkart.


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