NATO Straps

If you are a watch enthusiast, then you will definitely be aware of the NATO straps. An exceptionally cool watch strap that can add as a concrete style statement is the NATO strap. Running down from history, the watch straps have even developed the style statements of James Bond too. Of course, these straps are mainly found in Rolex and Patek Philippe watches. The good news is, the NATO straps are available for smartwatches these days. If you would like to know more about these straps and why would you need one, read through this article completely to gain more tremendous insights.

What are NATO straps?

NATO Straps
NATO straps

A NATO strap is a watch strap made out of one material. The best part is, the strap passes through the inside of the case. That means to say, the metal of the watch does not contact your skin at all. More skin sore and irritation is highly avoided using the NATO straps. The fixed metal buckle at the end of the strap makes it a perfect fit. Moreover, the strap comes with 2 ring keepers that keep the watch intact on your wrist. More importantly, if you are a fitness freak and need to use a smartwatch to track your fitness, this strap is the most recommended.

There are many types of NATO straps available these days. But the history of the strap is to be known for you to understand its worth.

It all started off in the second world war where NATO introduced a special number called the NSN. It is called the NATO stock number. The NSN was available in watches as well as the straps. Back then in 1973, this strap was called the G10 band and was only available for military personnel. In fact, the English army had a process to procure this strap. That is, the military professional needs to fill a form called G1098 in order for them to get one. After a while, there was a transformation in the name and then it was called G10 straps. The watches were made of just one colour; ‘Admiralty Grey’ and it was 20mm in width and was made of nylon.

Why They Are Popular?

The history by itself speaks volumes for its popularity. The buckles and ring keepers were made of chrome-plated original brass. Moreover, the chrome plate was later not in use. As they were prone to reflect and might expose the person while hiding in the bushes and anywhere when they are in their task force.

Later, the military professionals requested more colours in the strap. In fact, they were recommending the army green colour for the straps. Then after a point in time, the strap received a nickname called NATO NSN and now it is further shortened as NARO straps.

The material in which it is made makes it perfect for any skin type. Moreover, the contact of the metal is avoided as the strap passes through the inside of the watch case. With many people prone to skin ailments and irritation, NATO straps are the best choice. Especially, in weather conditions where it is humid and hot, the watch need not be a burden but cool wear that suits your attire too.

Right from 1962 to 1989, all the Bond movies featured many watches. Right from Rolex to Tag Heuer. All these watches adorned the NATO straps and became so very popular. The first Bond Movie which had a closeup shot for the strap is the ‘Gold finger’.

How They are different from other bands?

Well, if you have read up until this, then you might have known this for yourself. The strap is made of just one piece material and is pretty soft on your wrist. The buckle and the ring keepers shall allow you to wear the watch with utmost comfort. Plus the traditional style with a modern watch is the best combination these days.

Not all the time the higher-priced products have higher quality. NATO strap is the best example for the same. It is less expensive and is made of high-quality material that lasts long. The best part about the NATO strap is, it never makes your watch look cheap.

With the irritating smell of nylon that you usually come across with the Nylon straps, this is an exception. Moreover, the strap is not slippery and flexible too. You would have come across such instances with the cheap nylon watches, haven’t you?

Can we use NATO straps with Apple watches?

Apple Watch with Nato straps
Apple Watch with NATO Style straps

Why not? It is a modern gadget with an excellent look. The NATO strap shall give an individual look that you would not have imagined with any other watch straps for your Apple Smartwatch. If you are a fitness enthusiast and prone to sweat and heat, this strap shall be a protective feature. It shall protect your skin from rashes and unnecessary irritation is completely avoided.

The watch stays intact on your wrist allows you to stay comfortable by watching the fitness metrics whenever you want. The combination of high strength nylon and the high performing smartwatch is highly recommended. Most of the NATO straps for the Apple smartwatch comes with a stainless steel buckle. That ensures the durability of the strap too.

Another good news with the NATO strap is, it fits with most of the Apple watches. You can also change the watchband whenever you change the watch too. Such apple watch bands are highly flexible and comfortable even for sensitive skin. With other Apple watch bands that might be worn out soon, this is one strap that stays longer.

The NATO straps come in two types of thickness;.1.2mm and 1mm. The premium straps are of 1mm thickness and you may not feel if there is a watch in your hand. A highly recommended watch strap for Apple watches. Moreover, the strap can be tightened as per your wrist size and the ring keepers shall keep the strap and the watch intact.


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