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e-paper smartwatches

Top 5 Smartwatches with e-Paper (e-ink) Display

Smart gadgets and their display must be of relatively good combination to offer a pleasant experience. Especially, if you are a sports enthusiast and looking for a perfect display in your smartwatch, then you...
Apple watches clone

Top 6 Smartwatches that look like Apple Watches [2022]

The Apple watches are incredibly designed to offer eclectic features that other smartwatches do not even match. However, there are a few brands that make the Apple watch clone. Incidentally, one of the major...

Top 8 HTC Compatible Smartwatches in 2022

HTC is a big name in the tech industry, this tech giant was known for its premium smartphones. Once, it was the biggest and tough competitor to Apple, so you can imagine the quality...
Aluminium Vs Stainless steel apple watch

Aluminium Or Stainless Steel: Which Apple Watch is Good for you?

Apple Smartwatches come in various models and are made out of different materials too. Though the performance and the features are quite identical, there can be differences between an Aluminium watch and the Stainless...
Setup Apple watch

How to Set Up & Manage Your Apple Watch

Are you a new Apple Watch owner and want to learn about setting it up? If so, you have landed in the right place. This Apple Watch setup guide applies to the intermediate Apple...
smartwatch with myfitnesspal app

Top 8 Myfitnesspal Compatible Smartwatches in 2022

Do you know how fit you are? Are your diet and exercise sufficient to keep you fit and healthy? Ever tried tracking your calorie count from your food intake? Or do you have any...
Apple watch resetting

I found an Apple Watch how do I reset it?

Resetting the Apple Watch is indeed not a daunting task. You require the Apple ID and you are good to go. In fact, you can use your iPhone to reset your watch if it...

5 All-Weather Smartwatches for Hunting, Fishing, or Camping Trips!

A piece of equipment which used to once show only time has many other features adding to it in the later years. The analog watch became digital and the digital watches started becoming smart...
8 Best Garmin Watch Apps

8 Best Garmin Watch Apps [2022]

Garmin watches are slowly becoming very popular these days, mainly because of their unique functionalities. It is one of the oldest wearable makers, still surviving in the industry, and is continuously evolving every day....
smartwatch gift idea

10 Amazing Smartwatch Gift ideas for Friends & Family

Winter has come and it's already started red and green everywhere. This Christmas season, surprise your loved ones with a smartwatch and a warm love. Smartwatches are the best gifting option for anyone whether...