Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro

Confused between the Galaxy Watch 6 and the newly launched Watch 2 Pro? Don’t worry; you are in the right place. This article will give a solid conclusion related to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 vs. Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro

When it comes to the premium smartwatch segment, two companies always dominate: Samsung and Apple. Samsung led the Wear OS watch segment, while Apple dominated the Watch OS segment. Xiaomi has also entered the premium watch segment with its Watch Pro but lacks the trusted and user-friendly Wear OS.So, to compete with the Samsung Galaxy watch series lineup, Xiaomi has released the successor to Watch Pro with Wear OS. Now, tech-savvy and fitness experts see Watch 2 Pro as a tough competitor to Galaxy Watch 6. Now, let’s move to a detailed comparison between Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 2 Pro.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: Design

Well, both devices are premium, so you will get excellent build and design. Firstly, both devices have a round dial, and the dial size is almost identical. However, the Galaxy Watch 6 is more compact and lightweight. It weighs only 28.7g while the Watch 2 Pro weighs 54.5g, making Galaxy Watch 6 a clear winner in terms of weight and dimensions. Moreover, the Watch 6 is slightly sleek. Now, both devices provide a premium feel and looks, but Samsung has the upper hand due to its lightweight, compact dimensions and, of course, slightly more premium build.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: Display

Here, you will not find much difference because both devices come with AMOLED panels offering vibrant colours, sharp visuals and high brightness. But interestingly, the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro has a slightly higher resolution and pixel density, giving it the upper hand in terms of picture quality, colours and brightness. The Watch 2 Pro has a peak brightness of 600 nits. The display size of the Watch 2 Pro is 1.43 inches, while Galaxy Watch 6 sports a 1.3-inch panel.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: Hardware

Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 will not disappoint you in terms of performance because advanced and highly efficient processors power them. The Watch 2 Pro features a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1, while Galaxy Watch 6 is powered by a 1.4GHz dual-core processor under the hood. This means both devices will offer optimized performance and smooth operations. Further, both devices come with Wear OS.

Coming to the storage, both devices have 2GB RAM support, but Xiaomi takes advantage of high ROM. Watch 2 Pro has 32GB of ROM, while Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 has 16 Gigs for ROM. Connectivity plays an important role, and both companies know this very well. This Watch 2 Pro and Galaxy Watch 6 have all the latest connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and, Of course, NFC. Lastly and importantly, you will find LTE cellular connectivity in both devices, making them perfect competitors. Ultimately, this part is a Tie.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: Sensors

This section is highly competitive because Samsung and Xiaomi have put all advanced sensors and features for incredible health monitoring and fitness activity tracking. Both watches offer 24/7 heart rate monitoring, SpO2, sleep and temperature. The best part is Xiaomi has introduced a body composition sensor in Watch 2 Pro, making it a perfect rival for Galaxy Watch 6. Simply put, both devices have advanced health monitoring.

In terms of Fitness Activity tracking, once again, both are at the same level. With dual-frequency GPS, Xiaomi has done a great job in fitness activity tracking. And you will get multiple sports/activity modes for accurate and precise metrics. Apart from all this, you will get a personalized healthcare coach for sleep, menstrual cycle, water reminders, etc., on both devices. However, when it comes to sleep tracking and the ECG, Galaxy Watch 6 is a champion. Though both devices have advanced sensors and a premium health suite, Galaxy Watch 6 stands for Watch 2 Pro with little margin.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: Battery & Price

Talking about the battery, Watch 2 Pro is a clear winner because it sips its power from a massive 495mAh battery. Due to the massive battery, it can offer a normal usage of 55 hours on LTE. Now, Samsung lacks a longer battery life because it is powered by a 300mAh battery. Now, the most important aspect is price, and here, Watch 2 Pro steals the show. The Watch 2 Pro is priced at €330(LTE variant), while the Galaxy Watch 6 costs EUR 370(40mm) and EUR 400(44mm).

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Vs Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro: Verdict

Both Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro are great in terms of looks, design, build, connectivity and overall features. Like every product, both have strengths and weaknesses, but considering the price, the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro beats the Galaxy Watch 6. The simple reason is that the Galaxy Watch 6 may have some stronger points, but it doesn’t justify the pricing, especially when you compare it with the Watch 2 Pro. Ultimately, both watches are great, but Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro is really a champion competitor to Galaxy Watch 6, and thus, everyone can consider it without a doubt.


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