Futursitic Smartwatches

Not many people knew this including me, but the first Smartwatch which came into existence was made by Steve Mann back in 1998. Surprising right? Well, it was a mediocre Linux based smartwatch if compared to the current watches. But it was just the beginning of a revolution and look where we are now. In a matter of 20 years, we have crossed so many boundaries unimaginable even 10 years ago let alone in the 90s.

A smartwatch from the early-2000

As they say with evolution comes curiosity, and who isn’t curious about the future of technology at-least I am mainly because it includes smartwatches. So, if you want a sneak into some of the best futuristic Smartwatches and their prototypes lets dig right-in.

What can we expect from the Future of Smartwatches?

Futursitic Smartwatches

I am personally a very big fan of Smartwatches. They let you track everything, especially your health, fitness, and whatnot. Simple yet elegant, they can make your fitness journey a pleasure. Imagine tracking your steps 5 years back, just the thought of it tires me. But, with technology moving hand-in-hand with genuine requirements things became possible. Previously owning a smartwatch was considered a Luxury.

However, as people started to notice the productivity of this gadget, they started demanding it, and companies were forced to find ways to make it more affordable. With that in place, smartwatches are not far from becoming a necessity in our everyday life.

But what next? Because we as an evolving community always want more. And there is so much more we can achieve with a futuristic smartwatch it’s almost impossible to predict. Many innovative ideas are floating in the market. Watches are coming with curved dials, also with an extensively futuristic look. There are watch prototypes that can project 3D projectiles on your arms, and whatnot. And trust me all of these are not myths these developments are actually happening. Because many tech giants are running special programs to leap across this boundary towards the future of smartwatches.

Exiting Futuristic Smartwatch Prototypes:

1# Nubia Watch

Nubia Watch
Nubia Watch (Source)

A very good example which has led the future of Smartwatch is the Nubia Alpha. This watch was announced in the mid of 2019. After which Nubia is also ready to launch its predecessor the Nubia watch.

I have seen a lot of Futuristic Smartwatch prototypes, but I think this watch is the most futuristic watch I have seen in terms of looks, which is actually under production.  This watch will be launched as a variant of the crowned Nubia Alpha.

2# Smartwatch with no batteries

Smartwatch with no batteries
Your body movement is enough to charge your smartwatch!! (Source)

You might not know this; there are some mechanical watches available that are capable of absorbing energy created by our movements and need no battery. But this technology is still not available in the smartwatch segment. Not for long though, as a Chinese university based in Hong Kong is working on a watch capable to recharge itself from human movements.

This will be possible with the help of an energy harvester powered by a magnetic amplifier which will convert and magnify energy created by body movements. Sounds very exciting I know. By this you can guess where how much benefits we will get with these futuristic smartwatches.

3# Smartwatches for Cars

Smartwatches for Cars
Smartwatches for Cars (Source)

Andrea Ponti is an Italian designer with a designing studio in Hong Kong. He is trying to develop smartwatches that could link to smart cars. Although these watches will support all the normal functions. Then you might ask what is special here? Well, a lot to be precise. This watch will come with a special integration which makes it possible to connect it with any smart device.

Known as the Smartwatch A and Smartwatch B these watches are specially made for an electronic car manufacturer. This watch will be able to monitor both the car and the driver who is driving it. Just imagine what all we can achieve with this tiny piece of innovation. With this, the AI system will be able to examine the driver’s physical status and perform necessary actions.

4# Smartwatch with 3D functionality

Smartwatch with 3D functionality
Smartwatch with 3D functionality (Source)

Recently, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a prototype smartwatch. A watch that can actually project touchable holograms onto your arms. This project is under the supervision of LumiWatch. This Lumiwatch will be able to project a 15-lumen projection with touch sensors.

This will allow users to project the touchscreen interface on their arm and use the smartwatch. Although even I thought this is too futuristic to believe, I was wrong. This prototype exists and it comes with a narrow 2” inch dial which makes it look extremely futuristic.

Bottom Line:

Diving into the future is always fun. But, the harsh truth is, although we have futuristic ideas the actual technology to back such ideas is still far from development. But there is nothing wrong with that because we as humans have technologically advanced at an unbelievable pace. And we do not know what we might see in the coming future. What we can do is keep our hopes high. Because these futuristic smartwatches will surely deliver something extraordinary.


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