Smart bands are something that increases their demand among the younger generation nowadays. At first, we only knew about the Apple Smartwatch when we were talking about Smartwatches.

However, the Xiaomi Mi Band is a revolutionary discovery for ordinary people. Xiaomi started to sell smartwatches at a very affordable price with Apple smartwatch-like features. It was a great invention indeed. Today I will not talk about Mi Bands; I will speak of watch bands or straps that can increase your Mi Bands’ look.

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SS Watch Band Straps for Mi Band 4/5/6

In this article, I will take you through a list of the 7 best SS watch band straps for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, Mi Band 5, and Mi Band 6.

1. MIJOBS stainless steel watch straps:

MIJOBS is one of the best brands for watch straps. The reason I am putting it first I this list is because of its product quality. The watch straps are perfect in quality, the polish is also excellent, and it has a butterfly buckle so that you can quickly wear and remove it from your wrist. The price of the straps is also affordable, and it will perfectly fit your Mi Band 3 and 4.

Colour options: The watch straps come in 4 different color options, Black, Rose Gold, silver, and B Silver.

Price: The different color variations cost different. Black is for 15.99 USD, and Rose Gold is for 11.99 USD, Silver is for 15.99 USD, and B Silver is for 20.99 USD.

Product link:

2. PINHEN stainless steel watch straps:

The following company is PINHEN. It is another excellent company for stainless steel watch straps. These are easy to wear and very stylish.

Colour options: This product comes in 4 attractive color variations, that are Black, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

Price: All the color variants are price at the same at 12.66 USD. You can also have two straps for just 19.89 USD exclusively on Amazon.

Product link:

3. QHOHQ wristbands:

The next one on this list is QHOHQ wristbands. It comes in classic Black color which suits your every outfit.

Colour options: Currently, this watch strap is available in only one color that is classic Black.

Price: The strap will cost you 12.99 USD on Amazon.

Product link:

4. 3Chome stainless steel metal watch band:

3Chome stainless steel metal watch band is another great option to complement your Mi Band 3 and 4. These are very stylish, and for girls, they will be beautiful.

Colour options: This product is available in 3 attractive color options, Double Pink, Rose Pink, and Rose Gold.

Price: The price differs for color variants. The Double Pink and Rose Pink will cost you 10.99 USD, and the Rose Gold will cost you 11.49 USD.

Product link:

5. OLLIVAN stainless steel watch straps:

The next name in this list is OLLIVAN stainless steel watch straps. It comes in many color options, and the price is also affordable.

Colour options: This strap comes in 8 different and unique color options that are Buckle Black with 2 varieties, Buckle Silver with 2 varieties, Rose Gold, 2 varieties of Silver, Buckle Rose Gold.

Price: All the products are priced between  8.99 USD to 9.99 USD. Check the link below to find the actual price.

Product link:

6. T-BLUER stainless steel metal watch straps:

You can also have an excellent option for your Mi Band 3 and 4, T-BLUER stainless steel metal watch straps. These are very good in quality, stylish and easy to wear.

Colour options: It has 2 styles variations that are style 1 and style 3. In style 1 they have Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Silver, and in style 3, they have Black, Rose Gold, Silver.

Price: Style 1 Black, Blue, and Gold are for 10.99 USD, Style 1 Red, Style 3 Rose Gold, and Silver are for 11.99 USD, Style 3 Black is for 12.99 USD, and Style 1 Siver is for 9.99 USD.

Product link:

7. VANLUCKY stainless steel metal bands:

Last but not least, you can also try out VANLUCKY stainless steel metal bands for your Mi Band 3 and 4. Good quality and excellent design make it so popular, and the color options will also match your every look.

Colour options: This product comes in 2 different colors that are, Black and Rose.

Price: The price of these straps is 12.99 USD.

Product link:

These are my 7 best stainless steel watch band straps for Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4. I hope this piece of information will help you to find the perfect strap for your Mi Band.


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