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It is a popular belief that smartwatches are for younger tech-savvy generations but that is not the case. These smart gadgets can be very helpful for older people too. Nowadays there are many smartwatches in the market that have already included friendly features for elder persons.

Smartwatches are easy to wear thus there is no chance of being lost. Features like fitness tracking and health monitoring motivate seniors to take care of themselves and SOS alerts, fall detection, GPS tracking brings peace of mind to their family members and caretakers.

7 Best Smartwatches for Elderly in 2022

Here we have listed the best smartwatches for the elderly & Senior which are easy to use, have a long battery, and health tracking for an easier life.

#1 Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

For iOs users, Apple Watch Series 5 is the best option as it offers seamless connectivity. It has a big display which makes it easier to use for seniors as they have weak vision. This device has a new and improved optical and electronic heart rate sensor for more accurate heart rate monitoring.

With this elders can easily take ECG which is also supported by the American Heart Association and are of great use.

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This luxury smartwatch also comes with a fall detection feature, whenever it senses a fall and if the user is inactive it automatically sends an emergency alert to family members or another responder. Seniors can also download various Health Apps like water intake monitors, food diary, etc. The always-on display feature is very helpful in giving quick access to key information.

You can choose from GPS or GPS + cellular version with the latter negating the need to have an iPhone as well.

#2 Freedom Guardian

Freedom Guardian

The Freedom Guardian is one of the best smartwatches for seniors currently in the market. It is designed finely by Medical Guardian with adjustable wrist bands, side button navigation, and large app icons for seniors having weak eyesight.

The robust GPS and Wi-Fi tracking are very useful for location tracking.

Elders can set reminders for medications, doctor’s appointments, and other important events on it. There is also an alert system for low battery reminders and a text-to-speech function allowing seniors to easily use the SMS features. You can subscribe to medical monitoring on the device at a pocket-friendly cost.

#3 SafeLink

SafeLink Smartwatch

The SafeLink is mainly a GPS tracking smartwatch that allows family and caregivers to locate the senior person easily. This feature along with SOS alerts and tracking from other devices makes it a great elderly smartwatch.

It is a 2G watch and comes with a ‘tailing mode’ where the watch forces GPS location updates to happen by a minute when necessary.

The SMS alert feature simultaneously sends notifications to three separate contacts available. It can also come in form of a Tracker Module enabling it to be worn anywhere else in the body.

#4 MobileHelp Smart

MobileHelp Smart is an easy-to-use smartwatch with a multitude of features making it a great medical alert device. It looks trendy and features GPS tracking, 4G cellular backup and comprehensive country based medical emergency monitoring.

It is waterproof, has a long-lasting battery life, and a built-in two-way speaker making it an ideal smartwatch for seniors. The fitness activities and heart-rate of the wearer can be monitored and logged with its free MobileHelp Alert App.

However, the monitoring service is only available in the USA and users must be in a particular service area in order to get it with some monitoring subscription amount.

#5 Laxcido Smartwatch

Laxcido Smartwatch

Laxcido Smartwatch is a great choice for elders having health problems. It has an SOS button that makes a quick call to family members in case of an emergency. Its real-time tracker and historical route tracker is very helpful for locating the wearer.

You can set a geo-fence for places like home, parks, etc., when the wearer crosses it or comes back in it you get a notification via app. You can also track all the places the holder has been to in the past three months.

Other features include a low battery alarm, Camera, 3G network, 2-way call communication, Wi-Fi, step counter, phone call making it a perfect elderly smartwatch.

#6 UnaliWear Kanega Watch

UnaliWear Kanega Watch

UnaliWear Kanega is an independent smartwatch so seniors don’t have to rely on smartphones all the time. It also connects with modern hearing aids.

This small smartwatch is waterproof and impact-proof with long-lasting and easily replaceable batteries. It is primarily controlled by voice allowing elders to use it easily.

The automatic fall detection, GPS tracking, and on-call emergency assistance features alert family members and can be life-saving in emergency situations. It is a pretty solid and functional elderly smartwatch.

#7 Omron HeartGuide

Omron HeartGuide

Omron HeartGuide is a revolutionary smartwatch and is the only health smartwatch approved by FDA. It has inflatable synthetic bands along with a blood pressure monitor for accurate blood pressure monitoring. It is very lightweight and has a battery life of 10 to 14 days.

Omron HeartGuide tracks physical activities, sleep patterns, heart rate, and its Health Advisor app monitors your heart and translates it to real-time heart knowledge.

It uses colored health graphs to show the feedback and has numerous health apps. It records up to 7 days of activities, several sleeping patterns, and up to 100 blood pressure measurements.


  1. I’m a little concerned that so many of these claim to have medical alert features. My elderly mother tried using a smartwatch and found it too small and difficult to use. We eventually got her an alert system instead because that’s what the main purpose was. It’s so much easier for her.


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