Apple watch band for Galay watches

Apple Watch is a wearable device that can be used to monitor the user’s heart rate, count steps and even track their sleep.

Each year Apple introduced a new watch in the market, the latest Watch Series 7 has been launched last year with some amazing features.

Similarly, Samsung is also one of the leaders in wearable markets. Its latest launch is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Both these smartwatches come with premium quality watch bands. Apple’s wristbands are among the most robust and well-designed bands.

This watch band can be made of Silicon, leather, stainless steel, or even wooden material, etc.

The most popular and budget-friendly watch band material is soft silicon. This water-resistant band is quite comfortable to wear for your day-to-day activities.

Apple watch bands come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. However, in the case of Samsung galaxy watches you have very limited choices of watch straps. So it will be great if we can use the Apple watch band for Galaxy watches also!

Now the question arises will the Apple watch bands fit your Galaxy watches?

Apple watch bandsApple watch bands

Before deep-diving into the above question, let’s first discuss the Apple Watch bands. Apple sells its bands for the case size of the Watch.

Apple offers different watch bands for its different case watches. We have listed down diffenent case size with the the suitable wrist size below.

Apple Watch and Wrist size

  • 40/41mm Apple watch for wrist size of 130 to 200mm
  • 44/45 mm Apple watch for wrist size of 140 and 220mm

The quick-release Apple watch band is 20 mm wide at length and 22mm at lug position.

You can use the band release button to fix the band into the Apple watch. You can check the below picture where a 20mm band is locked into Apple watch series 7.

Samsung Galaxy Bands

Samsung Galaxy Bands

Now let us talk about the band for Galaxy watches, most Galaxy Watches come with silicone straps that are flexible and wrap gently around your wrist. The Galaxy Watch is compatible with a 20mm or 22 mm strap.

Here you will see standard quick-release lugs with the spring bar arrangement provided.

The strap is also adjustable so that it can fit any wrist size, making it ideal for people with smaller wrists or larger wrists.

Such kinds of lugs you will also find in other smartwatches like Garmin, Fossil, etc. For removal of the Galaxy bands you just need to Slide the band’s spring bar inwards.

Apple watch band Vs Galaxy Watch band

Apple watch band Vs Galaxy Watch band

Here we provided a comparison between apple watch bands and galaxy watch bands.

The lock position is quite different in Apple watches compared to Samsung watches. Apple watch bands are developed exclusively for Apple Watches only, however, Samsung has pin arrangement of industry standards.

By looking at all these comparisons now we can easily say that Apple Watch Bands will not Fit on your Galaxy Watch.

Which Bands Are Compatible With a Galaxy Watch?

The latest Samsung galaxy watch 4 comes with two case variants 40mm and 44mm. The bands used for galaxy watches have 20mm or 22mm bandwidth. For a 40mm Galaxy watch, a 20mm watch strap is recommended and similarly, a 22mm watch band is suitable for a 44mm size watch.

So any watch band with a quick-release bug with a spring bar arrangement is compatible with Galaxy watches.

However, if you still want a robust band similar to Apple watch bands, here I am providing some alternatives to the apple watch bands. These watch bands will surely help you to customize your Samsung galaxy watch in a better way!

Watch Bands alternative to Apple Watch bands

Apple Watch has a range of watch bands, some bands are best suited for sport and working out, while others are for casual wear.

You also have the choice of different materials like silicon, stainless steel, rubber band, or even wood!

as we already understood apple watch bands are not compatible with Galaxy watches, so here I have chosen the best alternatives for Apple to watch straps.

1- Fintie stainless steel strap

This strap has made of high-grade stainless steel. The color of this strap is black which makes the smartwatch blend into the business style. This band is quite similar to the stainless Apple watch band.

It is corrosion & abrasion resistance that makes it perfect for outdoor activities. The build quality is quite good and it will perfectly fit on your wrist.

This band is compatible with 40/44/42/46mm Samsung galaxy watches.

You can also adjust the size of the Galaxy Watch just with the use of a pin removal kit This kit will help you to easily take out the link.

2- GEAK Silicon band

If you want to give stylish look to your galaxy watch then you can go for Geak straps. This strap comes with multiple color options. These bands are so much more comfortable compared to the thick band that came with the Galaxy Watch 4.

These straps are made of soft silicone material which is flexible, durable, and comfortable. It has a slim design that makes the bands thinner and smaller. Its narrow-width design makes it the perfect band for small wrist people.

It can easily fit any 20mm width lugs smartwatch. The GEAK bands are compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm/44mm), Galaxy Classic (42mm/46mm), and Samsung Active 2.

So if you want to give a feminine touch to your watch this is a perfect band for you.

3- Lerobo 4 band

If you are just fond of the Nike Sport Band then we have an alternative for you. This sports band is very similar to the Nike sports band, however, it can also fit into your Galaxy watch very easily.

Lerobo sport straps are made from custom high-performance soft silicone with air holes designed for breathability. It will help prevent wrist sweating during exercise. It’s quite comfortable and sturdy.

This sporty silicone watch band is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm 44mm), Classic (42mm 46mm), Samsung Active 2 (40mm, 44mm), Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active, Gear Sport, and Gear S2 Classic.

The best part is that you can buy a set (4 Nos) of bands of a different color for only $14 price. You will never find such kind of premium band for so low prices!

4- Johipi SS Band

You can customize your galaxy watch with these amazing mesh straps. This stainless steel mesh loop band is available with six different color options. Its attractive color makes this watch band look fantastic with your Samsung Galaxy watch.

This JOHIPI band is having adjustable Mesh Loop for comfortable day-to-day activities. You can wear this all day around without any issue.

The durability and build quality of this band are superb. This affordable watch band is available on Amazon for as low as $8.

It is Compatibles with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Watch 4, Classic, Galaxy Watch Active Watch Active2, Gear S2, and Gear Sport.

5- Trumirr Band

It is yet another amazing band for your Samsung galaxy watch.

It is made with stainless steel, making it durable and comfortable to wear. The strap material is also easy to clean and maintain.

These quick-release bands are made of premium stainless steel with a fine polish. The design of this band is similar to the hand bracelet.

TRUMiRR Band is available in many designs, It has MESH WOVEN STAINLESS STEEL BAND, SOLID STAINLESS STEEL BAND, and many more.

When you buy this band you will also get a Quick Release Spring Bar and an Upgraded Link Remover for safe removal of your straps.

This band is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy watch 3, etc.


Apple watches bands can be made of leather, metal, rubber or stainless steel. Some watch bands are made of fabric and are designed to match the clothes that people wear.

Unfortunately, you cannot use these amazing bands in your Samsung galaxy watches.

However there are plenty of other alternatives available in the market that you can buy to customize your Samsung galaxy watch.


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