A piece of equipment which used to once show only time has many other features adding to it in the later years. The analog watch became digital and the digital watches started becoming smart too.

The smartwatches began telling your heart rate, sleep order, and even the number of steps you have taken for the day.

With these brilliant innovations, the makers of the smartwatch are still looking for better and new features that suit different professions and living too.

For example, the fishing and hunting watches are of greater creativity and implementation. The watch can help read the water pressure with the help of the barometer.

Additionally, it has an altimeter and other required metrics to analyse while you are fishing. Yes, such watches can help you with accurate weather reports too.

However, the best part is, you need not carry all these separate gadgets as you go fishing, but can use a splendid smartwatch for the same.

There are many such hardware devices available these days and identifying one among the numerous collections can be challenging. We shall help you with the top 5 smartwatches and you can definitely pick one for your liking.

Top 5 Smartwatches for Hunting and Fishing

1# Garmin Instinct Solar

Garmin Instinct Solar

This is an incredible smartwatch that helps monitor the ones that a normal smartwatch can track and report. Like the heart rate and sleep.

But, there is much more to it. This is an amazing device that helps you understand the way the body uses energy and thus the heart rate. Moreover, it helps understand your energy levels along with the stress levels too.

But the fact is, all these are tracked comprehensively. Say, for example, the GPS feature is just not a feature but a whole compass in itself.

It can not only tell you where you are but also helps send details to someone with accurate data. Of course, this being a hunting watch, it can withstand water up to 100m. At the same time, designed for US military standards. That means to say, it can withstand extreme heat, shock and water pressure.

On a lighter note, Garmin Instinct Solar can help track other activities like running, walking, biking and swimming too.

You can not only monitor your fitness but also your health all day. The best part is, the watch can charge on its own using solar power. This ensures extended battery power.

The device is fit with pulse ox as well. With 5.6 ounces in weight, the product is in the mid-weight category. If you are planning to purchase this, and added information for you is, the device is for both genders.


  1. Extended Battery back up
  2. Highly resistant to heat, water and shock
  3. The top-quality fibre used in the making of the watch


  1. Though the compass feature is excellent, you cannot plot a spot on the map.
  2. If people are looking for a high-quality GPS tracking system, then you may have to think twice before purchasing this.

2# Polar Grit X 

Polar Grit X 

If you are looking for an excellent companion for your workout and adventure regime, Polar Grit X shall be the right choice. An incredible piece of hardware that not only tracks your health stats but also tells you if you can push any further for the physical training program.

The smartwatch is considered to be the lightest of most of the watches in this league. At the same time, Polar Grit X has excellent durability and can withstand water as well as heat pressure to the extremes.

This all-weather smartwatch has a very battery life too. The running time of the battery if the GPS and Heart rate monitoring feature runs continuously is more than 40 hours.

In fact, you can extend the same using the power saving options too. Further, if you are going to use it in the usual watch mode, it may stand up to 7 days. As you do this, you can switch on the HR monitoring feature for all 7 days.

The whole hardware weighs 64 grams, making it the best pick for athletes and training enthusiasts too. If you are planning to use it for fishing and hunting, the GPS and the altimeter features can be of greater help.

The navigation can help you navigate every step you take and can direct you to the right location.

One of the features is called Polar Nightly Recharge. This shall help you know if you can move for the next round of training sessions or any physical activity that requires a bit of effort.


  1. Lightweight and durability makes it the right smartwatch for rough usage
  2. Powerful GPS tracking system


  1. The device takes a long time to recharge
  2. Possibility of displaying inaccurate data

3# SUUNTO Traverse Alpha

SUUNTO Traverse Alpha

This is indeed a comprehensive watch for people who love hunting and fishing. We have also covered this smartwatch in our best tactical smartwatch article.

You have every aspect that you need to track as you go hunting. The auto shot detection feature is what you will fall for. For hunters, this helps you to track the shot distance as well as the elevation.

This device records all your hunt and you can view the reports as you reach home.

The GPS helps you to locate, mark and trace the route conveniently. Say, for example, if you have spotted a bird or an animal in a specific location, you can mark the same on the map. You can also locate the place from a remote location and also trace the route while you head towards that.

The highly synchronized sensors also help you with a sunset as well as sunrise alarms. The other features shall help you know whether it is conducive for fishing or not too.

The watch is a splendid life saviour as it triggers weather changes and also informs of a storm and other life-threatening environmental changes.


  1. A complete hunting watch with all required features
  2. Excellent tracking system
  3. The delectable sensors keep you informed of weather conditions


  1. The watch lacks a solar charging facility
  2. The device does not have a fitness or health tracking features

4# Casio Men’s” Pro Trek

Casio Men’s” Pro Trek

This is yet another masterpiece that you may not want to miss out on. Casio Pro trek has a version 3 triple sensor unit that helps with barometer, altimeter as well as a compass.

The system is fitted with accurate meters and helps while you go fishing. Also, the smartwatch can be charged using solar power or even UV radiation as you use it outdoor. This means to say that the watch has extended battery power unlike a few models in this list.

The watch shows the accurate time as it works with the atomic timekeeping feature. This calibrates the time exactly and always gives accurate data too. Of course, this is a high performing watch that can withstand water pressure up to 200m.

With 31 different time zones, you can use this watch anywhere you want without any changes in the settings.

You can use the direction controller to help navigate through dense forest. Also, the barometer helps gauge the water pressure too. The highly durable watch is most sought after by many in recent times.


  1. It is a solar power backed GPS watch which is an incredible combination
  2. The watch is highly durable
  3. Excellent phone as well as Bluetooth connectivity


  1. Though the watch can be connected to the phone through Bluetooth, it does not give any phone notifications.
  2. It is expensive.

5# SUUNTO Core All Military Outdoor Watch

SUUNTO Core All Military Outdoor Watch

This watch gives you a real feeling of an explorer. The incredible design and robust construction make the smartwatch an excellent piece of equipment for your outdoor activities and adventures.

The watch comes with a high tensile strap which is US military compliant. The device can help you with the needed data about the water pressure, temperature as well as reports the change in the environment too.

You can ensure your safety as you use the watch. Further, the watch also tracks a few health stats. It can help count the steps as you walk, hike or even trek. The material from which it is made is highly durable and can withstand high temperature and pressure too.

The excellent accuracy of the data is the most commendable feature of the watch. The exquisite design and the excellent strap fits like a glove on your wrist.


  1. It is an affordable watch
  2. Durability is at its best


  1. The watch does not have a GPS feature
  2. The watch also does not track any health factors


  1. What’s a hunting watch?

A watch that has excellent tracking features with an altimeter, barometer and other temperature gauging facilities in it is called a hunting watch. Basically, such features help you get triggered by the factors in the environment and know a lot about the location too.

  1. What makes a good survival watch?

A survival watch has excellent GPS in it. That means to say, you can also send signals to people at home and vice versa in case of danger.

  1. What are the Limitations of hunting watches?

The hunting watches might have a challenge in retaining the battery power. That’s one of the reasons, people prefer solar-powered watches. Further, the GPS can be faulty at times. Check for the reviews before you make the right choice.


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