Can an Apple watch take body temperature?

Apple watch and body temperature

As we all know today’s smartwatches can do many things, perform various tasks, and thus were seen as a multi-purpose device. Apple is always known for the state-of-the-art technology that it provides in its devices.

Apple watches are among the best in their category and are known for the unique design and useful features that they provide in their smartwatches. However what about the sensor for measuring body temperature?

Can Apple Watch Take Body Temperature?

Today smartwatches have more importance as they are directly related to an individual’s health. Smartwatches can easily assure you of your daily fitness and Normal health checkups. But still, one important thing is missing in every smartwatch. It is nothing but a sensor for tracking body temperature.

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Forget other smartwatch brands but, can Apple watch take body temperature? This question is common among smartwatch users as users always expect something new and unique from Apple devices.

But in this case, you get disappointment from Apple as no smartwatch from Apple comes with a sensor for measuring body temperature. Yes, people were expecting this from Apple’s new smartwatch Series 7, but unfortunately, there is no such sensor in this new Apple Watch Series 7.

Apple does provide many apps for measuring and recording body temperature, but in terms of hardware, you found nothing for measuring body temperature in any Apple smartwatch.

If we forget this part, then Apple smartwatches are best for you in every term. You don’t have to worry about your fitness and health if you are wearing an Apple smartwatch.

From measuring heart rate to your sleep and from measuring blood oxygen to monitor ECG, you can know everything about your health and fitness in detail.


Today no smartwatch, even from the house of Apple, offers no sensor or hardware technology to measure your body temperature.

There is less possibility that in the future also any device can take the place of a thermometer. No matter how the technology is rapidly growing every day, it will take time to develop an alternative to a thermometer.



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