Smartwatches have become a common gadget for everyone. From kids to old-aged people smartwatches over tremendous productivity. And It is only because they bring a lot of features along with them, from sports to various health monitoring sensors they can create such prominence. Coming to health monitoring, we know various people would like to have an update on their body temperatures, especially during this COVID-19 crisis.

So, today we have brought some of the smartwatches that support temperature measurement along with a range of other features. Read below to know more about them.

Can we really measure body temperature with a smartwatch?

Yes, there are some smartwatches that have this very vital feature. They have a sensor for measuring body temperature.


In these severe conditions of a dreadful pandemic, it has become even more important to wear a smartwatch with features like health monitoring and temperature measurement. As you know while visiting stores or any such place, the temperature is measured from your wrists as it’s more accurate.

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So, if you are already wearing a smartwatch with a built-in temperature sensor, you can easily record the thermal cycle of your body. This will allow you to check whether your temperature is increasing or decreasing at times. Which will provide you with a much faster warning of fever or any other problem if your body temperature crosses its average scale.

7 Best Smartwatches with Temperature Sensor

By now you might have understood how important it is to wear a smartwatch with a thermometer. But we know that won’t be enough to cater to your needs. As it is extremely difficult to find a smartwatch with a thermometer in it. Don’t worry as we said we are here to help you find a solution.

So, below are the 7 best smartwatches that track body temperature. These thermometer smartwatches also offer many other amazing features mentioned along with them, let’s begin.


The first watch on our list of best smartwatches with a thermometer is the Koogeek Smartwatch. It comes with a built-in thermometer that provides an accurate measurement of your body temperature in seconds.


The watch has a 1.5-inch rectangular TFT LCD touchscreen with 2.5D glass. The watch comes loaded with fitness features like tracking steps, running, cycling with accurate GPS, pedometer, etc.

The watch also supports a GSM network sim card that can use to make or receive a call directly from your smartwatch. A significant Blood Pressure Monitor sensor to track down your heart rate measurement in real-time. The Koogeek Smartwatch is easily one of the best smartwatches with a variety of features to go for.


A smartwatch with a simple and sober design but has equally effective sensors. The Lemfo T1 Smartwatch is one of the few models that support a 24-hour body temp monitoring function with an elevated temperature alarm.


The watch has a resolution of 240 * 240 pixels with a 1.3 inches rectangular touchscreen that has an IP67 protection certificate.

The watch comprises a battery capacity of 240 mAh that can typically last for about 5-7 days with moderate. It also supports various sports modes to monitor our physical activities through its app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. A perfect watch to buy that does a great job of covering the basics.


The next watch on our list is the COlmi Thermometer Smartwatch. This watch comes with a built-in thermal sensor that can measure your body temperature 24 x 7.

colmi thermometer watch

It offers accurate high-speed temperature measurement along with many other health trackers. The Colmi Thermometer Smartwatch comes with a built-in PPG bio-tracking optical monitoring system which supports heart-rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitoring

The watch also comes along with many other activity trackers. That’s not all the watch also comes with a range of pre-built sports modes like mountain climbing, riding mode, etc. Along with that you also get notification access to all your social media apps and many such additional features.


The Morefit Smartwatch comes with the latest temperature sensor technology that can monitor your body temperature round the clock. The 1.3-inch IPS color display screen is bright enough to read under the sunlight.


The watch consists of a 240 mAh battery that can last up to 7 days and recharges in just 2 hours.

The watch can track many activities such as running, calories burning, 24-hour step tracking, real-time heart rate monitoring, etc. It also comes equipped with sedentary and water intake reminder features to help you improve your living habits scientifically.

The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and the app named “Hard” can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store. The users will find this watch more than handy to go for.


The Ticris GTS Smartwatch is an excellently designed stylish-square-shaped smartwatch that can be used by both men and women. This is the world’s first smartwatch to support temperature measurement.


Measuring 37.2 * 47*11 mm, the watch is made up of PC material and weighing about 35 grams. The watch has a 1.3-inch IPS full round HD screen with 240 * 240-pixel resolution.

The watch can track seven sports activities that include running, cycling, climbing, walking, etc. it comes with an IP68 waterproof rating and therefore, can be used for swimming activities as well. The watch also supports various types of health monitoring such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, oxygen monitoring, etc. The watch has some more than handy features to buy it for.


Senbono HW07 Smartwatch has an exquisite appearance design that supports temperature measurement and can answer the calls too. The watch comes with a screen size of 1.54-inch that supports multi-sports mode like basketball, badminton, table tennis, football, rope skipping, etc.


The watch has a real-time heart rate monitoring feature. So you can directly view your heart rate on your watch without the need to connect to your phone. It also has a one-click feature to control your music play. With 200 mAH battery life, the watch lasts for as long as 7 days with a single charge. Go for this watch if you want a full-feature smartwatch at an affordable rate.


Who wouldn’t like to have a perfectly crafted smartwatch with an in-built thermometer feature? The Activfit Xtreme Smartwatch sports an in-built thermometer for real-time measure body temperature along with Heart Rate and SPO2 tracking for monitoring your health.


The watch has a striking 1.28-inch full touchscreen display with the latest Bluetooth version of 5.0. The watch is IP67 waterproof that also supports 6 professional sports modes with 10 dynamic watch faces. If you want a fashionable, style, and classy smartwatch with a lot of features, then you should go for this watch.

The Bottom Line

So, these were some of the smartwatches that can measure your body temperature without a real thermometer. Based on your needs and budget buy any of these feature-filled smartwatches.


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