fitness tracker under 20 dollars

Nowadays, you will find many different types of fitness trackers on different shopping websites at a high price range. But it is not necessary to spend so much money on the tracker. You can get the best fitness trackers for under $20. All these fitness trackers will come with great features and quality. Fitness trackers will help you to stay fit and help to achieve your goals of fitness.

Fitness Trackers Under $20

All the trackers are somewhat different from each other in designs and features. Fitness trackers are a great way to stay active. All the fitness trackers are great for the people who work out on the daily basis. This tracker will help them monitor different activities. You can also set the goal on your watch and achieve it in time.

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10 Best Fitness Trackers Under $20

Following are the best budget fitness trackers which come with great features. All these fitness trackers will make your life easy and help you to stay healthy.

1# Willful Fitness Tracker – $19.99

Willful Fitness Tracker

Willful is one of the popular companies which will provide you with one of the great fitness trackers. You can find these company products on professional shopping websites. The main feature of this fitness tracker is to track your steps accurately. It will also monitor your calories burned during all-day activities.

Features –

  • Heart rate monitor and sleep monitor-

This fitness tracker adopted the later HR sensor which will help in the monitoring of heart rate accurately. This sensor will automatically monitor your sleep from 9 pm to 8 am. It will also provide you with an alarm to wake you up in the morning.

  • Notifications –

You will get every message from your phone. You will never miss a call or message with this fitness tracker. You will get notifications on the display of your fitness tracker.

  • Waterproof activity tracker –

You all should know that you can use this fitness tracker while you are swimming or diving because this tracker comes with a waterproof stand. You will also get an LCD color screen with high HD quality pictures.

  • Battery –

This tracker has a long-lasting battery. If you charge this tracker’s battery full at one time then you can use this tracker for 7 days of working time.

2# BTMAGIC Fitness Tracker- $20.00 

BTMAGIC Fitness Tracker

BTMagic Fitness Tracker is yet another budget-oriented fitness band, that allows you to track all your day-to-day activities. It offers many amazing features like multi-sport management, Activity tracking, Notification support, Waterproof rating, and whatnot. Below are some of its primary features


  • Activity Tracking-

The fitness tracker allows you to track all the activities you perform in a day. With its built-in pedometer, you can also track steps and distance covered.

  • At a Glance Notifications-

It provides you with a glance notification feature that allows you to read call and message alerts from your band.

  • Waterproof Rating-

The watch also comes with an IP68 Waterproof rating making it an all-rounder which you can even go swimming with.

  • Color Display-

The BTMagic comes with a decent 1.14” HD color display, which is amazing for its price tag.

  • Multi-Sports Mode-

This fitness tracker also offers 14 exercise modes you can choose from. You can also connect it with your phone’s GPS for better tracking.

3# TOOBUR Slim Fitness Tracker- $18.99 

TOOBUR Slim Fitness Tracker

TOOBUR Slim company will provide you with great fitness trackers of great quality. This tracker will fit your budget. The main feature of this tracker is to monitor all your activities in a day such as it will count your steps and burned calories. It will also track the quality of your sleep.

Features –

  • Wrist vibration alarm clock –

You can set an alarm in your wrist fitness tracker. This will help you to wake up in the morning by the silent vibration.

  • Waterproof –

You can wear this fitness tracker when you are swimming or diving. This fitness tracker is of grade IP67 which is rainproof, etc.

  • Battery life –

You will get a built USB charging port which will make the charging easy. If you charge this fitness tracker for 1 hour then you can use this tracker for up to 7 days.

  • Adjustable slim strap –

You can adjust your strap size if your wrist measurement is small or too big.

4# ASWEE Fitness Trackers- $16.98

ASWEE Fitness Trackers

ASWEE fitness trackers will make your life easier and smarter. You will get many different features in this fitness tracker. It will monitor your heart rate and blood pressure.

Features –

  • Activity tracker –

This feature will help you with tracking your steps and it will help you with being active. It will also remind you of refreshments and intervals.

  • Notification –

You will get all the notifications of phone calls and messages from your smartphone. You can also turn off the calm directly from your fitness tracker.

  • Waterproof –

As you know that this fitness tracker is water-resistant and you can wear this fitness tracker while swimming and washing your hands.

  • USB Charging Port –

This tracker will come with the latest charging port which will come with a long-lasting battery.

5# BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker – $18.99

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker

This fitness tracker comes with a wireless system and you will also get many different features. You will also get an adjustable wristband with different colors.


  • Build-in USB design –

You will get this fitness tracker with a built-in USB port which will give a long-lasting battery. If you charge 1 to 2 hours then you can use this band for 7 to 8 days.

  • Activity Tracker –

This fitness band will track your all-day activities such as the steps, distance, and burning calories. You can also see your mobile data by simply tapping on your screen display of fitness tracker.

  • Sleep tracker –

This is one of the useful features of the fitness tracker. This will monitor your quality of sleep and it will also help you to wake in the morning.

6# TOPLUS Fitness Tracker – $20.99

TOPLUS Fitness Tracker

This brand of fitness tracker is one of the popular fitness brands from which you can get a great fitness tracker. The great feature of this tracker is it will provide you with 16 sports modes by which you can monitor all your activities.

Features –

  • Health fitness tracker –

This tracker will help you in monitoring blood pressure and oxygen in your blood. It will also give you the accurate status of calories, sleep, body temp, etc.

  • Call reminder –

You can get all notifications on your fitness tracker from your phone. You can also reject and turn on the calls from your fitness tracker.

  • Battery –

If you charge your fitness tracker for 2 hours then you can use this fitness tracker for 9 to 15 days. It will also come with a built-in USB port.

7# AMENON Fitness Tracker- $19.99

AMENON Fitness Tracker

You will find many designs and colors in this product which you can give other people as a gift. You will get 1.3 on the full-touch display screen. You can also replace the straps of this tracker.

Features –

  • Monitor all activities –

This tracker will monitor all your daily activities such as the distance, steps, blood pressure, oxygen, sleep monitoring, etc.

  • Water-resistant –

You can were this watch when you are swimming because it comes with a water-resistant feature. It has the latest IP67 system which will make the tracker unique.

  • Sports mode –

You will get several sports options to track your activity. Skipping, basketball, badminton, running, walking, cycling, etc., all these sports modes are present in this tracker.

8# LETSCOM Health and Fitness Tracker- $19.99

LETSCOM Health and Fitness Tracker

LETSCOM health and fitness tracker will provide you with great quality features and you can get this watch within your budget. The main feature of this fitness tracker is to monitor all activities in a day. It will accurately count your steps, distance, blood pressure, and oxygen in your blood.

Features –

  • Notifications –

You can get all types of notifications with the tracker. You just have to connect your phone to the tracker and see all notifications on your tracker.

  • Multi-sports mode –

The multi-sports mode feature will give you the correct data of your activity. If you connect your phone with a tracker then you will all information about your run or all activity.

  • USB Port –

This tracker comes with a built-in USB port which will help you in the easy charging. You can also get a long-lasting battery. Your charging will last up to 7 days.

  • Water-Resistant –

The water-resistant feature is one of the popular features among fitness trackers. The band material is TPU. You can water this game while handwashes or while raining.

9# YAMAY Fitness Tracker -$19.99

YAMAY Fitness Tracker

These fitness trackers come with several options in the color of the fitness band. It also comes with an adjustable band strap which will make your life easier.

Features –

  • Heart rate monitor –

This fitness tracker will help you with monitoring all-day activity such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen in the blood. The system of a fitness tracker will give you accurate measures of your activity.

  • Sleep monitor –

It will also monitor your sleep timing and quality. You can also set an alarm to wake up in the morning. It also counts the time of your sleeping.

  • Notifications –

You will get notifications from your phone about calls and messages. You just have to connect to your fitness tracker to get the amazing features.

10# Pewant Fitness Tracer -$18.99

Pewant Fitness Tracker

This is one of the popular brands of fitness trackers. The weight of this tracker 24.3g and the screen of the watch is LCD. The size of the LCD screen is 0.90inch. The resolution of the watch is 80×160 pixels.

Features –

  • Health and fitness tracker –

This tracker will help you with monitoring all your activities such as your sleep, steps, distance, calories, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen in the blood, etc.

  • Long-lasting battery –

You will get a long-lasting battery with this tracker. The built-in USB port also presents in these trackers for fast and easy charging. If you charge this device for 2 hours then you can use this 12 to 15 days.

Conclusion –

All the above fitness trackers come with great quality and features. This tracker will make your life easier by just connecting with your phone. From the above information, you will get enough information about the product and its features. You should buy these fitness trackers because they will come in your budget. With the know price range, you will get great features and quality.


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