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Smartwatches have become a trendy gadget; the popularity of this wearable is increasing day by day. A smartwatch not only works as a regular watch, but you can also track your health-related data, control music, or even attend calls.

Looking ahead to its future aspects, many big companies are getting associated with this amazing product. The brands like Apple, Samsung have already made their considerable presence in this market.

Like we all have a smartphone in our pocket, the day is not far when everyone has a smartwatch on their wrist.

However, still, a question arises, If this is such a great useful gadget, then why do only a few people have it?

There are many reasons why people do not take that much interest in this product. One of the biggest reasons is the high price. If we compare it to the regular watch, smartwatches are quite expensive.

If you want to buy a smartwatch even with the basic features, you need to spend a lot of money!

However, as technology is advancing, the cost of smartwatches is also decreasing. Now there are plenty of brands, which are manufacturing affordable smartwatches for budget users.

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So we have researched and found out some of the famous brands making the cheapest smartwatches that you can buy online from any e-commerce site.

To make this article, we have selected the smartwatches which are below $50.

These smartwatches may be cheap in price, but they are packed with plenty of useful features.

We understand that there are plenty of poor-quality smartwatches also available online at the cheapest price, but they will not be worth a single penny, so better to avoid them.

Here we have listed only that smartwatches, which are used by many authentic users.

Before starting this article, let us see which are the features you can expect in under a $50 smartwatch.

Key features available in the cheap smartwatch

The time has changed so the technology, earlier we only have some basic features like a custom watch face, pedometer, notifications reminder in cheap smartwatches.

However, nowadays there are smartwatches with some advanced features like a spO2 monitor (For Measuring Oxygen percentage in the blood), temp sensor, Wifi, etc.

Here is the list of the key features that you should definitely look into while buying a budget smartwatch.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Waterproof property
  • Multiple watch face
  • Notification Alert
  • App support
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Spo2 Monitor
  • Alarm & Vibration
  • Decent Battery Life

Rare features in cheap smartwatches 

These are some features that are very rare in budget smartwatches (Below $50). We are not saying that you will not get these features in cheap smartwatches. However, it is a little difficult to find such quality features in such smartwatches. However you can find such premium feature in under $100 smartwatches.

  • SIM Support (Physical sim or e-sim)
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Decent Camera
  • Speaker & Microphone
  • Storage space
  • NFC

5 Best smartwatches under $50 [2022]

So now let’s review and discuss the smartwatches one by one.

1# Amazfit Bip U

“A feature Rich smartwatches below $50 (Our Top Pick )”

The company Amazfit is known for its budget smartwatches along with the quality features. Smartwatches from Amazfit have gained a lot of appreciation from its user due to the best performance and durability.

In recent times amazit has launched some budget smartwatches like amazit bip & amazfit bip lite. These smartwatches were good, but they have minimal features, so this time amazfit has come with the brand new smartwatch named Amazfit BIP U.

Amazfit Bip U
Amazfit Bip U

This smartwatch is packed with a bunch of features, which can rarely see in a cheap smartwatch. This $50 smartwatch has an accurate sp02 monitor, music control feature, and 60+ sports modes!

The smartwatch comes with a 1.43 inch large HD display. The display of this watch is very vibrant. Its rectangular shape is quite similar to the apple watch, making it look like a premium smartwatch. It is a waterproof smartwatch with a 5ATM bar. However, this is not designed for a swimmer.

You can play music on your phone and can easily control it with your Amazfit BIP U Smartwatch.

For the fitness enthusiast, this smartwatch offers features like heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc.

For utilizing the top feature of this smartwatch, you can connect with its supported app “Amazfit Health App”. Here you can record and monitor all your workout details.

This cheap smartwatch comes available in 3 color variants as black, blue, and green. It comes with a silicone band, which is very comfortable for the hands. The band is pretty relaxed, you will not feel any skin irritation or discomfort.

This smartwatch doesn’t support the google play store. You can only use the inbuilt apps which come with a smartwatch. There is no speaker, no microphone, no wifi, so you can not use this smartwatch as a standalone one.

The Amazfit BIP U smartwatch has 50+ watch faces, which you can change according to your style and mood. The best thing about this watch is its Sp02 monitor, which will help monitor your blood oxygen level at any time. The accuracy of its Spo2 sensors is very impressive. Due to this feature, this is my best pick for an under $50 smartwatch.

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2# Yamay smartwatch

“A Perfect Health orient watch in a budget price”

A very few of you know have heard the name of this smartwatch. The company yamaytech is engaged in developing, producing, marketing smart wearable products, fitness trackers, and smartwatches.

Yamay smartwatches are known for their excellent design and affordable prices. Some of the popular smartwatches of this company are Yamay 20, Yamah 21, etc.

Yamah smartwatch
Yamah smartwatch

The smartwatch we like to include in this article is Yamay 31. This smartwatch is compatible with android as well as Ios devices. The watch is slim and lightweight, comprising of an anodized aluminum watch body with a soft, breathable band that is very comfortable in wearing.

Yamay 31 smartwatch has plenty of health-related features. This watch can track your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen very conveniently, making it a perfect health assistant for any person.

It has features like notification alert, music control, call alerts. You can check who’s calling or texting. It also supports alert from other 3rd party apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

The good thing about this watch is you need not spend too much money on all these features. This smartwatch is available at Amazon at as low as $35.99!

This smartwatch is an IP68 waterproof standard, so you can wear it when you are washing hands or running in the rain and even wear it swim.

The battery life of this smartwatch is around 7 days in everyday use. You will get a magnetic charger along with a smartwatch. The smartwatch can be fully charged within 2 hrs.

To connect the smartwatch to your phone, you can download the VeryFitPro app.

The brand name indeed an issue for first-time buyers. The quality of the charging cable is not up to the mark. If you break this one, you cannot charge the watch, So better handle its charging cable in a very sophisticated manner.

The smartwatch also offers a blood pressure monitor, which you will not get even in high-end watches. It is one of the cheapest fitness smartwatches with a hell lot of features!

3# Letsfit Smartwatch

“Feature-rich smartwatch for android and iOS devices”

Letsfit smartwatch is also our preferred choice for the under 50 dollar smartwatch article. Most of the features of this smartwatch are similar to the earlier discussed yamah smartwatch.

If we talk about the design and appearance, the Letsfit watch gives the feel of a premium Fitbit versa smartwatch.

Letsfit Smartwatch
                     Letsfit Smartwatch

This square shape watch available in many colors like black, blue, grey, pink, etc. Like all the other budget smartwatches, this watch also comes with silicone straps.

As the name suggests, the letsfit smartwatch is made for fitness freak people. This budget smartwatch is equipped with all the sensors which are much needed to track your health-related parameter.

It has features like heart rate monitoring, a pedometer, sleep tracking. This smartwatch also has the much-needed sp02 monitor, which helps you to track your oxygen level at any time.

This smartwatch is compatible with both android and iOS devices. You can easily connect this watch to your phone with Bluetooth. However, there is no wifi connectivity in this smartwatch.

You can download the Letsfit App on your smartphone to record and store your health-related data.

This smartwatch has a music control feature. You can play/pause your favorite tracks when on the go without the need to grab your smartphone. However, you cannot install and play third-party apps like Spotify and starva.

This watch’s battery life is pretty decent, and its Single charge lasts for about three days of regular use.

The smartwatch has only three watch faces, one of the significant drawbacks of this fantastic watch.

It is one of the best smartwatches available in the market at a meager price. You can compare its feature with the Fitbit, Samsung, and even with the Apple watch series. Its exquisite look, brilliant interface, accurate sensors, along with the supported Letsfit App, makes it our top choice for the under $50 smartwatch.

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4# UMIdigi Uwatch 3S

“The Cheapest Round shape watch with Spo2 Monitor”

UMIdigi brand is known for its inexpensive yet powerful smartphones. In recent times, this Chinese company also entered the smartwatch market. They have launched some marvelous watches like UMIdigi Ufit, Uwatch 2S, Uwatch 3S, etc.

UMIdigi Uwatch 3S
                     UMIdigi Uwatch 3S

The smartwatches from the Uwatch series are mainly designed for those people who take great care of their health but do not want to spend a hefty amount. In this article, we have included the latest smartwatch from this company named as UMIdigi Uwatch 3S. This smartwatch is available on Amazon for $35.99

This round shape smartwatch is made up of lightweight aluminum, which provides a metallic sparkle on your wrist. The Uwatch 3S is available in 5 color variants with a metallic shine.

The dial of this smartwatch is 44mm, which is perfectly suited for any wrist. This smartwatch’s thickness is merely 12.9mm (FYI, Apple watch series 3 has 11.4mm).

Talking about the health-related feature, it has a pedometer, heart rate tracker, sleep monitoring, sedimentary reminder, etc. This smartwatch also has an inbuilt sp02 sensor, which tracks the blood oxygen level in your body. The good thing about this smartwatch is that you continuously monitor your oxygen level, which is very rare in a budget smartwatch. However, this continuous monitoring will adversely affect the battery performance of your watch.

You can get 7-10 days of battery life in this smartwatch for everyday use. This waterproof smartwatch also has a call notification and music control feature.

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5# iConnect smartwatch by Timex

“A premium look smartwatch at a very affordable price”

The Timex watches need no introduction; now, this premium watch brand has also entered the smartwatch market. The iConnect is one of such smartwatches that is available at a low price. The premium look of this smartwatch sets it apart from the rest of the other Watches.

iConnect smartwatch
                 iConnect smartwatch

This fantastic watch is designed uniquely; one small key button is provided at the top of the smartwatch, and no control on any side of the watch.

This smartwatch is bundled with essential features like a pedometer, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, etc. However, you will not get the sp02 sensor in this smartwatch.

You can easily connect your smartphone from this device to receive call notifications on the watch. The supported iConnect app can be download from an android or iPhone device.

This smartwatch is fully waterproof with IP68 standards. It has decent battery life; you can expect more than 15 days of battery life in everyday use. It has only three custom faces, which I don’t like!

Like the other smartwatches we mentioned above, Timex iConnect also has the music control feature. It can receive notifications for Facebook, WhatsApp, and email. Similar to the other budget smartwatches iConnect doesn’t offer third-party app installation. You can only use the apps which are provided by the company inbuilt condition.

iConnect smartwatch is for those people who want a decent look smartwatch with good battery life. It’s hard to find such a good, branded, and durable watch for 50 $; however, you need to compromise with some feature like oxygen monitoring, etc.

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So these are the 5 best smartwatches available in 2022 at a very affordable price range. If you have any other smartwatch in your mind, you can share it with us. Just comment below for your suggestion.


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