Google Pixel Watch Leaked Online

There were many rumours about Google working on its first smartwatch, and last night all the rumours were confirmed. A leaked image of the Google Pixel Watch floated on the internet. You can say that this watch will be one of the stunning watches in the wearable market from the leaked images.  You also have been heard about the rumour which says that its Wear OS would power the first watch of google. All the stories will come into reality soon.

Google Pixel Watch Leaked Online

Jon Prosser is the tech analyst and noted tipster who shared series of renders for google pixel watch on Twitter. From this post, you will get clear ideas about the features of the google pixel watch.

Features and specification of the Google Pixel Watch –

Following are the specifications of this watch’s design and the features that could come with this watch.

  • The Google Pixel Watch will come with a big circular display. It seems from the leaked images that Google took inspiration from the popular Samsung and Apple smartwatches.
  • The watch’s strap is made up of silicone or soft rubber material, which will remind you of the Apple watch 6.
  • This watch will be lightweight and easy to wear. The watch’s design would be slimmer if we compared this watch to other wearables in the market.
  • From the leaked images, you will not get any idea about the watch’s specification, but google watch may come with Wear OS support.
  • Prosser’s renders are not an official video, but this video is made by using photos of the watch. You should know that this design is not the final design of the Google Pixel Watch. For that, you have to wait for the official announcement from Google.

Release date of the Google Pixel Watch –

According to sources, Google may launch this watch in October this year. This is yet to be confirmed, but it can be launched alongside the Pixel 6. Google did not demonstrate any news of launching both pixel 6 and pixel smartwatch. Therefore, you have to wait till the official announcement from Google about both the products.


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