Kids GPS smartwatches

In this modern world, technology is something that is exponentially increasing with time. Today, most of the parents are in stress for the safety of their kids. With such a busy work schedule, it had become difficult for the parents to always keep an eye on their kids.  Due to improper care and guidance, the future of kids is doomed. The introduction of smartwatches resolves this problem. It’s the time where Smartwatches outplays other gadgets.

Kids GPS smartwatches

With such a boon in these kinds of wearables, every company started investing in making the best smartwatches. Even the tech giants like Apple, Samsung have launched many generations of their wearables by now. These watches are not only good in jam-packed features but also works as an accessory. The most popular feature of these watches is their GPS system, through which parents can keep track of their kids from anywhere with the help of their smartphone.

These wearables had gone to such an extent in the technology that you can do the two-way calling, two way messaging, Geofencing (a system that helps to manage safe zones for kids), count your kid steps, and even some have a camera too for clicking instant moments. A lot of designs and colors are introduced for every watch so that the kid can choose the one that fits his personality the most. 7 best GPS Smartwatches available for kids are:

1. TickTalk 3

TickTalk 3

TickTalk 3 smartwatch has developed a lot as compared to its previous generations. It has a built-in camera to have a smooth video call with your kid anywhere and anytime. Along with the sim card, it gets connected to the Wi-Fi as well.

Kids used to play with water a lot without caring for their clothes and accessories, but as this watch is IP67 WATER RESISTANT, so there is no need to worry. It has replaceable straps and a new locator that is 50% more accurate than the previous generations.

2. GizmoPal 2

GizmoPal 2

This watch has a two-way calling feature that was using the Gizmo Hub app by which you can save 4 numbers that you can call anytime. You can check the location of your kid anytime to keep track of where he is wandering.

This Kids smartwatch from Gizmo can be used with straps that come in a wide variety of color ranges. It really gives a relief to the parents, and then they can concentrate on their own work.

3. Tencent QQwatch

Tencent QQwatch

The best feature of this watch is the two modes calling that is Monitor mode and Dialing mode. When you call your kid with monitor mode, then you can hear the surrounding sounds too. You can also insert a sim card or can use Wi-Fi for location and can do a real-time track of your kid.

With this GPS Watch you can even communicate by voice and text messages using this GPS smartwatch. The voice messages are two ways, whereas the text messages are one way that is from parents to kids.

4. GBD GPS Smart Kid Tracker Watch

GBD GPS Smartwatch

GBD GPS Smart Kid Tracker has an alarm to notify the kid when to come back home. It gets connected to cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS. It is really beneficial to monitor the health status of the kid as it has a fitness tracker, sleep monitor.

A built-in camera in the watch can be used for video calling and keep an eye on the activities of kids. This smartwatch can also work as standalone smartwatch with the use of SIM card.

5. DokiWatch

This watch is really good at design. It is one of the segments which has a built-in camera for video calling anytime. The GPS tracker helps to monitor real-time location. It has fitness tracking features to keep a look at our health.

Dokiwatch also has an SOS button for emergencies. It has a Geofencing feature in which parents can mark the safe areas, and whenever the kid leaves that boundary, the trigger will let the parents know on their phones.

6. hereO

hereO Kids Smartwatch

hereO kids GPS smartwatch comes in various colors loved by kids. You can insert sim or can use Wi-Fi for using data for monitoring location and calling. It gives notifications and alerts on the watch itself and is helpful for messaging parents about any issue or anything.

You have to take a subscription for using it as well as it has support for over 120 countries without any roaming charge.

7. FiLip 2

It is one of the best-looking smartwatches of all in design. Flip 2 has a one-way messaging feature that means the kid can only receive messages. The kid can receive and make calls from this watch to 5 contacts max. Set by the parents.

With Filip 2 smartwatch you can track the location of the kid using GPS by using data from inserting a sim or a Wi-Fi.

Above mentioned 7 best watches available for kids are really helpful for enhancing the safety of the kid, giving the kid a danger-free and stress-free surrounding. Using all these wearables, parents can work calmly without stress, and even kids can play well.


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