Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy watches

Samsung Galaxy Watches are well known for creating trustworthy and most versatile smartwatches in the market. One of the main advantages of Galaxy watches is its ability to download apps directly from the playstore.

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy watches

You can download multiple apps ranging from fitness, games, productivity, etc. Samsung Watches allow you to make the best use of its features without really having to get to your phone.

Below we present you with 8 best apps that you can download for your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

1# Camera One

Camera One

If you are searching for a camera app that you can use through your Samsung Galaxy Watch then you should try the Camera One app. This app allows your phone’s camera to control from your Galaxy Smartwatch. It gives you a range of options to control from your smartwatch such as snap a picture, record videos, zoom in or out, record timer, and adjust the flash setting.

You also have options to edit the image and video quality. You can easily switch your phone’s front camera to the rear camera and vice-versa by just tapping on the camera icon present on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. You can download it from theGoogle Play Store free of cost.

2# Uber App

Uber Wear App

Who needs a phone when you can get a ride from your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch? The app allows you to book your ride from your wrist without using your smartphone. The screen size is big enough to zoom in and out while selecting a pick-up spot. Once you choose your destination, the app automatically calls Uber for your ride.

The only thing that you have to do is to wait for your ride to arrive. This app is available free of cost in the Google Play Store and as well in the Galaxy Store.

3# Find My Car

Find My Car

It usually happens to everyone when you place your car at a parking place. But, when you come back sometimes it’s hard to remember the exact place of parking. Don’t worry about it anymore. Download the Find My Car app in your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch and launch the app. It will guide you through to your car. Before leaving your car, launch this app and tap save.

Find My Car app automatically saves the location of your car with a picture and a voice memo. It also tells you how far you are from your vehicle and in which direction you should move to reach near your car. This helpful app is available in the Google Play Store.

4# Spotify

Spotify app for Samsung Galaxy Watches

If you are a music lover then you cannot miss this app from downloading it on your smartwatch. Spotify allows its user to play songs, select their own playlists, or access their recently played songs directly from the smartwatch.

The Galaxy Watch allows you to operate other apps while playing the music in the background. You can also control volume from the smartwatch. All these features make Spotify a great app to download from the Google Play Store.

5# Voice Memo

Voice Memo

Gone are the days when you had to use a pen and paper to take notes. With Voice Memo now you can record all those important things just by using your voice. And all this can be done with your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. The app also uses your phone to synchronize with your watch.

So whatever you record, the app will automatically send a copy of it to your phone. This useful app can be found on both the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store.

6# Calculator

Calculator App for Galaxy Watches

Remember the days when you had to find a calculator for calculating some long sum of bills? Now you can download the Calculator app in your Samsung Galaxy Watch to add, subtract, multiply, and divide up to nine digits. The app has a simple and easy to use interface. The app helps you to calculate some advanced math just with a few taps. You can find this effective app on the Google Play Store.

7# Monster Vampire

Monster Vampire

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch also offers some fun to the game lovers. Although playing a game on a small screen is not that fun but Monster Vampire app allows you to play some fun game without actually using the screen continuously.

The app has a nice intriguing story to progress in the game that involves your physical activities throughout the day. A fun app to have on your watch for some entertainment and exercise. You can find this app on the Galaxy Store.

8# Here We Go

Here We Go for Samsung Galaxy watches

Want to go somewhere and you don’t know the way? Don’t worry about it anymore. You can now download the Here We Go app on your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch to help you navigate through to your destination.

You can see detailed information on the distance, the time you will take to reach there, and how far you are from your destination. One of the most useful apps that you will find for Galaxy Smartwatch on the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store.

So these are some of the must-have apps for the Galaxy watches, which you should download from the galaxy store to enjoy the full features of your smartwatch.


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